Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wendy's Big Score and the Pork Tenderloin

Crazy things happen to us old folks.
Senior Moments can lead us anywhere at anytime.
Most of you know the 5th was my birthday.
On Saturday AM I forgot we were eating out on Saturday And Sunday and purchased a 12.00 Pork Tenderloin.
(we cook it on Sunday and eat left overs all week so I don't have to COOK)

 the roast was cooked  because I am leery of leaving it in the fridge for long.
I lifted it onto the platter and shouted,
"Bob, come look at this, it's NOT WHITE"
" I said its NOT WHITE"
The roast was all dark meat, like the yucky dark meat on a turkey.

I took one bite of pork and gave my slice to the dogs, Bob ate his portion.(note: it did not kill us since I am writing this post.)
Next morning I returned it to the store and got my 12.00 back.

so what does that have to do with Wendy's big Score?
We had no left overs and we could not go OUT because that does not happen in the middle of DRAG RACING

No problem, he still owed me dinner out for my birthday, so I went OUT to get dinner. it is exactly 2 miles from my garage to the drive through at Wendy's.

PS. Explanation of photos here (if you arent to tired of reading)
(the big green cup is a Big Score, there is a winning number on it that might win us a ton of money)
(the bag is big because I bought DOUBLE burgers, the reason is I take one patty off and the dogs divide it)
(there is no way to eat burgers without fries, isn't that a law?)
(Last but not least, the two cups in the freezer, waiting for night time snack? 2 CHOCOLATE FROSTIES.)
NOTE: we give the dogs burger so when we die from cholestrol overload they will not have to go to new masters, we all die together)


Kilauea Poetry said...

Yippy, I can actually comment!!
Lol)) Why Happy Birthday Sandra!! Mine is towards the end of the month.. I can't believe your remark about you guys and the cholesterol!! Snicker snicker- But then you went an posted Windy's take out!! I don't know what to say? Your a riot! I can't stand finding bad food in the fridge! Well I hope you had a wonderful cozy birthday my friend! Hugs:))

mamabug said...

That post was a riot Sandra! When I take the grand-dog to the vet her treat afterwards is always a hamburger.

srp said...

I thought the tenderloin, even in pork was darker meat than the other parts.

I love Wendy's chili but for some reason the frosties make me sick.... every time.

Now, my dog Daisy would love to come live with you.... she waits and waits to eat her wholesome food in the evening; always optimistic that her grandma and grandpa will eventually hand her something from the dinner table. And if I didn't keep on them all the time they would. When she sees us cleaning up, she finally gives it up and heads over to her bowl.

George said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post, although I imagine the tenderloin was not a happy experience for you. It's nice of you to take such good care of your dogs. Do dogs have to worry about cholestrol?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---you are a nicer Mama than I ever was. I would NEVER EVER share any of my burger with my dog... NEVER.... I loved my Duchess --but she ate DOG FOOD.. What a bad mama I was!!!!

Wendy's for a birthday dinner???? GADS---I guess I'm spoiled --because hubby would never take me to get fast food as my birthday dinner... BUT--we love to eat out and do at least once a week. SO--I guess everyone is different...

I love dark meat --but wonder what kind of pork loin you got???? Glad you took it back...

Cute post, Sandra... AND --we do love Wendy's at times... We do think that the burgers at Hardee's are better though --and Hardee's has coupons.

Have a great day...

Snapper II said...

I love the blog Sandra "Mad Madsnapper." Where are the Bananas and Bonkers, because this time you have gone over the top.
You've gone bananas and bonkers all at once He he he he he. great blog.

Dave said...

i love the way you express your thoughts through your photographs.

thanks for your always so generous comments.

Ginny said...

Girlfriend, you are just cracking me UP!!! And your title was just so intreguing!! I've really got to say that I love the pic of the big green cup with Wendy in it, the close up one!! It is pretty cool!! But wait, WHY did you not snap the dark roast, you're slacking off! But I'll forgive because it was your birthday. Pork has dark meat? I thought all pork roasts were whit meat. These are supposed to be our golden years, but we are busier than ever and wildd things happen to you and me both. That's good, though, I don't want to sit around in a rocking chair!


I love to read about other peoples senior moment. Of course I never have any. Ha! Ha! Ha! :-)

Old Folks Rule!!!

DawnTreader said...

Absolutely you should have fries with burgers! :) I don't buy burgers very often but when I do I also buy fries. To me it's a holiday feeling to buy a burger and fries for lunch on a sunny summer day and sit outside on a park bench and eat them. I could do that for a birthday lunch, no problem! :)

Krista said...

Oh my gosh Sandra, you have me LOL at this post. The end made me choke on my coffee.... LMAO! See? Now THAT is thinking ahead. Classic estate planning.

I hope you win millions of dollars from Wendys. You deserve it!!! I love fast food...

Also, glad you got your money back from your roast! $12 is worth the trip, I'd say!

From the Kitchen said...

What a hoot! Your once a week cooking and it was (sort of) recalled. What on earth happened. Pork tenderloin is white(ish).

Just for a treat, I used to take our dearly, departed dalmatian, Argos, through the drive thru at McDonald's for a hamburger (hold everything). He loved it!

BUT not fast food for my birthday dinner!!

SquirrelQueen said...

Too funny, I love the line about the cholesterol taking out all of you at the same time. I haven't been to Wendy's in ages but I do like their frosties.

Actually your pork roast was fine, not all cuts of pork are white. The dark meat, as I remember, is a cut closer to the ribs and has more fat and will not taste like what you are expecting. I rarely buy pork roast but when I do I check with the butcher to make sure I am getting lean meat.