Friday, October 29, 2010

Phun Phriday DOTB

It's Phun Phriday, so here we go.....
our electric went down for half an hour.
all clocks in every room went down also. But the Biggest Draggg of all is the automated coffee pot. Pot goes down drag out the book (hereafter known as DOTB )
All presets NADA. soooo  DOTB to set the clock, to set the auto timer, to turn off the self cleaning mode which came on by itself.

Fast forward 24 hours.........and next morning it's time for my 2nd cup of coffee, Screams of "Coffee is COLD" and I whine "why did the pot turn off, its not been 2 hours"  DOTB

Can you guess what TSB means, see that little button? Is that what sets the time auto time at 2 hours?  NO, maybe its the button with the egg timer on it so DOTB and YES, that's the button.

couldn't THEY make all of them the same? no book needed!

How about Clocks in Vehicles?
My Saturn Vue has no button marked with hours/minutes, battery dies or  time changes? DOTB if I want to know which buttons are  masquerading as what.

GMC Pickup truck, has min and hrs imprinted on thebuttons. SHOULD be easy! Not! there is a button that has to be pushed at at the same time, so which one is it? DOTB

ALL clocks should be exactly the same. so I don't have to DOTB

All telephones should be the same and all DebitCredit Card Machines should be the same. DOTB

Are you picking up what I'm putting down? got it now?

PS: what about gas pumps that are all different and the ones that want my zipcode? DOTB OOPS no book for that 

 that's another story.


SquirrelQueen said...

Ha! Our power was out last night too and the coffee pot was one of the things I had to reset. Problem is I don't know what happened to the instruction book so as usual I winged it. There was coffee this morning so life was good.

TSB? Mine doesn't have that but I have seen it on a friends'. Isn't it something about how long it has been since it finished brewing?

Fun post Sandra!

Mama-Bug said...

LOL, Sandra! Whatever happened to just regular coffee pots, clocks, Etc. Everyday items are now beyond simple when you have to try to figure out how to reset them. Just drives me insane! Have a good weekend!

Madeline said...

I totally understand this post! The clocks on the stove and microwave are easy. Our coffee pot is plain, no fancy gadgets, so no problem. We are the clock. No need to DOTB! However every time the time changes we go through what you are talking about with the car clocks. It makes me want to scream because I can never do it. We do not DOTB. Snapper eventually figures
it out because I cannot do it!!! DUH! DOTB?? Too hard!! Rather struggle and curse. :-)
Fun, Fun Friday!!!

Remington said...

Too complicated for me!

Ginny said...

I LOVE your scary Halloween coffee pot programming panel!! This may have also made a good Stephen King horror book, perhaps even Edgar Alan Poe. Kind of like "The Raven", only "The Pot". Of course, I agree with all! The worst clocks to set are watches and cars. But when our power goes out, I laso have the stove, toaster oven, microwave, all different! I love your pumpkin, been looking at it for quite awhile. Unlike anyone else's. In trying to figure it out, the closest I can get is that you drew or put it on a mirror. But then Bob would have to hold the flashlight while you snapped, I don't think my camera would do that, the lens would stay open too long, making great big shakes!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well----tell me what TSB stands for..... I've never had a coffee pot with that on it.. Is it the one which usually says Time?? Time Set Button????

I laughed at your PHUN post... You are so right... Everything is different. Once you learn to do something one way, it changes... We have voice mail through our Frontier Phone System. Recently, they changed the voice mail 'rules'.... NOW--when you want to delete a phone call from your voice mail, you have to punch a "3".... I have never punched anything but "7" when I wanted to delete a phone call.... NOW---I have to remember that it's "3"... WHY?????

Have a great Halloween weekend.

George said...

Isn't the world of electronics exciting after the power goes out? Thanks for the smiles on Friday.

S. Etole said...

I so agree ...

Ann said...

I can so relate. Our power went out last night and I spent some time today resetting everything. When I got to the coffee maker I almost had to DOTB but figured it out finally. They should make everything work the same, it's enough to drive you nuts.

srp said...

I feel this way too... my particular bane is the entertainment system in the den and the security camera and recorder. Even with DOTB I can't figure them out!

Stacey Dawn said...

LOL - good luck with getting everything to be the same!!! DOTB - I like that!

LC said...

You said it for us all and said it well! Now how about those automatic faucets, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers that are different everywhere? So many bonding experiences with other women who have just figured them out and clue me in; then I can pass along the restroom tech. LOL. Love your new fun-in-the dark header!