Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gadgets Galore Part 2

Diane petting her kayak?

My new Kindle arrived Via Kayak... or so I said yesterday, Actually it came in a truck carrying two kayaks.

My friend, Diane  emailed that she had won a Kindle and since she has a Kindle and a KindleFire she wanted to give me the Kindle, IF I wanted it.... She said she and Patricia were going kayaking at Robinson Preserve Saturday AM and she would drop the Kindle off at my house on the way home. About 1 pm.

Hankies in the wind

What? I have to wait all day to get the Kindle? How about if I meet you there and document The Launch?

Two Tough Cookies

 She made me swear I would NOT take any photos of thighs, legs, stomach, and promise to post only flattering pics. SOOOO. I said that means everything is off limits but ankles and feet?

Sorry Guys, you know MadSnapper cannot snap one snapshot! or even POST just one or two.

Patricia Paddles Prettily 

I snapped all these photos and went home to FIGHT with the KINDLE... it almost WON but after a few choice words thoughts about people who invent gadgets, I conquered it and downloaded my first library book.

  They left me standing on the shore, camera in hand, and I had NOTHING TO DO....Nada, Nothing!

 so can you guess what I did??? huh? can you?? huh? huh?

to be continued     I LOVE MY KINDLE.....already borrowed two books from the library from my chair. no gas used, no traffic, and I ordered then in my night gown, so no dressing either.....


SquirrelQueen said...

The kayaks look like fun, did they let you take a turn?

I'm glad to hear you like the Kindle. Once you get used to ebooks it's hard to go back.

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Sandra

I donwloaded the kindle from Amazon directly onto my pc and can download books from Amazon to this. I know I can't take it out with me but it still enables me to buy books cheaper if I like and also download free one's and there are quite a few.

Like the look of that Kayaking, do they make extra strong one's for the larger figure. lol

Ann said...

First off love the shots.
Second, woo hoo on the Kindle. They're great, I love mine. The best part is I have not spent a dime on all the books and games I have so far.
You can go on amazon and find tons of free books. I get a daily email from pixels of ink with several free book options. That's how I find most of the books I get.

Terri Buster said...

I love my Kindle, but still have to have my books. My Kindle goes with me to the doctor's office, and on vacation. Congrats, you will love all the free books!

DawnTreader said...

Congratulations on the Kindle (I still haven't got one) and on getting some lovely Kayak photos as well!

Miss Debbie said...

Looks like a beautiful day and a beautiful place. Glad you won the battle with the Kindle and I hope you enjoy it!

Catherine said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your kindle. I always read in the bathtub. That could be a little dangerous. ;)
xo Catherine

Kathy said...

I have an old Kindle but rarely use it. I love the ritual of going to the library, searching through the stacks, reading jacket covers. And then I love turning the pages of a book. But what I love most and what it's hard to do on a Kindle is to thumb forward to quickly see where the next good stopping place is! And also figure out how many pages are left until you finish.

Cranberry Morning said...

...and no photos of you in your night gown? lol

Love the kayak photos and lucky you to be given a Kindle! I look at them now and then and drool.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty pics!

Oh don't you hate it, when people give you orders, about what we can take pics of? Come on. Get Real people. -giggggles-

So, you have conquered your Kindle! Hooray for you! He has still not gotten one of those reading gadgets. Yeah, we are taking the easy way out for now. It's ok to say that.

But you got yours FREE. Super.


TexWisGirl said...

i can see the kindle becoming another new snapper obsession. madreader. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. So many pretty reflections in the water.
I'm glad you like the Kindle. It's nice to just click and have something to read at your fingertips!!!

Rebecca said...

I thought I wouldn't like a kindle because I like the feel of an actual book. But not having to actually go to the library....that is tempting me.

Enjoy reading. Lovely photos.

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Re: Your informative comment, in my blog today... Saying; "that thingy that you go to is Google Plus, and i am not joining it. the blogs that require that i just skip."

I dislike it, when people's click-able link does not take me to their ding-dang blog! Plus I dislike it, when people do those things like Google Plus. I can't be bothered with all those join-here-and-join-there things. Ugh.

I used to read this gal's blog. But I took her blog link, off my own Blog Links blog. (I move around in blogs, some times. Other than the usual regulars.) I suppose she thinks I still have her blog link. But! Surprise! I don't.


Remington said...

Great shots! Congrats on your new Kindle....sounds like it is perfect for you! Just sit back, relax and enjoy life!

Inger said...

Kayaking looks so peaceful. All I have done is rowed row boats when I lived in Sweden. Now you got me convinced to get my Kindle. I think!

Madi and Mom said...

Well we think those are most wonderful pictures and very flattering!!
When Mom saw that blurry pic of my dismount she said to her self I bet Mad Snapper would have been quicker and produced a much clearer pic
Hugs Madi and have fun with your

Deb said...

beautiful photos...what fun...hope you enjoy the new gadget...I still like to read a good book...haven't tried the new gadgets...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful pictures. Those bright kayaks look lovely on the water,as long as I am standing safely on shore. :)

SweetMarie said...

What a thoughtful friend! So happy for you! I know you love to read.(: These are awesome pics! I bet that is a great workout!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Lovely photos of your friends Kayaking, I would love to have joined them.
I am impressed that you can borrow library books for your Kindle.

Cheryl @ TFD said...

Kayaking looks like fun, if I had a little more strength in my arms for all that paddling! You got some terrific photos, Sandra! Also, hooray for getting books downloaded so quickly on your Kindle. You're way ahead of me! Maybe by this time next year I'll have figured it out. ha ha!

Betty Manousos said...

yay, i'm glad you like the kindle.
wonderful photos of your friends kayaking i love those bright, vivid colours.

now i want a kindle!

Mamabug said...

Enjoy that kindle Sandra! I love mine; it goes everywhere with me. Hubby's promised me a new kindle fire for my birthday! Can't wait!

Chatty Crone said...

I am so glad you got that Kindle - I know if anyone will love it it will be YOU!

Gosh those were brave women to kayak themselves - I think.

Love the photos.

And have fun reading.

Dee said...

That Kayaking looks like fun...as do your friends. I still like going to the library but think a kindle would be great for travel.

Crystal Mary said...

Beautiful photos, and what a lot of fun those kayak's. I can't swim so wouldn't try, but I admire anyone who does it.

Rose said...

Oh, I so love my kindle...need to think and mail you links to a couple places that lists free books...actually I get the newsletter every day so the first thing I do of the morn is check out what they list.

Somethings seem to remain free, and sometimes they are only free for a day. There is alot i am not interested in...but have downloaded a lot just to try sometime.