Monday, September 30, 2013

Bad Day at the Not OK Corral

At Precisely 2:59 AM Saturday, the dratted little Squirrels dropped a 3 pound avocado on the roof. It sounded like a bomb went off.... The photo above is the ONLY ONE that has survived the scamper rats, it weighs 2 pounds, so imagine another pound bigger and dropped from 20 feet on the roof.

At 5 AM we swept, vacuumed, mopped the floors and I drove off to my 6:30 AM visit to Wal-Mart for the weekly supplies.

 BAM! another Bomb. this time a Apricot Preserve Glass Bomb hits the kitchen floor and this time there is broken glass saturated with preserves ALL OVER THE CLEAN FLOOR...

How does glass fly 12 feet in all directions?. Why didn't the preserves glue the glass together in one blob?

Add two dogs to the mix that want to eat the sticky glass. I have to find shoes, for me not the dogs and put them in the back yard, run out front to warn bob who is cutting grass, that they are in the yard because he sometimes leaves the gates open.

THEN I had to wash the dustpan to get the sticky glass off it...also I JUST KNOW I will have missed a sliver and it will end up in my foot and Bob will yell at me when I whine while he picks it out.

 Bob says: did you get the test chemicals for the pool? YES, and they cost 4.97 and last year they were 2.97 she rants as she hunts for it.

I pull it out and OH NO! OH NO!

SOME IDIOT took the yellow bottle OUT and placed two red bottles in the package in order to get 2 yellow bottles for themselves.... YELLOW is what we needed, it tests the chlorine...

Now I have to stand in line at customer service to  exchange it and the crowds that I missed by going at 6:30 AM are all there standing in line in front of me. BOO HOO... BOO HOO

I KNOW some of you are thinking who was the idiot who did not look at the box to see if there was a red and a yellow in it....  GO AHEAD, THINK IT, but please don't say it!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ferns Etc Etc...

Some people, in order to discover God, read books.  But there is a great book:
 the very appearance of created things.

Look above you!   Look below you! Read it...

 God, whom you want to discover, never wrote that book with ink.

instead, He set before your eyes the things that He had made.

Can you ask for a louder voice than that?   
 St Augustine quote

Check out the Blow Fly Angel on top of the dwarf poinciana, can you see his red eyes? Or maybe he is a toe dancer fly.........

I wish my mother could have seen these ferns... on the 22nd of Sept she would have been 88 years old, she died at 63... I found the song If I could hear my mother pray again and here it is in my kind of music.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Nickernuts (Caesalpinia)..

See all these pretty little prickly pod Thingy's. I have no idea what they are. the woods are full of these.

UPDATE: I found what they are... Nickernut plant (Caesalpinia)

All I can tell you is, if Brer Rabbit saw these bushes when he was fighting the tar baby he would say

"Oh, Please Brer Fox, whatever you do, please don't throw me in that Prickly Pod Thingy Patch"

If you have no clue what I am talking about go read

This photo is really neat, click on it to see HOW neat it is

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Fences- MadSnapper back yard

There is a secret in the above photo...can you find it

While admiring the flowers and pods I realized the fence was pretty to.. well, it is to the MadSnapper

I call these God's decorations for our fence.

The secret in the first photo is I met Lena on the post and Leo on the rail...two lizards that had no name.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Historical Village - Arbor

this beautiful arbor leads no where, there used to be a fence on either side, but it was torn down. I for one am glad they left it there.

In checking out history for this Historical Park I stumbled on the list of hurricanes from 1860. 

If you are interested in that CLICK HERE... It seems Sept/Oct was the busy season back then to.

Above is the three photos below merged into a collage in PicMonkey... Just Because...

Below is the population for Florida in 1860... the yellow is the part of Florida I live in, the red dot is MadSnapper territory. there were only 2 people per square mile, now we have 200,000 per square mile..

Our county in 2010 was 434 people per sq mile.. NO wonder the traffic is so  bad...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Horse by any other name


In 2008, my friend Diane and I were headed for Rye Wilderness Park and spied two horses out in a pasture. We climbed down through a ditch to get to the fence, for better photos. They both came running to the fence and you know the rest of the story.....

I AM the MADSnapper and I love all animals......if it has four legs I LOVE IT...


is that a SMIRK?   don't ask me how I know which was a stallion and which was a mare.... yes, that is a smirk..

the more people I meet, the more I love animals.....

Kisses anyone???

Check out the chinny chin hairs on the chin..... and let me challenge all of you snappers out there to look through your archives. I did not even remember I took these until I found them.
I LOVE COWBOYS... I found a favorite on  THE DUSTY CELLAR.  cowboy, not horse, favorite I mean. LOL

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Unicorn Val

Way back in 2007, I took a photo of a beautiful white horse named Val... I also took a cloud pic in my back yard and merged Val onto a set of steps I took in Ormond Beach. Val the Unicorn was created. This was before Photo Shop and before PicMonkey. I used Microsoft Digital Image 9 then.

 Below is Val's family, all taken in 07

A horse named Riddle, can you guess WHY?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunrise in Florida

Sunrise over Palmetto, Florida on Manatee River
Click on photo to enlarge

I LOVE FLORIDA... and Sunshine is the reason... I feel depressed in gloomy days and rainy days. And here we have sunshine almost every day of the year. We get our autumn color from the rising sun, but you have to be up to see it.

The photo below is one I took of a sunrise. I decided to change it..
I added layers and a map of the United States to the photo below in Photo Shop... JUST Because

 And I saw this site The Photo Argas  abstract photography and  now you know what I will be focused on for a while. I can't tell you how much I love these abstracts...

Above photo taken of Neon Lights on Checkers Burgers in early AM....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

God's Art in a Parking Lot

I found God's Art in the parking lot at my friends condo. Next to my car  there were several  planters with all this beauty.... no edits needed in these beautiful red flowers.

If you are a member of Google Plus, would you pop over to Grandma C's Place and comment that MadSnapper can't comment because of Google plus settings...

 I can't comment on your blog, if your setting is set for Google plus only

and this is the way we sang this song in my Dad's Baptist Churches.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Historical Village - Court House Interior

Order in the Court Vintage 1860 Courthouse Manatee Historical Village

*  33 states in 1860...James Buchanan was president with Abraham Lincoln voted in Nov. 6 of 1860.
Territories were - Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Utah, Washington, Indian and Unorganized Dakota

* April 3, 1860 Pony Express leaves Sacramento, CA for St. Joseph, Missouri

Hard chairs, hard benches, hard justice...and a really HOT court room, with NO AC...

No computers on this desk, Just ink and a quill....

A comment yesterday noticed the windows are bigger than the doors. In Florida before Air Conditioning, the windows went all the way to the floor in order to open the whole house to let out the heat and in the breezes.....