Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take My Advice! Really!

Saturday AM, what do I want to DO today?
My thoughts were...since I only have upwards of 30 to 40,000 photos (I could do a post a day the rest of my life and not run out) I decided to take the two cameras and go to Fogartyville Cemetery and Find Della Hollingsworth Hale and Finley Hale's tombstones.

Della and Finley were my mothers grandparents.

I am sitting at a stop sign staring at the above signs and thinking,

Well, Duh! the signs say go Right OR Left, right? What if i want to go Straight? and I did... I chose Right.

......the cemetery is only a few blocks from my home and I thought this would take only a few minutes.

I have no idea WHY I can't just drive in a cemetery, find the tombstones and leave... Do YOU??

 Of course I snapped the sign and then inside the fence,
 the BIG view and then an hour later I drove out with 150 photos and not one single shot of my ancestors tombstones.

 (need I mention I took shots of the traffic signal and the bank on the way to the cemetery?)
Here is the advice part..... If on a beautiful sunny day you decide to go find the tombstones of your great grandparents,
 DO NOT take your morning water pill before you go, because GUESS WHAT?

 there are NO potties in a cemetery.

I got so caught up in snapping I forgot to look for the tombstones and then it was TO LATE....

I had a decision to make!

 run for home OR the nearest park, both of which are 3 minutes away, both have a potty. I chose the park with a potty, only 3 minutes away, I left the park with another 100 photos, but that will be another story.

TO BE CONTINUED..... enjoy the peace while you can.....
HERE YOU GO .... I found the tombstones on the Internet...there are 2538 graves in this Historical Cemetery. Who knew I did not have to spend the morning snapping over 300 photos when all the time it was there from my chair.

I could have saved myself the trip, but then I would not have 150 photos from the cemetery and another 100 from Bray Park.... NO, I will not post ALL of them. MAYBE


Snapper II said...

Great way to spend a saturday afternoon. What all did you learn from your efforts.
How old was he when she was born? How old were they when they married? Men married very young ladies back then.

Lucy (aka rharper) said...

Oh nononononono! Internet is good but going there to snap the photos is better. You cannot contemplate life...and death...on the internet Find a Grave site. Nor feel the peace and spirit of a cemetery. Nor think about where you fit into the scheme of things in life.

Chatty Crone said...

Good advice - no water pill before going on a photo shoot. It is nice to know where your great grandparents are buried. I have no idea about mine. sandie

Velva said...

There is something fascinating about a cemetery. Thanks for sharing.


Sunny said...

You really crack me up! Especially your water pill comments...boy can I relate to that! LOL! I love meandering through cemeteries.
I hope you back up all your wonderful pictures :)
☼ Sunny

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You are too funny,but I like it.The potty story had me laughing out loud.I can visualize it now.Thanks for lifting my mood once again.'

Ginny said...

You are cracking me up!!! The bank and the traffic signal? Really??? That's when I really began to howl!!! You are so much like me, you must have seen SOMTETHING to take those pictures, and I hope to find out. Taking pictures is the most fun of blogging! Who would look at blogs if everyone just posted stuff from the web that we could all look at anytime. I don't really want to see web pictures (with lots of exceptions, of course) I want to see what others take themselves and hear their personal stories. These two graves, what is special about the pictures? How does it make me feel, laugh or cry? No. But your whole story and your adventure-priceless!!

Scott said...

That is so funny because I was going to comment that you could probably find them on the internet, or if not and you did get a photo you should post them at http://www.findagrave.com.

Ann said...

I see absolutely nothing wrong wit the way you spent the day. Well maybe other than the part about the pill. But of course you would take more pictures than what you had intended to take. That's what we do right?

Kilauea Poetry said...

I thought you were doing a post on CCR or something (lol). Well, yes, I get involved and had to do just what you did this morning..not to mention getting sidetracked. We don't have many fancy cemeteries here. But I have taken a few..one in fact of a cow pasture with palm trees in it(was so bizarre)!! Anywho..you have a grave post (smile)

SquirrelQueen said...

You are a hoot Sandra, that is too funny especially about the water pill.

I am fascinated by old graveyards, they are filled with family history and many stories. It looks like even though your grandfather married a much younger woman he still outlived her by many years, that's a little sad.

S. Etole said...

There's always a smile waiting here.

LC said...

Great story . . . truly the MadSnapper!

Angela said...

That is a beautiful cemetery! I can understand how one would end up with that many pictures because I do the same thing! lol We could be twins! I've been considering joining Find a Grave where you go and take pictures at cemeteries, but lately there has been a lot of bad news about things happening at cemeteries that I'm not sure if I want to do it now.... I had hoped to put up all of my family on Find a Grave along with old pictures I have so people researching them can find them easy. Plus I was going to do some of the special requests that people living in other states would like pictures of their family and can't get here.