Friday, August 6, 2010


Tuesday morning  we sat at the breakfast bar eating breakfast (what else would we do there) enjoying the view through our kitchen door.

Click on photo to and look on the other side of the pool.

I started counting out loud. All the way to "22" blooms on those purple flowers. These flowers bloom at 6:30 AM and fold their petals at dark. We wait to see how many will open each day.
My husband and I are not fans of the 100 degree heat/humidity we are having but our back yard is having a "hay day" (southerners you will know what that means).

These purple flowers we admire through the door in our kitchen

This red Miniature Powder puff tree is viewed from the kitchen window and also fills the view of our bedroom window. As you can see, we do not lack in blooms. I am at a total loss of what to post first. I have taken hundreds of photos of flowers blooming in the past few days. (no, I will not post all of them)

I decided to take a close up today to show you how those purple flowers look. I took this and if you enlarge and use your 400 percent you might be able to see what is lurking way down deep in there.

This great photo was caused when that scary little BEE buzzed out right into my face causing a MISFIRE

I let out the appropriate Loud Yell and decided to get a close up, you can see it was another misfire.
YES, he chased me off and I said Forget it.  I just don't know how you photographers get so many wonderful close up Bee Photos.

PS. later in the day, one got in my hair and dropped down my back causing quite a ruckus. No, he did not sting me, but he tried


Unknown said...

Amusing post, lovely blooms. I have never had a problem with photographing bee. The secret is to introduce yourself, tell them you work for a national newspaper and you have been given the job of photographing Bee listed celebrities. they will pose all day. Hee Hee Sorry Sandra for my bad joke.

RoeH said...

Beautiful flowers!

DawnTreader said...

I thought the 22 were butterflies or damselflies at first...!

Beginner's advice when it comes to taking bee photos is to start with those sitting on TOP of a yummy flower, not hiding inside one! I'd still be wary of an ordinary bee though. Our bumble bees don't usually seem much bothered, though. But I'm always careful... I back off if it seems they think I'm disturbing them. Or if there are too many of them so that I can't keep "eye contact" with them all ;)

MedaM said...

Hi Sandra, I completely enjoyed this post and each photo that you posted. You really have beautiful view from the kitchen. I would so much love to have a pool in my own backyard. I envy you!:-) When I enlarged the first photo those lovely purple flowers where lovely surprise and a treat to my eye. I also love the flowers that you can see from your bedroom window. It made me smile your experience with a scary little bee.:-)) I really enjoy taking bee photos or some other insects with or without wings. Well, not just all of them. The more I chase them the more they running away from me. LOL My younger son says that there’s no wonder they run away from me when I’m so boring.:-))

Judy said...

Love the purple flowers! I believe they are called Mexican Petunias (at least that's what the tag said when I bought mine.)
Sounds like the bees liked the flowers and you too!
How sweet it is!!

Tipper said...

Lovely flowers-I guess they can stand the heat : ) Funny about the bee-I'm glad you didn't get zapped by him.

Scott Law said...

These are lovely flowers, but I think you should have entitled your post "Fun With Bees". Sounds like you had a Bee-utiful day.

Unknown said...

Hi Sandra,
I have missed your last couple of blogs. I,ve been turning in circles,
doing nothing. I'm now caught up.
great flowers, I also got some shots of Bees yesterday.
I'm going to mow the lawn then maybe I'll have time to post a blog. That is if I dont go to the Martin place.

photowannabe said...

Glad you didn't get stung. Whats the matter with the bees anyway? Don't they know they are running from their 15 minutes of fame?
Hope it cools off for you soon. Don't ike the sticky humidity myself.
Oh yes, love the flower pictures too. Realy nice view from your windows.

Dawning Inspiration said...

Oh my - I was chuckling about the bee - UNTIL I read the nasty thing tried to go where he was not wanted and sting you....yikes! Beautiful flowers by the way...misfires or not.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I'm chuckling like mad now! Oh, but really, I shouldn't, I know what it's like to be scared of flying bugs, and creeping ones. I can use up to a year's worth of adrenaline!! The first flower picture is beautiful. But close-ups look blue. I'be been trying to get some pics of a purple bush. Seems that purple can come out either blue or red on the camera. Maybe because purple IS blue and red. Purple is a hard color to replicate. On Q.V.C. when they are selling clothes, they will tell you that something looks blue, but pay no mind, it is really purple. I can see the backside of the BEE!! How did you get up the nerve to do that? Oh my, I can just see you dancing around the yard with the bee chasing. Even the misfire pics are hilarious!! But truly Sandra, I'm SO glad you didn't get stung, what IF you had an aller...but I WON'T even say it!! Wait till you see my new bee close- ups! Judy taught me something this spring that I learned from. As long as the bee is getting food from the flower, and all involved in that, he will ignore you. When they are flying is another matter, that's what scares me more. I feel safer when they are working on the plant.

SquirrelQueen said...

Well if you were busy gathering pollen and backed out of a flower to find a camera aimed at your backside you might be a little miffed too!

Glad you didn't get stung. The trick is to stay relaxed and as Ginny mentioned stick to those on top of the flowers for awhile.

The flowers in your yard really are having a hay day with the humid sunny weather.

Madeline said...

I tried to comment on this blog yesterday and it would not let me?? Now it will ?? The purple flowers are gorgeous. Your whole yard is blooming. I know it is beautiful. Waiting for the night cactus. I know they will be coming soon.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Sandra, this was least it wasn't a cockroach!! You'd have to deal with the smell I suppose rather than a possible sting! I think the flowers you've positioned outside for maximum viewing are beautiful- I've tried to do that here..I love that purple flower! Hey, I hope your feeling better today and you get to relax! How is your sweet pooch? Well, I enjoyed your post and I'm heading to your current one-

Betsy Banks Adams said...

What a pretty view..... Love seeing your yard and flowers.... BUT--I wish we had your pool... I would love it during this horribly hot weather.