Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ice Cubes....or Not

On my list of favorite Christmas Treasures.

I came home from a shopping trip with a dozen of these glass cubes, 3 sizes. As I proudly displayed the cubes to my husband, he said "why would you want glass ice cubes?"
 This is WHY! I like to lay them around on shelves and under the tree and watch them glitter. what would you do with them? or would you pass them by?

for you men who are going What Is she doing here, a riddle.

Assume there is an ice cube in a glass of water. When the ice cube melts, will the water level have risen, fallen, or remained the same? Why? (see answer below next photo) guess first.

Answer: The water level remains the same when the ice cube melts. find out why

OK, I do know the above photo is NOT a Christmas treasure (that is why I am the MadSnapper). Does anyone know what this moth is called? it is the size of my pinky fingernail and there are dozens of them on our two powerpuff trees. they lay eggs and the leaves turn black and we have to spray them. I did not know they were pretty until I got this.

I will be sharing a Few of my Favorite  THINGS, ALL month, come  back if you dare!!!!


Ann said...

Men just don't get it some My husband would probably wonder the same thing about the ice cubes but I think they are cool. The light coming through them looks awesome.
That is a really pretty moth but I don't know what it's called.

Mama-Bug said...

The glass cubes are very neat Sandra. They do add lots of sparkle. That moth is beautiful too, not real sure what it's called. Try going to a website called bugguide and posting a photo. Someone will identify it for you.

Biz said...

I love how the light bounces off the glass blocks - great idea! I have no decorating sense at all. :(

Remington said...

Cool ice cubes! You are so creative, my friend!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, LOVE the ice cubes... The reflections and colors are all so pretty... My hubby wouldn't have understood either why we females would buy things like that. It's just a 'girl thing' I guess!!!!! Anyhow--the pictures are gorgeous.

Don't have any idea what your tiny moth-like-thing is... It is pretty though.

Ginny said...

That picture is just stunning!!! You got the bush in at least three different stages of blooming, all at once! And then topped it off with the moth!! The moth is georgous!!! Let me know if you find out what he is, I bet Judy will know, she has identified so many moths and plants for me, she knows everything. I guessed the ice-cube!! You will have such fun playing with those and snapping! Send me your address, not e-mail but street address! You are the only one who hasn't yet.

MedaM said...

Those ice cubes are so cool Sandra! Great light effects that you got. Beautiful and interesting photos, indeed! How creative you are! :-)

Kilauea Poetry said...

Very colorful..even the little pest on your tree has jewels on him! Love the cubes and reflective lights- especially the reds!

SquirrelQueen said...

My hubby would probably ask the same question, my answer would be the same as yours. They do catch the light beautifully, great shots Sandra.

Your little friends on the powder puffs are not moths, they are butterflies. Moths do not hold their wings that way at rest. It reminds me of a Eastern Tailed Blue but the markings are not quite right. It could be a related species however.

♥ helen said...

I like the glass ice cubes too. I would use them to decorate like you.

lioneagle said...

Hi Sandra -

You do such splendid things with your photo skills. It is a joy to visit and discover what you have done next.

I invite you to view some photos that I posted yesterday on Also, on that blog, there is a tab titled, "FAVORITES" that you may be inclined to view. I created that separate tab weeks ago to display some of the favorites of my lot.

Thank you, Sandra, for your consideration.

From the Kitchen said...

I know the answer! If the ice cube were in water in one of my glasses that I got at the antique store (they aren't antiques though because they are from the forties and that's way too young to be an antique!) and melted the water level would be the same. Do I get a prize?

I've never seen such an amazing moth.

And I would have probably snatched those glass ice cubes right up--and will if I see them now that I know how to use them.


WhatKarenSees said...

Sandra, I love the ice cubes! The beautiful light reflections are gorgeous! P.S. Have no idea what the moth is called, but a great capture nevertheless!

Stacey Dawn said...

That's gorgeous! That pink puff tree flower - and moth. And yea for you! You came up with a December theme!!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Men - need I say more? sandie

srp said...

I don't know what the moth is.. but at this link you can get a list of butterflies and moths in your area and they are linked to pictures.