Monday, February 20, 2012

Bottles and Bears, OH MY!

OOPS! Leaning Tower of Bottle
Just Playin I'm Sayin photo shoot at the table AGAIN
Wed. early AM I booted up my laptop and did my emails, checked my blog to make sure Auto Post posted
Next I booted up my desktop and NO INTERNET.... rolled across the floor and checked the laptop, Internet fine. So WHAT is up with the desk top, they are both wireless and one will connect the other says limited access..... I scream down the hall, the blanket y blank desk top has NO Internet.

Hubby replies "did you try the E and the world ball?  that means in hubby speak Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers.

I yell down the hall, they are browsers, has nothing to do with the Internet, they just get me there.Wireless will not connect. He yells, did you check the modem? I said if the modem was not working how would I have it on the lap top..... there war more but not worth typing.
I sat the laptop on the end of the bed and start my Google research to find what is wrong.

 after many not so nice thoughts and words and my BP up to desperate levels. I find a forum that says

You have lost your IP address.... WHAT? how can that happen? What is an IP address, where do i find a new one?

I read a lot of geek talk about re-setting the IP something something and really start to mumble.
After over an hour of reading and trying to follow instructions, I think, well it worked last night and when I call the cable guy, the first thing he says is re-boot the modem and the router.

So I did

and it gave me back my lost IP address. I still don't know what mine is, but who cares now.
I looked up IP address, click here if you care but if you are like ME it will be a waste of good reading time.

The only thing I know about an IP address is we need one to be on the web and that is how they track you down if you do something BAD on the Internet.

 I know this because I have seen it on TV in my thriller/action movies, so that means it is TRUE.

at least I found it so I could show you these dumb photos and tell the dumb story.


Ginny said...

The second picture is my favorite, I love it. This gave me a good laugh about the big E and the world ball, I knew what he meant right away. When anything like this happens, Phil always tells me to re-boot, or to unplug the router and shut everything down, then re-start. And it usually works. Glad the address thing wasn't needed! I have had this happen on my laptop before, and the desktop will be fine. Turns out there is a little internet switch on the side of the laptop and when you pick it up you can slide it with your hand and turn the internet off. That has happened to me more than once. My new computer doesn't seem to have the switch.

SquirrelQueen said...

I love that bottle and the little bear. I really got the giggles over the E and world ball, too funny. Even with wireless always reset the modem first, it will solve a lot of connection problems. Do you remember the days when we had to manually set up the connection for dial-up? That's when I first learned about Internet Protocol addresses.

Catherine said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a techie computer geek living with us? Or at least at our beck and call when we run into computer problems? LOL!

Have a happy week Sandra!
xo Catherine

MyNorth said...

Someone stole our IP address awhile ago and was using it to spam. So every time we attempted to post a comment on a blog, photo forum board or whatever, we got kicked off because they thought we were spammers. What a mess trying to get it corrected.
I'm with Catherine ... have IT live-in!
Fun photos BTW.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

Well you are one smart cookie for running to the intenet for advise. I would still be yelling down the hall and tossing my hands up in the air.

Chatty Crone said...

Your camera is so awesome. You and your husband speak the same language as me and my husband. And turning the computer off is the first thing I do - It likes to be turned off every once in awhile.

Just saying - we think we are in control - we're not.

TexWisGirl said...

ours goes into this cycle now and again. yes, a reboot and reset and usually picks back up. :)

Angela said...

I got a good laugh out of Catherine's comment! I do have a computer geeky guy that lives at my house! lol My husband is a genius when it comes to computers! If he can't fix it it's dead and no one can fix it!

Love the pictures! They are so clear and crisp that it looks like I could reach into my computer and pick them up!

Rebecca said...

You are funny. Amusing story, lovely photos. I enjoyed my visit!

George said...

Nothing raises my blood pressure higher or faster than having something go wrong with the computers first thing in the morning. Fortunately that doesn't happen very often.

I like your pictures of the bear.

Snapper II said...

Good pictures! That bottle is sparkling clean! Love the little bear. The only thing I know to do if my computer conks out is reboot. After that, I know nothing! If that does not fix it I am in a world of hurt. Then Snapper II has to take over.....fix it, fix it.....I am hyperventilating!!! I get sick when it gets sick!!! :-) I love my computer....and my Snapper II
Love ya, Madeline

Tipper said...

Love the pictures and the story-neither are dumb : )

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

This is funny but so is a big headache when the net does not work. I get so tired of trying to read the geek stuff

EG Wow said...

I hope this never happens to me because I confess I really don't have a clue! :)

Remington said...

Love the pics! It is NOT fun when things do not go the way we want them too....hope you have a fun day!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love your leaning tower of bottle... Very clever!!!!!

I do know that rebooting is one of the best things to do when we have computer problems. Rebooting seems to help lots of things!!!!! Glad you figured it out...


SweetMarie said...

Hubby and I call on son for help with computer problems. Rebooting seems to fix it most of the time, but we don't have a problem very often.
I love all the reflections, colors and sparkles in these pics. So pretty Sandra! And that single yellow flower makes it beautiful!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

"When in doubt, re-boot!"

The first rule of being on a computer. -giggles-

Yeppers, that IP thingy is sort of like a finger print. Well, a finger print of your computer. I guess.

Just remember, the above first rule of being on a computer.

And your photography is crystal clear. You do such good work, Hon!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, sounds like you had a hectic morning there. I agree with the above, the best solution is often to re-boot and voila ^_^. Can agree that it is frustrating at times. Lovely photos today, the glass bear is beautiful.
Have a great day!
Big hugs


DawnTreader said...

I'm no expert on the technical details but whenever something does not work, I know the ground rule is to turn everything off and then start again ;)

Anonymous said...

Just before I landed here on your blog, we had computer problems!!! We never even know what we did to correct it!!!

Love your fun pics!

Ann said...

I hate it when stuff like that happens. Mine was in reverse the other day. Desk top worked laptop said I was not connected. Turn out on my laptop I have a button on the front of it and I must have bumped it somehow and turned it off. I've had that for over 2 years and had no idea it was there.
I like your table top photo shoot shots :)

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great pictures.I DO NOT LIKE computer problems. They should just work,at least that is what I think.

Susannah said...

Not dumb at all! I am hysterical with laughter! Sandra, you really make my day! ....and I love you for it!

Love the photos today.


Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

ah, sandra, your posts are always a reading pleasure!

i have to admit that my knowledge on computers/ip addresses and procedures is very poor.

that crystal bear made me smile...i have one like this!

lovely photos btw.

A Quiet Corner said...

Sandra, your IP address is your internet protocol address...a bunch of numbers assined to a specific device...:)JP

barbara l. hale said...

That sure made me chuckle! My kids just roll their eyes with I call it my "machine." I have no idea what plug goes into what hole. And I have the faintest what my IP address is. I just hold my breath from time to time when my son is away from home that the computer doesn't act up. He is patient with me..or at least he feigns patience. Better than his father. I have a good son. I really like your pics today in particular the bear. He's nice.

S. Etole said...

Understand the frustration. Enjoying the bottles!

LC said...

Nope! No dumb pix here. I always enjoy your photos of glass pieces . And I loved the frustration saga. If not for hubby, I would never be able to be connected! I,too, have done my share of teeth grinding and berating my computer and all technology in a torrent of abusive names. My misery did enjoy the company!

Scott said...

Glad you got it back and all is well.

diane b said...

Computers can be fun but how frustrating when something goes wrong. Glad you could fix it yourself.

Snapper II said...

Ours has a reset.
pull the power cord on the back for ten second then push the reset.

Deb said...

awesome photos Sandra...internet drives me nuts..