Saturday, March 31, 2012

Postscript to Cheerios!

Hello Baby, a book about baby animals

 Today I bought another Cheerio  book, and actually came home and read the box. There are 6 books in the series and you can choose the book you want.

This is called Spoonful of Stories and in 10 years they have given away 60 million books inside specially marked boxes. why I have not seen it I do not know. they have donated 3.6 million dollars to First Book which is a program to get books to kids that need them the most.

Just for TexWisGirl... the last line of Noodle and Lou is

And Lou, he was tickled, See you just never know, he said with a grin, how a day's gonna go.
But really thought Noodle, the bigger surprise is Seeing yourself through your best buddies eyes.
Story by Liz Garton Scanlon, illustrated by Arthur Howard

sorry for the Two Post day.... again



Hi....I just saw you over at TexWis Girl [Theresa] and noticed your expression in your comment "Yikesola" [the scorpion]....had to stop by and introduce myself and tell you I like that word!!

As for these books, they are outstanding!!! And they're inside Cheerios boxes? Well, I never knew. I also read your post below this one regarding another book. I'm speechless.

And to think of all the money donated...that in itself, is amazing.

Nice to meet you.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Never heard of these!

"I never considered a difference of opinion
in politics, in religion, in philosophy,
as cause for withdrawing from a friend."

~~Thomas Jefferson

Catherine said...

What cute books! I've never seen or heard of them before. I like the illustrations!
Happy Saturday Sandra!
xo Catherine

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!

Rose said...

Lorelei would love these....

TexWisGirl said...

fine fine fine. :)

Betty Manousos@ CUT and DRY said...

what interesting books! i've never heard of them before.
thanks for the info.

have a great weekend!


From the Kitchen said...

I've never heard of these books. Could be because we don't eat cereal around here. What a great idea.


Ginny said...

I love the picture you chose to snap! I did not know anything about this either!!! But as soon as I get to the grocery store, you KNOW what I'm buying!!!! The girls will love the books and we will ALL love the Cheerios! I think I may even let them open the box and give them the books.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

We don't eat Cheerios so I guess that's why I haven't heard of the books. It's a good thing they are doing. Love your header!

barbara l. hale said...

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

What a cute tigger :) wish they could have those funny things in our Cheerio boxes over here.

S. Etole said...

What fun to open a cereal box with a book in it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute books, Sandra... BUT--what caught my attention today was your header AND background... Where do you find backgrounds like that? Gorgeous!!!!

Crystal Mary said...

What a great idea to put those stories in the Cheerio boxes.Whoever thought of that, did a good thing.xx

RoeH said...

Are those the books that come free in the box? I can't remember if it was Cheerios or not. I think so. Anyway...sadly I threw it away. Am I supposed to keep them? :((((((

Andrew said...

Beautiful books to see.
I always think if an adult can enjoy reading a story to a child... the child really loves the experience.
Take care xx

Ann said...

so they've been doing this for a while now? I don't remember ever seeing them until recently