Saturday, August 31, 2013

Just Sayin, I Was Just Playin...

I had been shooting UP in the tree at the blooming cactus, had the mono-pod on the camera, leaned it in the ferns and took a couple of shots...Just Playin

UPDATE: thanks Catherine, NO I was not UP in the tree shooting, I was aiming the camera UP in the tree at the night blooming cactus...

Jake came to see what I was doing and CLICK HERE TO SEE the rest of the story.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Night Blooming Cactus in Stages

top right square is Wed at 3 PM I counted the buds that looked like they would bloom that night, took a photo at 3 pm, again at 8 and it was just about to pop... since we go to bed so early, I got the bloom at 7 am on Thursday.

Above 3 buds about to POP in the evening and 3 AFTER the POP... We had 48 blooms today, and 2 days before 20... they just amaze me so much I have to show them over and over. these are my first photos of them about to bloom

 Shooting straight up over my head is hard.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Red Barn Flea Market Murals

The Red Barn Flea market wall is about 25 feet high... they painted this beautiful mural on the wall. I had my pocket Nikon only, but it did an OK job.

the entrance to the tool shop hubby loves... that chain is painted on the wall and glass door, doesn't it look like it is hanging down?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Inside the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum

I love old oil lamps and lanterns and the museum has many. Do you have antique oil lamps? I have 5 of them, but no lanterns like these.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Platycerium Hissie

Our 100 pound Pltycerium AKA stag-horn fern (some call it elk-horn) fell to the ground with the limb it was hanging on. The plant was fine, but it caused me to stage a major hissy fit. See below definition of Hissy

In the interest of keeping this post to a minimm, I will state the Major Happenings... you fill in the rest of the story.

Think.... 77 year old husband.....extension ladder, (yes, the one with the passion plant on it) forget that part..

Now Think....ladder on limb....fat old me holding it.... hubbies feet on the rung HIGHER than my head...

Next think.... 25 pound come-along

 ...Hubby yells hand it UP to me, (HOW if I am holding the ladder). I let go the ladder....mightily lift it up while waiting for the ladder to crash.

He comes down the ladder, and says "I will lift the plant chain to you and you hook it in the com-a-long. Be ready, I can only hold it for a second....Well, of course he can't, it weighs 100 pounds and is as big as VW bug and by now I am in a hissy of a fear fit and hyperventilating.

the plant is hooked, the man goes back up the ladder to ratchet the thing up where it goes, it feels  like 4 hours until it is there since my hands and arms are throbbing from clutching the ladder so tight.

Guess what happened next.... The Come-along was Stuck, it would not UN ratchet, it would not let go of the chain, it would not come down and THE MAN was now on the rung 2 feet above my head stabbing the wires with  a LONG SHARP SCREW DRIVER... another 4 hours passed, stag-horn was HUNG and I was nearly passed out from adrenaline from the hissy fit.

LET ME MENTION HERE.... the neighbors KITTEN decides to come and wind around my feet, leap up and tap the plant fronds, try to climb the ladder, chase a lizard and now i have to worry if it will run 3 feet into traffic...OR the 100 pound plant will crush it and it will not be all the way dead... see where my mind was going?  Did I mention the scenario where the ladder falls with the plant and the man on me, we are both laying on the side of the street waiting for a passing car to call 911?

IF YOU ARE NOT WORN OUT from reading and want to see other post on STAGHORN click here

Monday, August 26, 2013

Yes, Ducks Can Dance

Photos from my archives.. Yes Ducks can Dance..

Click on the dancing birds to see all the beauty
Did you know ducks can dance? Floating in the water, they are pretty, but when they dance across the water they are magnificent.

Moorhen, I think. Am I right TexWisGirl?

Diving lessons anyone?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Epiphytic ball moss

Photos of our backyard power lines with Epiphytic Ball Moss Air Plant to us Floridians.  Click Here to read up on Air Plants in Florida, many different types. Or simply follow the Google Brick Road and find your own.

If you are not barefoot you are over dressed.... (this fits Bob and me to a TEE)

If a man speaks his mind in a forest and a a woman doesn't hear him, is he still wrong?

I'd fight a bear for you! not a grizzly though, not a Brown Bear, or a Panda. But maybe a Care Bear. I would fight one of those for you.

amazing girl on this horse...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friday Fence continued...

Part of our Fence. While Madly Snapping the Saw, Fence and passion fine, I found I could not Stop Snapping.... I KNOW you can't believe that.

Behind and above the fence

 Papaya tree in the plant hospital in front of the fence.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Fence Plus

I stepped into the plant hospital, also known as Bob's Junk Hole, and spied the Passion plant growing with a passion on the pole saw....

the saw leans on the ladder, the ladder leans on the fence, the raw wood is leaning on the ladder that leans on the fence and is to repair holes in said fence. 

enlarge photos if you care enough to figure out what does what.

One thing led to another and I ended up with a ton of fence photos... enough for today and tomorrow's Friday fence.

I decided to share my daily dose of OMG Criminals that our local news patch does. Yes, these are local and TRUE stories that happened last week.

A man robbed the bank on March 5th, arrested on the same day, out on bond on March 19th, robbed the same bank, same teller and she recognized him.. arrested and in jail without bond.

A man goes to the ATM, his card says negative balance, he walks across the lot to the bank, enters and hands the teller a note to hand over 1000.00. Police found the whole episode on the 3 video cameras, plus his name and address from the ATM card transaction....

A man staying in a hotel was drinking in the downstairs lounge. He spoke with three young women in shorts and invited them to his room. When they knocked on the door, he opened it and the 3 attacked him, shoving him down on the bed, removing his pants and running out the door with pants and wallet and phone.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fish Tail Tale part 2

 I asked Bob to reach up and pick this one for me, he did and ended up covered in a shower of yellow pollen, his hair was yellow with it... Anything to keep MadSnapper happy..

MadSnapper pondering:

Why do bath rugs move from their designated spot when we walk on them, turn all si-godling,  but when I try to move it with my foot to straighten it, it appears to be glued in place

Grocery items in the same cabinet, stored in the same spot, are now out of my reach. As little as 2 years ago, I could reach them, now I must find the grabber thingy or yell loudly for hubby who can no longer hear me…who knows what I will do when Bob can no longer reach said shelf...

and how will I get the pod thingy picked from way up in the tree? 

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