Thursday, April 19, 2012

Civil War Weekend # 5

The train slowed, then stopped, I looked out the window. Rebel soldiers, hiding in the bushes

MadSnapper is madly clicking out the open window

One of the soldier spots me and gives me the SHHHHH sign. I smile and nod  (click on photo to see how handsome he is, I had spent time talking with this soldier in his camp,)

 Suddenly they stand and fire

I rush to the next car to see what they are firing at. It's those Union Solders, AGAIN

They Fire, then kneel to reload the long muskets.

On Union soldier is below me, firing from the ditch

 A Confederate soldier pops out of the water tower and fires at the Unions soldiers.

 NOOOO!!! he's hit!

 They advance and the soldiers on the train with us jump off the train run on the battle field

The Confederates were out numbered, both sides had soldiers fallen in the battle

 The General ordered the wounded on board the train to take them to the hospital tent at the train station.

To Be Continued.......

there were 100 men in a company and 10 companies in a Regiment. One New York regiment included 30 school masters.
Disease killed twice as many men as battle wounds did.  Civil War Facts


SquirrelQueen said...

The Yankees were so close, you should have thrown something at the soldier to distract him. TTH! You had a great view of all the action.

LC said...

We have reenactments of battles at the Jefferson Davis home in Biloxi, but this "train" setting is an interesting first for me. And your sepia photos, wow!

Wonderful photos and narrative!

TexWisGirl said...

shushed by a confederate soldier in 2012. who'da thunk it. :)

EG CameraGirl said...

I really like these photos in sepia!

Betty Manousos said...

you did exceptionally well with the sepia choice.

a big wow for the photos.


George said...

You got great photos of all the action. I'm really enjoying this series and am glad to see it is continuing.

Rose said...

Years from now someone will see these and wonder if they are real!

Rose said...

From the real war I mean.

Ann said...

whoa, it got really heated there. The battle was raging. How exciting. Lucky for you they weren't firing on the

Gail said...

Sidetracking is my talent. I have enjoyed your civil world series this morning. Wonderful shots.