Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snapper Shots I (Selby Gardens)

Let the fun begin, I went to Selby Gardens last week. Not a circus in sight!  (it's ok, you can sigh with relief) My next few post will show Typical shots and Snapper Shots...

Typical Shot
Snack Bar and Rest rooms above, we had lunch outside by the infinity pool. The garden includes thousands of flowers and orchids. You know common ordinary. Typical Shots NOT
 Snapper Shots (anything goes)  

 Snapper Shot.... did you know they are making plastic cups out of CORN.... check out the bottom of the cup.
What's Irish and stays out all night? Patio Furniture.

Koi Pond Waterfall Typical

Where do fish wash ? In a river basin.


What do you call a fish with no eye?    FSH!!!!
                   Snapper Shot....enlarge and check out the big GULP.
What swims in the sea, carries a machine gun, and makes you an offer you can't refuse ?

The Codfather


SquirrelQueen said...

Oh my, do you hear me groaning and laughing all at the same time? FSH?? Love it.

I like that little Koi pond waterfalls, hope you are going to show us some flowers.

Looks like Blogger has the header photo glitch fixed, I just changed one of mine with no problems. Good to see you back in the "m" section again.

Snapper II said...

I did not know cups could be made out of corn.
We'll starve for sure now. they are making fuel out of corn so food prices have gone up.
I agree with Squirl Queen Wheres the flowers.

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

So pretty! Great way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon. Or any other day. Wish I could.

Chatty Crone said...

The Codfather - how cute. And yes I know they are making cups out of corn - have no idea how.

Beautiful trip there.


Judy said...

Beautiful day! Beautiful pictures!

I didn't know that plactic can be made of corn!
Of course, I don't know what plasic is made of anyway.

George said...

Although the typical shots are very nice, I really like the Snapper shots. This post gave us both plastic cups and jokes made from corn.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This must be a lovely place to visit.OK you had me laughing at some of these funnies.Thanks.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, Looks like a pretty place... Seems like ALL gardens have man-made waterfalls and ponds with Koi.

I cannot imagine plastic cups being made with CORN.... I did hear yesterday that the price of corn has risen 100% in a year.... Yipes.

S. Etole said...

That looks like such an inviting place to have lunch.

Remington said...

SMILING! Great pics! Still thinking about the video....it was so cool!

Ann said...

I'm still stuck on trying to pronounce fsh. I like snapper shots, they remind me of the kind of pictures I take.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Lots of pretty shadows..and the corn- that too? figures! Fish are pretty..what, no flowers? Well I'll be waiting..

Stacey Dawn said...

Another use for corn - awesome!!!!

Madeline said...

I did not know about making plastic cups out of corn. Does that mean we can drink our drink and then eat our cup? :-) I love the waterfall. All photos are beautiful.

Tipper said...

Corn? Who'd have thunk it : ) Looks like a neat place.

Scott said...

Well that cup is perfect for your blog. More corn. Who'd a thunk it? Another PHUN post.