Sunday, December 25, 2011

Epitome of CUTE

 OK, I know they are CUTE.... but what are they to me and my husband? this is the question. Patti is our niece, daughter of Bob's sister. Patti's daughter is our great niece, and these are her children.

UPDATE: all photos today were taken by Patti, the children's grandmother. they live in PA and she emailed me these photos.
 They are the grandchildren of my husbands niece, Their Pop Pop is a volunteer fireman and they were at the Fireman's Christmas party.

Besides being the Epitome of Cute... what are they to us. Great Great niece/nephew?  I am waiting to here.
Meet Cody, the one sitting on Kayla... who knows why, but it looks like fun to me.

I watched The Christmas Star on Hallmark HD and it is a wonderful story if you have not seen it. Ed Asner as an escaped convict in a Santa Suit.  LOVED IT


♥ Helen said...

These kids are 100% cute :)

Anonymous said...

Such sweethearts and Cody is funny sitting on Kayla! Glad you enjoyed the Hallmark movie. We are nice and cozy indoors as it is raining today.

DawnTreader said...

Great great cuties ;)

BlueShell said...

I love those children!!!
We could never have a child...but I love kids!!!
The dog isn't going to hurt the litlle girl??? Oh, my!!!

That was a nice party...I think they are enjoying!!!

Sandra...I'm gratefull for your friendship...
God bless You and your lovely family!

Ann said...

Besides totally cute, and they are, they really are, what are they to you? Simply put I would say family :)
That movie sounds familiar to me, I think I may have seen it.

photowannabe said...

Merry Christmas Sandra.
Cute kids and Christmas just go together, whether they are relatives or not.
We have had a great day of eating and opening gifts. Now its just about time to nosh again.
Friends coming over to complete our day.

Chatty Crone said...

Well we need kids to have Christmas right - I mean the gift part. Did you see Bob's family for Christmas? I don't think I have seen the Christmas story with Ed Asner.

Anyway Merry Christmas and blessings to you and Bob! sandie

SweetMarie said...

Adorable! That little girl in the first pic is sooo precious! Love the lab sitting on the girl...too funny! Firetruck pic is really cute too!
Merry Christmas Sandra & Bob! Hugs to you, Baby and Jake!

missing moments said...

such cuties! Love that Cody photo! Hope you had a wonderful day Sandra!

SquirrelQueen said...

They are all cute as can be. Love that first shot, she is adorable.

I was just reading an article today about the top ten, I can't remember the exact word but strangest will work, Santas in movies. Ed Asner was on the list.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Children steal the show every time.

Scott said...

First, this is a very festive and happy post, appropriate for the day.

Now to answer your question. They are your Great Grand Nieces/Nephews. Your brother's/Sister's grandchild is your grand niece/nephew. Your grand niece's/nephew's child is your great grand niece/nephew. Since I have sisters that are much older than me I have a couple dozen or more Great Grand nieces/nephews so I was pretty sure that was the right terminology, but just to be sure I was right I googled "Relationship Chart" and they all agreed. Click here to go to one that shows it pretty well.

Hope you have a wonderful remainder of 2011 and an even wonderfuller 2012.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Dec. 26th

Missed this one!

Ohyes, they are super cute!!!!

Never saw that tv movie. You took marvelous screen-caps of it! I don't think I could *do that* because you need fast shutter speed, I think it would be called.

"The soup simmers all afternoon, the fragrant steam wafting through the kitchen, warming our faces and tempting our taste buds as we take turns giving the post a friendly stir." ~~Susanne Barrett

Deb said...

cutie pies....

Catherine said...

Haha ~ very very cute! Love the last one ~ extra cute!
xo Catherine