Friday, November 30, 2012

Misc... Yada Yada Yada

this is the time of the year that  sounds from my living room for the past week sound like This.

Not Fair.. off sides is off sides....

Unnecessary Roughness!  Bad Call.....

I don't watch football, at all! never ever... but I do HEAR it a LOT... my observational opinion of my Hubby when he is in the living room ALONE shouting these to the TV.... IS

HIS team never has unnecessary roughness, it is always the other team. Also his team never goes off sides, what ever that might be. The referees are always making calls AGAINST HIS Team... never wrong calls against the other team..

Also, I have noticed, the referee is GOOD if he makes the call for Bob's team and BAD if he makes a call for the team Bob  doesn't like. He tells them that to....loudly, alone, in the living room, talking to the TV

And how does he pick which team he loves? He has never been to Texas but has LOVED the Dallas Cowboys since I met him, he even wears a Cowboy shirt. So I asked him Why? No, he did not say Cheer Leaders..

He said when I started watching them, I liked Coach Landry, the way he coached. Same with the Florida Gators.

Both coaches are long gone, but the love is there... He is now and always will be a die hard Cowboy fan.

He can't stand the Tampa Bay Bucs, which is the team that is in our back yard.... go figure.

The other answer is he LOVES the quarterback, or USED to love the quarterback, now he doesn't like, the coach, or hates the QB.  It is ALL about the quarterback. Or the coach...

What it comes down to is he either LOVES the team or does not and nothing they do can change him.

He roots for the underdog if one of his favorite teams is not playing...


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Canine Christmas 2012 -Dawg Phonics

This beautiful young lady owns Dawg Phonics, K-9 Obedience Training. She has had this sweetie, I forget his name, for 3 years and he was a rescue. She said it took 7 months to train him and these are only 2 of his many tricks.

she gives him a signal and he jumps up on her back or into her arms from the front.

PS... I had the camera on the wrong setting, the cause of the blurring. phooey.... Rich TOLD me to use auto...

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gold Dollars Rant

We received a flyer in the mail stating Bob had won a prize, that could include a car or 25,000 dollars.

They come with a scratch off and a number and the odd thing is IT ALWAYS MATCHES and he ALWAYS wins. and he always gets a KEY to fit in a car. and all 4 were from different dealers.

Gold Dollars
I throw the flyers in the trash, when the 4th one came, Bob said lets take the key over their and see if it fits. we did and what we won was 3 gold dollars....

Of course the GOLD is fake and they are only worth a dollar.

He said "see we did win 3 dollars" and

She said
"yes we did, but we used 4 dollars of gas to get here"

1. do you receive these in the mail? do you retrieve the prize? DO YOU TRY THE KEY TO SEE IF THE CAR STARTS?

we did not get to try he key, because they knew we did not win, they just handed us the dollar and she was RUDE because we would not let her call a salesman. I said we came for the prize we don't need a car unless we win it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Canine Christmas 2012 -People

Lots of People = Lots of MONEY... enlarge the photo above to find Declan's American cousin. Deccy lives in the UK.

this lady drove the golf cart to and from the parking lots, don't you love the co-pilot?

 Cute Award.... I found the hay bales made for comfy seating and  So did a lot of un-suspecting people who had no idea the Hay Bale Paparazzi was LURKING.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Canine Christmas 2012 - Tooo Cute

Her owner had a booth selling HATS, of course... and cookies and  biscuits and sweaters galore.

Chloe and her bottles

Bella and sister Chloe, granddaughters to my friend Linda.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

view from our garage 

I got out of the car with camera in hand, and looked out past Bob at the front yard, lifted the Rebel and SNAP!

 Bob said "WHAT are you doing?"   I said "Don't you SEE the shadows?" Bob Said "Yes, But Why?"

All together now, say it.. you know the answer....

Because She Could...... 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

MadSnappers "Thanksgiving

It is thanksgiving 5:30 AM... we are eating out, no work to do. I place oatmeal in microwave and think YIKES this needs cleaning. We eat our oatmeal and I decide to clean the microwave, I open the microwave door, with Dawn Rag in hand, see the dirty glass table, remove camera with long lens attached  that lives on table for Madly Snapping anything that happens, placing said  camera in chair.

I wipe the table with aforementioned damp cloth, turn to get dry cloth to dry it, see the microwave door standing open, pull rolling chair over to sit in since, our microwave lives in the place where normal people keep a dishwasher.

I sit in chair ON the camera, leap stagger back up and burst out laughing as I see the damp table waiting for the drying cloth.

I meander into the living room because though I can see Bob plainly sitting hearing distance away, he has local news BLASTING on 58 decibels (I am comfy at 28) and he can't hear my story. I relate the above mentioned story and go back to kitchen where damp has dried on table and has to be re-wiped and dried, microwave door is still open, not cleaned.

 I did get the table polished, the microwave cleaned and decided to clean  the five miles of counter top I have now that it is just Bob and ME. (when I had kids at home, my counter top was 3 sq feet)
We did have a happy ending, we did eat out, the kitchen was sparkling all day long....although this morning, I noticed it was dirty again and we ATE OUT! so what is up with that? Where does the dirt come from?
The End

Friday, November 23, 2012

K-9 Christmas -Looking Down

Are you ready boots?
Start walking

These boots are made for walking
And that’s just what they’ll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you   (if you are singing these words, you MAY be Old) Who sang These boots are made for walking?

These Boots were made for Walkin  recorded by Nancy Sinatra and released Feb 22, 1966 and reached # 1 on the US and UK pop charts that year.

Above and below Florida BOOTS..... In November no less....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give Thanks To The Lord

Give thanks to the Lord for He is great. 
Psalm 101:7
Microsoft image

My grateful list is long, but number one on the list is 28 years with my husband Bob
Microsoft image

each year we are together we become more alike....Example: we are losing our minds together...

Microsoft image

this morning I placed my bagel half in the oven, left the door open,  stepped to the bread cabinet, opened it to get half a slice of wheat bread to toast for the dogs, saw the 4 bacon bits left, thought give them that while I eat my bagel. 
Decided while waiting for toaster oven to give them their pills, and take mine. I am doling out pills and washing dishes while waiting for the BEEP your bagel is occurs to me it has been a long time, I turn around and the door is still open....DUH

I tell bob this story, he says Listen to what I did this morning.
Microsoft image

Bob  says :
I decided to put cheese on my egg sandwich. I lay the cheese on the counter and fried my egg, made the sandwich, sat down at the bar to eat, took a big bite and thought, umm cheese is good on eggs and realized I was looking across the kitchen at the cheese on the counter...
Have a wonderful day tomorrow and if you are not in USA, you can still be thankful... Being Grateful is UNIVERSAL

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

K-9 Christmas - Just Dogs

The dog in the vest is deaf and blind, he was having a ball, walking with his Mom and brother...

A lot of sniiffin goin on

A lot of laughing

A lot of yawnin goin on

In this corner, weighing in at 110
 Above is one of three of these dogs. They are therapy dogs and go to hospitals and nursing homes. they are a BIG hit with the patients because they can lay their head on a bed or in a lap and be petted.