Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vertigo induced Pondering

Vertigo induced pondering....

While leaning/hanging/clinging to/on the breakfast bar staring down at spinning plate that sweet hubby served my dinner on, I pondered WHY did I ever buy these plates?  I hate cherries and apples and pears around the border

This led to another ponder. Why do my  preferences change over the years?

 plain with silver border plates in 1963,

sprigged with small flowers in brown and pink in the 70's "the country look"

and  then in the 80's I preferred brown stone ware.

d sometime in the 90's I changed to the two above now and I no longer want the cherries/apples border. or the floral whatever/

what do I like now? still pondering DON"T KNOW and will not replace these anyway. I have decided to move to a hotel with room service.

If you are now pondering why I was sitting at the breakfast bar to eat during Veritgo,

 It was day7 and I was sick of crumbs in my bed from trying to eat while lying down, and sipping coffee out of a bendy straw. and pouring said coffee on sheets and my chest.

I AM NOW Pondering....  What's on YOUR plates? NOT food silly? what design or style?

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SquirrelQueen said...

Funny, I had never thought much about the plates we use until I read your post. I went through the country look and brown stone ware too but now I'm back to white with blue trim.

I like the idea of a hotel with room service. Now if I could just win the lottery!

Kathy said...

You need to find a cure for this vertigo stuff, Girlfriend! Before we know it we're all gonna be out there shopping for new plates!

From the Kitchen said...

I just told some friends that I think once you've been married thirty years, you should throw yourself a shower and get everything replaced. My good china hasn't been out of the cabinet in a decade! I prefer plain white dishes with no embellishment at the moment.

Which hotel are you moving to?


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I agree with the changes in 'likes'. Right now my dishes are white with red designs,but I do have several sets and each one different.Don't ask me why,it's just me.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

WE change, over time. If we did not change, we would end up like olden people, preserved in amber. Shudder...

So... Since WE change... Why shouldn't our tastes change?

As to dishes, guess mine have always been for pretty, pink, flowery... And my present dishes are a lot like the one on the right, of your top pic.

Well, even if my plate preferences don't change much, I have changed in many, many other ways!!! So I'm still *safe* from that "encasement in amber". -grin-


Anonymous said...

Cute post, Sandra. I have many sets of china (some mother's and some mine) but we eat on Corelle herb theme dishes everyday. I am so tired of looking at them but because they stand the test of time so well, I can't see replacing them!!!
Enjoy your day.

TexWisGirl said...

i would have to say, i'd not be choosing the fruity plates for myself - but maybe i will after my preferences change. :)

had oriental octogonal black plates for a while in town. then went to a cream w/ forest green edge for a country place we moved to. now just use those cream/green and some other mix and match.

Cranberry Morning said...

Hmmm. Actually I really like the plate on the left. :-) And my plates have barns or sailboats on them.

Kick that vertigo for good!

Maggie M said...

I have some plates with cherries on them that I have wondered why I ever bought them. Would you believe that right now I can't even remember what design is on the plates we now use. lol One of those senior moments. I do have one plate left from when I used the brown stoneware way back when. I bet all those flowers and fruit on those plates are not so much fun to look at while experiencing vertigo. Hugs

Miss Debbie said...

I started married life 39 years ago with white ironstone. Next was beige with strawberries on the rim, then cream with pink and blue flowers. I have come full circle and am back to white again. I love the versatility of it...goes with every color linens and any seasonal decor!

Rose said...

I often wonder why our tastes change...there are certain quilt blocks that I lived 50 years and did not like, then all of a sudden, I decided I liked them.

the plates we use most are paper plates...haha...not really.

I have mostly plain white corelle...I went through a stage of wanting something different, but can never find anything I like better....or I find something, there will be one thing about it I can't stand. So, I just live with what I have.

Chatty Crone said...

I too have mostly plain white corelle and we use paper ones sometimes too - I am bad. But the corelle can be mixed with everything! And I like the thinness of them.


Cheryl @ TFD said...

I love dishes and have several different sets, but for "every day" I usually pull out the plain white Corelle. If I have company, I usually use the white French Countryside ironstone. Haven't used the good china in ages. At Christmas, I have 2 sets of holiday dishes that I alternate. In my old(er) age, I am getting to be less concerned about the table setting as to getting the food on the table. It's all getting to be a chore!
Hope you continue to feel better and gave a nice weekend!

photowannabe said...

Crumbs in the bed and coffee running down the chin doesn't sound like fun. Hope the vertigo gets over with pronto.
Plates? I'm so tired of mine too. I have Corelle with a gold border that just won't break or look old. they are just too good to get rid of. I'm too cheap.
For company or special times I have white ironstone and a set of clear glass plates. they go with everything.
As someone said on your blog, the older I get its about just getting the food on the table and not the fanciness.
I have my Mom's Noritake china which I really like but it hasn't been out of storage for eons. I have no place to keep it so it just stays in its container.
Thanks for the mini walk down memory lane and my "china".

Madi and Mom said...

What a great post!
Let's see I have two sets of everyday dishes currently in use.
One beige with a navy border,
and the other beige with abstract dusty rose flowers. Recently I realized I had some of the correlle ware white with fruit borders lol
Hugs and happy Saturday

EG CameraGirl said...

When it comes to plates, I like plain...or near plain. I like food to decorate the plate.

However, I think our tastes change because we are so influenced by what marketers want us to see. They need to change our taste so we don't stop buying. Just saying.

EM Illustrator said...

My china has a plain white base with a darker red designs with a black border...very plain really but I like them for now I'd say hehe. Been down at the docks today watching the tall ships, they're gorgeous.
Have a great day my friend

Dee said...

I can totally relate to your pondering...I have a beautiful and expensive set of dishes I never use. They are white with a gold band. I would replace them in a minute with some type of thick ironstone...maybe in a dark green or cream. But I won't :) I find myself recently wanting to change my entire decorating style :-/ so see...we are all pretty much alike.

S. Etole said...

My everyday plates are Corningware with autumn flowers on them. I would love something new, but they are still in great condition. Room service sounds like an excellent idea.

LC said...

Hubby-to-be picked out an earthenware pattern of Franciscan Medeira. It is chocolate brown and dark green with a tiny aqua touch in the flowers in the center. My parents were aghast that we would live without white plates and cautioned that we would tire of our choice. It will be 47 years tomorrow and we are still enjoying those dishes every day that we are home, including holidays.

We have broken lots of them but friends of our age who were downsizing passed along their set of the same pattern. I do miss my medium-sized vegetable bowls that were casualties of daily living, but soup bowls are usually big enough when it is just the two of us. The Sixties live on!

Ann said...

well first of all I like your idea of a hotel with room service. That would suit me just fine.
Right now the plates we have are just plain white. I can't remember what I had before these but when Wade and I combined households he hated them and insisted we use the plain white ones.

Angela said...

I like both of your plate patterns. They look a little similar looking to me. I have some plates with bird and bird houses on them and another pattern with blue flowers. I'll have to take pictures! lol I have lots of plates and different patterns.

I can't believe you are still sick! What are the doctors saying about it my dear friend? I do hope you get better soon!

Val said...

meant to post this yesterday. We use my hubby's gramma's "good" dishes. I had a friend tell me years ago that she always using her good dishes on sunday. I decided that we should use the good dishes everyday. So we do!! I thought it was silly to have those pretty dishes sitting in a china hutch collecting dust. The only downside is the silver trim on the dishes, which makes microwave use...well not so good. For that I have a few corelle dishes. So gramma's 12 place setting of good china is in the cupboard for everyday use.

Deb said...

I love those plates...isn't it funny how our tastes change over the years...we have one set that have Roosters on not that Rooster...we have another set solid red...another set white...yes I have a ton of dishes...I love dishes...especially bowls...

Amy Burzese said...

You crack me up. I laughed out loud at the hotel thing. Oh dear. I am a plate-a-holic. We have had many over the years. We have been using Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers for several years now. I have turkey ones for November and Christmas ones for Christmas, plus many others.