Thursday, May 31, 2012

Found another one

 Our Gulf Fritillary catepillars are hale and hearty and I found another Chrysalis, it has been there for several days. It seems to be hidden from our Lizards.

Hullabaloo - Click It or Ticket!

Florida State Patrol has a Click it or Ticket, Buckle Up or Pay Up crackdown that started May 21st.

Florida's seat belt law states all drivers and front seat passengers must buckle up and all under the age of 18 are required to wear a seat belt.

This is a simulator that shows what happens when a truck rolls over at 20 MPH. as it rotated the family of dummies he had placed in side without seat belts, all flew out the windows.

This officer said 7 people die on Florida Highways every day.

Buckle Up Out There, I always do and it saved my life when my SUV rolled three times a few years ago.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dueling Bloggers

Click on photos for the best view in slide show..

Ann of SnapEditScrap and I, have found we are sisters under the skin when it comes to play time in Photoshop. We both love to add and subtract and filter and do STUFF to photos. I have grabbed a few ideas from things she posted. She suggested we have a Duel. I grabbed her dog Duke from her blog and she grabbed my dogs from my blog and here we are today. Dueling Darlings using our Darlings.

Baby and Duke are laying in the Gulf Fritteary Butterfly Incubator.
(a bit of a TRICK since they live 1028 miles apart, but with a little help, they managed to meet and play)

Jake and Duke with their favorite toys. Don't they look like they love walking on our pool deck together?

Of Course Dogs talk!

 I had so much fun I thought Black and White, why not. Can't wait to see what Ann thought up. Why don't you POP OVER to see what tricks Ann pulled out of her hat  Photoshop

Don't forget to pop over and see what Ann came up with.... or maybe you have already been there.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tomato Glutton

Meet Carl Caterpillar, A.K.A. Tomato Glutton. Bob told me he had been picking these guys off his tomato plants, they are  were eating the plants and tomatoes. Then I read a post by Gail at Familar Spirits  and she had a photo just like our Carl. I asked on her blog, where do they come from?  Her answer was it is a Tomato Hornworm and it turns into a butterfly.

Who knew??? I sure did not. The very next morning, while staring at the bucket garden, I spied this.

Did some Google research and found He turns into the Five Spotted Hawkmoth  follow the link to see the moth photo.
The hog part comes in because he ate the whole tomato. if you enlarge these 3 pics you can see his head was buried deep inside the half tomato that was left when I found him. 

Sad to say Carl Catterpillar is in the local obituary list today. Bob's subscribes to the NO Mercy syndrome! Gail says they use them for fishing bait.  (note: I did almost cry and I did say, who needs tomatoes, we can buy them) alas! No Mercy

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - 2012

We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them. ~Francis A. Walker~

In the USA, today is the day we remember the fallen soldiers and also the kick off for summer fun.
Stay Safe and if you don't follow Lady Bug From Texas, don't miss her post Oma's Worries  it will give you all the safety tips for the coming summer fun.

I found these colorful Kayaks in Walmart Parking Lot last Saturday morning.
Price list in the back window of the car, said 27.00, 29.00 and 39.00 per hour.
Come on Down and enjoy our waterways and beaches.

Wait, I did not mean that, our roads are way to crowded.  LOL

Sunday, May 27, 2012

God's Everyday Art

 Virginia Creeper Art              

Our back yard has something new every day in the category of God's Everyday Art.

Raindrops on bananas art

 Three inch male brown anole on a palmetto Art

Last but not least Art.... Bob and I stood amazed at 12 to 15 fluttering orange flowers., seems all those caterpillars turned into Gulf Friterary Butterfly's on the same day. There was a flock a flutter and they were sitting on my camera, and flying in our hair and face.

and Kings Mantle Art and I added the butterfly in Picmonkey...because I could

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Me and The Beach...arrrhhhhh


Diane is the culprit that took all these photos of me. you all know I do not like being in front of the camera. She and I both delight in snapping shots of each other. Above we were in Emerson Preserve, below we were at the Ringling Museum.  I can't remember who took this photo.


 These photos were taken at the beaches that were in my beach post this week. Above is Coquina Beach and note I HAD to stand on that dock because the sign says WARNING, KEEP OFF


 Above is at Beer Can Island
I KNOW I look Old and Fat, but I am 27 pounds lighter than in these photos. still old and a little less fat


 Above photo is the dunes at Fort Desoto Beach, Fort Desoto is the most beautiful beach in Florida in my book. to see photos from others of this beach click HERE or just google the name in Google Images.


These are NOT photo shopped, that silly bird sat right there on the gazebo and let me walk up and pose with him. I was happy he did not poke me with that long beak.

And NO, I am NOT full of myself and posting my own photo's, This is just to prove I DID take those beach photos. Actually, I just saw these and wanted to.... Sorry Diane.....

Friday, May 25, 2012

Trash Art

Shadows on Trash pile = Trash ART

Below is the dead fronds that fall off our two story palms, it's my job to drag them in a pile for Bob to move to the curb for trash pick up. Really ugly until the sun covered with shadows.

 Above is the bottom of the palm the fronds fall off of, below is the pod up at the top, 2 stories over my head.

Standing there shooting up, I remembered my husband said, you should see our nieghbors yard. Well, I am to short to see over the privacy fence, so I held my camera over my head and below is more Trash Art that at one time was a swing set.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hullabaloo - Helicopter

My friend Rich and the helicopter we went to see. He lives next door to the hospital and has seen this helicopter land many times, including FIVE minutes before I got there, when it landed for the health fair.
FIVE MINUTES! and you would have seen it in the air.

 In photo above is the nurse that rides in this machine that saves lives daily. There is room for the pilot and a medic and the nurse.

Can you see how small the area is that they slide the trauma victim in? I asked the pilot what do you do if it is a 6'7" 350 pound man, as in a basketball/football player.

 His answer was they don't transport if they don't fit weight land height limit. The fuel is 100 gallons of weight and he said it would not lift off. OY

SOOOO I am now on a diet...... I fit under the height limit....and the weight limit, but what about the Fit In that slot limit?

 They sit in seats at the head of the person, there is KNEEL only room beside the victim.

 I started to hyperventilate looking at this and had to move on.
ONE of my many fears, is Tight Spaces. OY Vey