Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Secret

All photos from CBS website
 My secret is..... I love this man... really I do. Do you know him? or do you watch the show in secret and tell no one.
 A few months ago, I landed on re-runs of the Big Bang Theory, the title threw me off because I don't believe in the Big Bang, but that is another post. I am ashamed to say and this is the first time I have admitted this to anyone other than my husband. I LOVE THIS SHOW.
 I don't know WHY I love it, but when I watch it I howl with laughter and at times have tears in my eyes from laughing. I know I should not be laughing because it is SILLY and I don't do silly, but I can't help myself. The two men in above photo, Sheldon and Leonard have extremely high IQ's, Sheldon is obsessive compulsive and a germ-a-phoebe, and they have 2 best friends and the girl across the hall that completes the cast. 
Until I started this post, I did not know Sheldon (Jim Parsons) won a Golden Globe. He deserves it and I love him. I watch the re-runs from 7 to 8 five nights a week on a local channel and the new on CBS on Thursday nigths at 8.
My questions today. Am I the only one in my blog world that watches this show?
if so will you ADMIT it to others?  I accidentally found a person who loves the show when she wrote on my blog on Saturday, I was so surprised when I landed on her post about my post.  to see a funny clip of Sheldon go to her post on The New Sixty.

 Last night we watched a new show we have just started to follow, Person Of Interest. Above is Astro, the 13 year old who sang in X Factor this past summer. He did not win, but is talented and we were happy to see he found a job.
Do you watch X Factor? American Idol? or The Voice.... we watch all three, The Voice is our favorite, American Idol used to be but is about to become a Used to Watch for us.
What is your favorite TV show? or do you even watch TV?



Ginny said...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Penny....Penny...Penny (hear the knocking in your head) THE EXACT SAME THING FOR US!!!!!! I almost passed out when I came here and saw my Sheldon!!!! Since we are sisters, I guess I will share him with you. I discovered it a few months ago in re-runs. I am HOOKED and ADDICTED and in LOVE with Jim Parsons, and have to get my Sheldon fix every night!! We HOWL with laughter, it is the funniest show EVER!!! We watch the new ones Thursday at eight. Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, TBS runs four of them all evening from eight till at least ten. I hope you get TBS, you can watch at least nine shows a week!!! We just finished watching a taped "Person Of Interest", we have never missed one. We love it but it's getting a bit too violent for me. We don't watch American Idol, but LOVE "America's Got Talent", because they have every kind of talent, not just singing.

Ginny said...

By the way, I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your header and the lovely shot of yellow!!!

Ginny said...

You would like "Unforgettable". It's about a policewoman who has a rare thing where she remembers every date and everything that she has ever seen or has ever happened to her. There are only like five people in the world who have this, the actress Marilu Henner being one. She serves as an adviser on the show.

SquirrelQueen said...

I have never seen the show but I did watch a You Tube clip from it not long ago. Another blogger had it posted as part of the song meme. I'm with Ginny, America's Got Talent is one I like to watch.

I just came from another blog that did a post about Word Verification. Please folks, turn it off! You don't need it!

Anonymous said...

I seldom watch tv, except maybe home and garden or food network. Like you, I am kinda tired of American Idol. Hope you have a nice Saturday.

Ann said...

I've never seen any of the shows you mentioned except for part of an episode of Person of Interest.
The only shows I really watch are Law and Order, Criminal Minds and Cold Case. I'm addicted to those kinds of shows.
Of course if I see an old episode of Murder she wrote I'm all over it :)
I'm planning on mentioning that new word verification in a post. I hate that thing.

Snapper II said...

I watch Big Bang Theory once in a while.
I watch mostly the news history channel. When I want a laugh i might watch Swamp People What a shame that is.

Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

I dont watch much TV accept for PBS and a few programs, I like Shark Tank and after they have selected all the singers, I then watch American Idol. So I cant say I have seen this program.

Catherine said...

LOVE The Big Bang Theory! We have the DVD collection as well as watch it every day ~ at least once ~ quite often 3 times with all reruns. Sheldon/Jim is just fantastic isn't he?

My son has a "Bazinga" shirt and I have a "Soft Kitty" shirt. Love it!

xo Catherine

MyNorth said...

We love Big Bang.
We bought all the past seasons on DVD just in case there was an episode we missed. Plus we wanted to see behind the scenes excerpts.
The writers consult scientists for the show and how they weave comedy with science is just plain clever.
We rarely watch TV but every Thursday night we make sure to watch Big Bang.
Funny, silly, stuff.

Val said...

Hi, my name is Val and I am a Big Bang Theory Junkie!!
I love BBT. Our DVR is set to record constantly!!
The show is so silly, but I think that's why I like it. It gives us 30 minutes of good belly laughing. Plus, I know a couple people who are Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and Howard and the rest of the cast---how bout you???
This past thursday's episode had me laughing, snorting and rolling on the floor.
The show's writers are brilliant and have some roots here in Nebraska!!
So it's out---I am a BBT junkie and it looks like I'm in good company. :)
Have a great weekend.

Bazinga Baby!!!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Big Bang Theory --- Never started to watch it. Why shouldn't you? What is the matter with silly giggles? Aren't they good for our health, even?

Husband follows Person Of Interest, followed by The Mentalist. I don't. I read, while he watches. :-) Sometimes the PoI is too violent for me.

All the time, I can not understand the dialogue on The Mentalist, which puts-me-off. -sigh- I like all the cast! Wish I could follow dialogue, without reading the C.C. that is. That gets tiring.

Don't watch X Factor, or the singing shows.

My Fav.? Right now, "Once Upon A Time" at 8pm on Sun. night. Different. Fun. Unique.

Oh and I'm a Young Adult book reader, so I read "Vampire Diaries" and watch the tv show, sometimes. Sometimes it gets too violent for me though. ----- Oh and since I read "Pretty Little Liard," I used to watch that tv show. Until it got just toooooo dumb. lol.

Am electic reader and tv watcher

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

That should read above... "Pretty Little LIARS"... :-)

Oh and I read "The Lying Game' (Young Adult), but couldn't get into the tv show. They tend to change, from the books.........

"Vampire Diaries" reallllllly changed. :-) But it's worth watching, just to view "Damon." Yikes, what a gorgeous young man, is the actor who plays him. -grin-

NO, I'm not a *Cougar*, about "Damon"!!! -gigggles- I just APPRECIATE *nice views.* -heh-heh-heh-

TexWisGirl said...

have not watched this show. :( but thanks for spreading the anti-word verification message!!! when i encounter it on blogs i follow, i'm asking them to consider removing it. i want to at least give them a chance before i stop commenting. it is just too much...

From the Kitchen said...

I love Sheldon!! In fact, my ideal man is the brainy sort!
I don't watch reality shows or shows that are contests except for Jeopardy. Love Masterpiece Theater most of the time. Also Criminal Intent. I know--wide variance there!!


Deb said...

I've never watched big bang...sounds funny though...have a great weekend...

Sandy said...

I have watched this show off and on, mostly I channel surf to see what captures my interest. (o:

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched any of these shows, but I do love funny stuff. I can be super silly sometimes, and laugh for nothing [lol]. It's great to laugh and often. Have a fantastic Saturday! Big hugs

SweetMarie said...

I don't watch much tv, but I saw maybe 10 minutes of the Big Bang Theory with my son. I remember the one guy from the Roseanne show.
I might have to start watching it because I love comedy! Seinfeld is my all time favorite! And I also liked Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens.
Have a great Saturday!

Angela said...

I tried to watch it one day because my husband had it on. I think people at work must had been talking about it and he wanted to see it. I couldn't get into it and I didn't think it was appropriate for my 7 yr old and 14 yr old to watch! lol I find that with many shows today.

We absolutely love In the Middle with Patricia Heaton! It comes on Wednesday nights at 8. It is hilarious! (whisper hilarious)! lol If you've watched you'll understand that one! We also love Psych. Chuck was a favorite but they just took it off. I am now bored with ER.

As for the word verification. I can't read the words at all now so I can't even make a comment if I wanted to! I don't know how that one blog I tried to make a comment even had any comments because I couldn't read it with glasses on or glasses off. I hate it when they keep changing things like that!

Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

i think i have not watched this very show but some others similar to it.

i noticed that new verification thing on several blogs and it is so frustrating.
thanks for spreading the word.

photowannabe said...

I agree that the word verifications are a real pain now. Half of the time I can't read all the letters correctly.
Why do they do this? If it ain't broke why fix it?
I have avoided Big Bang because it seemed too put on but now I think I will have to give it a try.
We tend to watch things on the history channel and watch American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Top Shot and stuff on the Home Garden and Food channels.
I do like Undercover Boss, Who Do You Think You Are? and Amazing Race.
Ok, I guess I've written a novel here.
Have a great weekend.

George said...

I'm happy to report that I'm batting .500 with you. We do watch Person of Interest, but I have never seen Big Bang Theory. Perhaps I should give it a try after reading what you say about it.
I'm with you completely on the new word verification system.

Kleinste Motte said...

Buddy and I watch this show every weekday and laugh. It's got just the right twist of humour for the two of us. Buddy being a bit of an odd guy really gets this Sheldon!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Love this post! I love Sheldon and have watched the say since day one.
To pick a favorite TV show would be hard for me. I do love Modern Family a lot. I love Person of Interest too but I had to miss this weeks show. I thought I could stream it but I can't so hopefully I will see it in a summer rerun. This is my first time watching The Voice. It seems interesting. I use to only watch Idol when the final 12 were picked. Last year I watched from the beginning to see the new hosts, I ended up loving Scotty and watched all the way through. I am watching it now and I am enjoying the people chosen so far.

Andrew said...

Haha! I am not a big fan of TV but anything that has tears streaming down your face with laughter has to be worth watching..
Take care xx

Chatty Crone said...

I am so glad that you can't see them either - I thought I was going blind! I can't read them either.

I do watch the Big Bang Theory - but I do not believe in the Big Bang theory - so I am conflicted - don't let the gs watch it though.

Love, sandie

SD ~ Dawning Inspiration said...

Love your header!

I have seen this show a couple of times but since I don't have cable I haven't caught it in ages. IT wasn't one of my favorites (couldn't get past the "theory"). I do love Burn Notice, White Collar and Castle. I catch those on DVD from the library after the season is over and watch them commercial free!! Love them!

Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Love that show (both). My husband recently discovered it on television at the gym where we work out and now all he does is quote Sheldon.

Tipper said...

We've been watching the Big Bang too-my husband loves it : )

DawnTreader said...

Big Bang runs on one of my cable channels but I never really watched it, only saw glimpses and it never really caught my interest. Maybe I should give it another go ;) Since I got into blogging I watch less TV. I'm not a fan of the American Idol kind of shows, unfortunately nowadays there seems not to be much else on whatever channel I choose!

LC said...

Love Big Bang. I too laugh uncontrollably. But I don't laugh at the new word verification . I will give it one try. If not successful, abandon effort to comment. That bothers me. I comment when a post strikes a chord. And I try to write a comment that acknowledges that connection. The word verification thing . . . ick!

Gail said...

I cannot miss Big Bang and have watched Person of Interest since its beginning. Big Band is funny, POI is just good and kinda scary when you think about it.

Terra said...

Big Bang is a fabulously funny show. Love those boys, and girls too. Sheldon and his girlfriend are brilliantly written and cast. Did you read the book The Rosie Project? I liked it a lot and the main character makes me think of Sheldon.

eileeninmd said...

Sandra, both me and my hubby are big fans of Big Bang. I do not think there is another show that makes me laugh out loud as much as Big Bang, they have a great cast of actors.

The Voice is another one of my favorite shows too.