Saturday, June 30, 2012


I was soooo bad this week. I ATE A CAN OF VIENNA SAUSAGE... left over from last year Hurricane Supplies. we have to recycle our Hurricane What If cabinet each year. Food that can  be opened and consumed is the object of the supplies.

While I was scoffing up the fatty little pudgy devils, we discussed the fact we survived Vienna Sausage and Saltines WITH salt on them. and that led us to we survived chicken, steak, liver, pork chops fried in CRISCO Lard and a that lead to yoohoo and Nehi drinks. and Coke and Pepsi and RC Cola, with sugar, real sugar.

one thing leads to another so here is yet another MadSnapper Trivia

When I was a child, on our 12 hour drive from Savannah to Sloans Valley Ky, our picnic lunch was often a can of Vienna’s and saltines, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies from home, and if we were lucky we could choose from Nehi Orange or grape or Yoohoo, Pepsi or Coke. AND if we were lucky, momma bought a small jar of REAL Mayo and a package of bologna and white bread and we made sandwiches. We ate them on the hood of the 53 Pontiac, and that was covered with a red and white table cloth. The biggest treat was to open a can of pineapple and have mayo and pineapple sandwiches.... What are things you ate as a child you no longer eat.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sunshine after the rain

Thursday Noonish, Bob was throwing the ball for Jake, Baby was sunbathing, and I was in my chair soaking up Sunshine Vitamin D. of which we had none for 5 straight days. I spied this hibiscus GLOWING in the corner of the yard.

Guess What MadSnapper Did Next??? isn't it gorgeous? Above With Ants and below Without Ants
no edits done, this is the way it looked in real life... well I did remove the ants.

 Backside Stunning!

I snapped the one below to show you what sunshine does shining through. there was one beam only shining on the one flower of the six on the bush. they are 5 inches across.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Good, The Bad and The Ugly

 TS Debbie was really bad, she messed up our state. the good thing is she has moved on and left our dried up ponds and lakes full once more.

The bad thing was part of the tree fell from the storm. The good this is it missed the neighbors house you see above.

The tree on the ground was ugly, the good was hubby LOVES his chainsaw.

 The bad is I had to drag the pieces to the curb for pick up.
 the good thing is, the city picks it up free of charge.

 The bad thing was the storm took down 30 plus avacadoes. Above is the fallen fruit from Monday/Tuesday.
The good thing is, that 6 of the above fell on the roof from two stories up and sounded like Thunder but did no damage to the roof.

And one of the best things from 12 inches of rain is, when the sun came out, these butterflies and dragonflies were so damp they came and spread their wings right in front of my camera to dry out in the sun.

 Enlarge to see the minuscule details that are so amazing on these see through wings.

The bad thing was, my hubby who lives in our yard and at the park with his RC planes, had a  bad case of cabin fever... the good thing was.....
we had about 20 episodes of American Pickers on our DVR. With Pickers and Tennis, HE was happy and MadSnapper was happy because the power did NOT go out and I could Snap and Play.

Pickers comes on the history channel and we LOVE IT.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flamingo Fasination -Repost

Flamingos often stand on one leg. The reason for this behavior is not fully known. A leg is tucked beneath the body, because the flamingo like some other animals has the ability to have half of its body go into a state of sleep, and when one side is rested, the flamingo will swap leg and then let the other half sleep, but this has not been proven. It is often suggested that this is done in part to keep the legs from getting wet, in addition to conserving energy.

At first glance, the flamingos appear to be all pink. there is a hidden striking feature that is only visible when the Flamingo is in flight or spreading its wings
There are 12 principal flight feathers located on each wing. These black feathers are visible when the wings are extended.

Flamingos are very gregarious, very loud and they enjoy being in crowds and socializing with each other.

Nature is the art of God. The landscape belongs to the person who looks at it. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

When All Else Fails...

It's raining, it's pouring, so instead of snoring....???

Create Storm ART....

 Debbie blew down 20 of our Avocado's so bring one inside and entertain myself while it rains.
5 AM UPDATE, 9 more Avocado's down last night, the wind is still howling and half our tree fell in the front yard...

 Trash Art on the pool deck and below Jake admiring the MESS at 5 AM

Monday, June 25, 2012

Of Rust and Wood

Can you guess what the above photo is a picture of? you have 3 photos to scroll past before I tell you

While Wandering With Camera in HAND, I spied this stick that fell and speared itself on the screw. isn't that amazing? YOU KNOW IT IS so stop laughing

Have you guessed yet, last stop to the answer, below is the hole the dratted woodpecker put in my oak limb that holds the baby Staghorn plant. (6 am update on Staghorn, it is down from TS Debbie, she is sitting in the gulf beating us up, rain and rain and rain, all bridges are closed, 12 tornadoes, 1 dead and she is hanging around for 2 more days, WE are fine) but so far we lost our banana tree and staghorn and the pool is full of limbs and trash, a whole day of work waiting for Bob

Here is the photo of what the first shot is. do you know now?

It is a plumbers cooker to melt lead in.  and below is R2D2's baby brother. I told that to my husband and he said who is R2D2?   do you know?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

MayDay! Banana's Down

 Yes, we now have NO Bananas.... Tropical Storm Debbie is stalled in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, about 165 miles west of us. It has been raining here for 36 hours and we have another 2 days to go. this is fine, we needed rain. BUT the banana tree has fallen down....

 We are on the East side of the storm witch is the WATER side.... and we need it so don't fret. we re fine and only lost 14 bananas. below the black star is MADSNAPPER home

Header Fun

I Started with MadSnapper in black and white in a mirror shot. and ended up using yesterday's leaf and today's Snapper in my header.

The Blame for today IS ON....   DEE from One Foot out of the Box, I saw this purple rock that graduated from high school on her Blog post Rocks Are Important   I asked if she did the rock in Photoshop, she answered, she did it with PicMonkey and has PS on her Christmas List.

You guys should know by now, I take every thing I see you do as a Personal Challenge.

SOOOO I  used spray tan in Picmonkey to color my skin, used eye tints for my eyes, used hair color for my hair

 Did not like the background so used Fine Focus above, then on to Papyrus for the one below

No idea why i turned this green and scalloped the edges, just because it was THERE and I saw IT

With absolutely NOTHING to be done with all this Creating, the light bulb popped over my Snapper brain and guess what I did?

As you can see by my header, i decided against the Multiple Snapper Portraits and slid me into a leaf.