Thursday, August 26, 2010

By The Roadside

As I sped (oops! you did not here that) around a corner, I glimpsed Toadstools growing out in the middle of a gorgeous, carefully manicured lawn by the country club. (I thought stop, take a photo, No, don't stop, they might not like it)

I did stop, and it made me happy to find 2 right on the edge of the road
(I did not have to traipse accross the grass where dozens of them were, and take the risk of being shot for trepass)

Kind of boring and not so pretty in the first photo, but up close it looked better.

I spend five minutes looking over my shoulder for the Police Officers that had been called, trying to get the underside.

Aren't all those little squiggles and lines beautiful?

Aren't you glad I risked life and limb just to show you the bottom side of a toadstool?


SquirrelQueen said...

Great shots of the mushrooms. I really like the next to last photo showing all the ridges up close. Since you are posting these photos can we assume you are not in jail?

Ginny said...

I'm even gladder that you're not calling me to bail you out of jail! I LOVE taking pics of mushrooms, and just found a whole bunch of different ones in the Target parking lot, duh! The underside of this one is really prettier than the top. Harder than the stealth would be getting the bottom, did you have to sit on the ground?

Snapper II said...

I like photo's of toad stools. I'm always looking at them, there seems to be a variety of them. What I mean is different varietys.

Madeline said...

I can just see you now, down on your belly in the road/grass, whatever, when the cops arrive. "Mam, make we ask what your are doing?" "Well, officer, I am taking pictures of these pretty little toady stools....." The officer looks at his partner and says, "call the men in the little white coats. It's the LOONY BIN for this one....." :-) Gee, I think I could write a book. What think ye?

Judy said...

Glad you're not in jail and glad that you did stop and shoot these wonderful mushrooms!

Love it! Love it! Love it!

George said...

Yes, I am glad that you got these wonderful pictures. I'm even happier that you didn't get taken in by the police! These are great finds.

S. Etole said...

They truly are fascinating and you are a brave soul!

Gerry's Soap N Stuff said...

Oh my! Sandra, those are the most pretty pictures of fungi that I have seen. Great shots. Gerry

DawnTreader said...

This reminds me of something but I can't remember what. That's probably the stupidest comment you'll get today. I'm too tired to think but wanted to tell you "I was here".

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My----I'm glad your blog friends didn't have to bail you out of jail!!!! Bet those people were staring at you out of their windows though --and wondering who that crazy lady was!!!!!

Great pictures, Sandra.... Glad you took a chance just for US... Whew!!!!!! ha ha

Have a great day.

photowannabe said...

What we photographers will go through for a picture!!
Love the squiggles too.
Have a super day and don't get caught. I haven't got enough money to make bail.

Catherine said...

Thank you for risking life & limb for these beautiful pictures. Very glad the police or white coats didn't take you away!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Sandra..I especially enjoy these macros! The ones in the grass are delightful!! I too would of taken the risk (sometimes you have to get past what others think)? A great series! I flipped open a tarp covering my dirt pile and discovered the neatest mushrooms! Hopefully I'll post them soon? Well, I zoomed in on your header but plan to come back so I can view it better on a wider scree! Fabulous (so leave it up for awhile) K!! Be back-

Nezzy said...

Who knew a toadstool could be so magnificent? Thanks silly girl for riskin' life and limb to entertain us.

Truly people were probably just goin'..."she's a blogger and has found some blog fodder."

God bless ya and have a wonderful day sweetie!!!

Krista said...

LOL... wow, you are one brave madsnapper!!! I am so grateful to you for risking your personal freedom, crawling around on the grass to get these lovely mushroom photos! I LOVE mushrooms!!!

I am giggling now at the image of you getting arrested...

"umm... sir I am sorry... I just wanted to get a photo of the toadstools..."

"clink" handcuffs.

lol so glad it turned out better than that. ;o)