Friday, August 5, 2011

Gopher It

Only one thing is certain about coffee.... Wherever it is grown, sold, brewed, and consumed, there will be lively controversy, strong opinions, and good conversation.
~Mark Pendergrast

Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank.  ~Alphonse Allais
Yesterday you saw my .43 cent cup, and I made do with it for 2 days, Thursday AM I hit the thrift
stores and the first store I visited,
yielded these two Corning Ware replica's of the one I shattered, except for the color.
99 cents each

Be a coffee-drinking individual - espresso yourself!  ~Author Unknown

On a roll with  3 cups and IN  Thrift Shop Mode (my middle name is cheap thrift)  I forged on to the next store a few blocks away.
And There They Were......TWO PERFECT CUPS!
 Odd thing: they all fit my list of MUST Have
Curved Lip -holds 8 oz. -Short and flat -Handle will accept 2 fingers

This one had an Extra, it said Home Sweet Home and I fell in love with it AND there were Two, which is important since at my ripe old age of ___ I keep dropping them .

I took it HOME to My Home Sweet Home.

Total cups Found, FIVE: One at .43,  2 @ .99 and 2 @ .59 for a grand total of  $3.59

Since they all LOOKED different size/height,  I sat them side by side, took the photo and using my measuring cup, poured exactly 8 ounces in each cup. (what? did you expect me NOT to Test the cups?)

Bob said "What Are you Doing?"

before I could answer he laughed and said "Never Mind," once again shaking his head

I said "What? I had to know if they all hold the same amount" and they DO
My New Favorite cup  Says Gopher It    SO I DID! 

The End of The Coffee Cup Saga.... Big sigh of relief! Go Ahead!


From the Kitchen said...

I guess you might say we had coffee together this morning!


Mama-Bug said...

Way to go Sandra! I knew you'd find the perfect cup and now you've even got spares for backup!

Snapper II said...

I am behind on your blogs as usual. I have been back and read the cup blogs. Love the 23rd Cup! You are so funny! Love the Gopher It cup and glad you found some spares. Are these cups made out of Correlle? (? sp.) We had a set of dishes many years ago that these cups remind me of. (shape and size) I loved those cups. They were small, not like a mug. Keep entertaining us...
Love ya, Madeline

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I love your coffee cup selections and the price! My middle name is cheap too:)

Deb said...

I love it...hubby tends to measure everything prove his guesstimation was correct....and he usually is....I haven't a clue on measurements...cute cups..

Snapper II said...

Ahhhh, The suspense was killing me. Would Sandra find another magical coffee cup with the right kind of sipping rim, so she will not spill coffee all down the front of her nightgown, a two fingered coffee mug. Or would she have to go the rest of her life with coffee drouling down the sides of her face and chin.
Sandra found the cups Hoooray.
What a suspense filled post. LOL

DawnTreader said...

Oh that last mug is too cute. Glad you found a new favourite!

Ginny said...

Awww! He's decorated his burrow with a candle standing in some pebbles, and a wall plaque! I have never seen a real gopher, I suppose the nearest thing to them that we have is groundhogs. I'm so glad you broke that mug!

LC said...

Exactly what you wanted, a great price and going green with purchasing pre-owned instead of new. In the Skupien clan that kind of purchase gets the kudos plus I really enjoyed your thriftshop saga.Hope the hunt was as fun for you as it was for me!

Kilauea Poetry said...

These are too cute and best part was you got more than what you were looking for! I could use a few more cups, which have a chip or two but my bowels are worse-

photowannabe said...

You are so funny Sandra. I don't think I could have passed up the last two cups either. They are my kind of cups too. Love the rounded lip for less dribbling.
What a saga and Thrift store is my middle name.

Dianne said...

Great finds Sandra and now because it's early morning here down-under you've got me heading down the hall-way for a nice coffee!

S. Etole said...

What a caffeine buzz lies ahead for you!!! Love those last two.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I understand,you have to measure them.When it comes to coffee one can never be too careful.Enjoy those future cups of hot coffee,whichever cup you choose to use.

Leontien said...

hmmmm i still don't get it but i loved your post! haha


George said...

I'm glad your cup has been replaced -- five times over. I'm glad they all measured up to the required 8oz.

Chatty Crone said...

Well my favorite is the Home Sweet Home one - glad you found so many that work out so good for you and all hold the same amount of coffee - how many cups do you drink a day?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute, Sandra!!!! Glad you found one (or several) that you like.... Now--if you break one, you have some other choices!!!

Ann said...

what happens when you wake the gopher? Does he go back to sleep?

What coffee are you making?

SquirrelQueen said...

Oh my goodness, Sandra, you hit the coffee cup jackpot. I absolutely love the Gopher It cups, they are so cute.

Bob sounds like Steve, "Never Mind" is a common phrase around our house.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

OH, You did find a cup! I know, it takes a lot of effort to finding the perfect one. I found one and went back to get the last 4 of them. And will wonders never cease, I still have them all.... Murphy's law.... until I head down into the kitchen... wanta' bet what happens just because I talked about it.

Again, you an Bob are a scream... I would love to see a sitcom of your life.... What a visual.

Ann said...

I get the same kind of thing from Wade. He shakes his head at me A
I love the gopher mugs, those are adorable. What bargains you got too.

Judy said...

You are my kind of shopper! I love Thrift Stores! That's where I go first if I'm looking for something like mugs or baskets. I recently bought a tray that had the original price sticker on it - 17.99. I got it for a dollar!