Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Rant

As I stepped out of  Kia Baby early AM Saturday for my weekly speed shop in Wal-Mart I thought YOWSA! What is That?

Sitting beside the door of Wal-Mart , was this Mobile Police Station the likes of which I have never seen before.

I snapped 3 quick shots,  and I heard a giggle and a young girl sitting up against the wall in the corner, said "I wondered where the flashes were coming from."

 I said "I know WHAT this is but WHY is it here".... She Said.....


UPDATE at 10 AM on Friday to this post... 22 million shoppers went to 4100 Walmart stores on Thanksgiving Day.
The fact we need a mobile police station at Wal-Mart is a scary thing to me.
and this is why it is there.

Talk about BLACK MOMENTS... our news is telling us that there are 40,000 homeless in our county.... they are struggling to feed them and to set up shelters for the cold that hit us on Thanksgiving Day...

But HEY... you will be glad to know the Elephants from the Circus at the state fair had a big Thanksgiving Meal...and Americans PAID to watch them eat it..

Our country is is Black Mode and it has nothing to do with Friday... Greed is rampant and people can't stay home and enjoy Thanksgiving because they are camped on sidewalks in tents waiting for SALES... it is all about expensive things, forget the love of others.

And be sure to miss part of the day we give thanks for what we HAVE to go out and buy MORE.

Please take me back to the fifties again, when a new pair of shoes and a cheap doll was all I got and thought it was a treasure.

I took a name from the Christmas Tree at the YMCA for a 16 year old. Her Christmas list was a shirt and pants and a Spanish/English dictionary. I searched Wal-Mart high and low for the dictionary, they only have it ONLINE because NO ONE USES THEM ANYMORE... they USE Computers... that is what I was told.
I said not everyone in America has a computer. And she said most people do now-days... BAH HUMBUG Wal-Mart. I drove to Books-A Million and bought one.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the USA and to all my blogger friends, I say I am thankful for you and your friendship....and remember Laughter is good for the soul...

Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize?
(Because he was out standing in his field!)

What is a scarecrow's favorite fruit?

What should you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?
(A har-vest!)

If the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for?
(Their age!)

Words to remember...
As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.... John Fitzgerald Kennedy
and from MadSnapper Via PiZap

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

EEK! Geek Position Open...Part 2

Yesterdays Post was on my adventure with my HOW To Manual for our Kia Sorrento...if you missed it, you might want to read it first. CLICK HERE...

The Warnings in the book are bright yellow and it must also stand for Brain Dead if you go by the 3 below.

Warning! Pay close attention when the vehicle is driven close to objects on the road, particular pedestrians, especially children.

Warning! Your ABS(anti lock system) Brakes are not a substitute for good driving judgment. You can still have an accident. Avoid dangerous driving or driving to close to other vehicles

Warning! the vehicle doors should be fully closed when in motion. Be careful when opening doors, watch for other vehicles, pedestrians, bikes and motor cycles.

First is says DO NOT put your face or arms out side the roof WHEN DRIVING. 2nd it says Make sure face and arms are out of the way BEFORE YOU CLOSE the Sunroof... brahhhahhaha

Do we need an addendum to the Don't drive and text or talk on cell phone law??

What Ever Happened to Common Sense..and this foot note just slays me...

 *NOTE: The speed at which you advance up or down the frequency range depends on HOW FAST YOU TURN THE KNOB...

Monday, November 25, 2013

EEK! Geek Position Open...

Above is photo of the dashboard in my Kia Sorrento. When I sat in the drivers seat, I decided I needed a pilot to fly the thing home. Lucky thing it was still daylight and I needed no headlights or dome lights before I had time to read "QUICK GUIDE" that you see below....

First page, line one says Your Vehicle At A Glance!

HA! is what I said when I turned the pages. QUICK you say? I need a person who speaks reads GEEK,

Headlights...Check! 7 Interior Lights..Check ! OOPS! not a light, that one tilts the sunroof, now how the heck do I un- tilt it, OOPS, that one made the roof slide.
I open the door to go in the house and get the OTHER book, since this one is no help...
No, wait, why is the over the rear hatch light  still on when I shut the door...OOPS! seems it is on a 60 second delay and I kept opening the door and starting another 60 seconds... do you realize how long 60 seconds is?

I grab the BIG Book, YEP! it is written in Geek Speak also.  I take the book, the keys and get back in the drivers seat determined to figure out how to use the Radio, the AC... just 2 things before night fall.. HA!

There is no radio in the index, no stereo, no sound system... AHA! they hid it under Audio..

I started the car and it was taking so long to figure out the AUDIO system, I had to turn it off or suffer Carbon monoxide poisoning since I was in the garage.

I Open the window. YES... one thing I can do. and say to Bob... Will it hurt the battery if I just work on this with the key on but not running?
He says! that depends on how many hours you are going to be in there....

See below Collage, this book is so hard to read they have 2 pages under How To Use This Manual... see first top square. I am not lying.

there is a section on how to use the gear shift.... kid you not. See the bottom right square? I had to print the radio stations because we had 12 of them programmed in the other car and neither of us could remember the numbers. DON"T FRET.. they are all programed. FM1 is ME all talk shows.. FM2 is all country music and one rock..

See this book with all the yellow squares? well the book has warnings, cautions and notices all through the book 
To Be Continued...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Carrot Fries and Cheese Toast

Healthy Carrot Fries
Since I just KNOW you are all jealous over the Toad Post, I decided to do a  boring one to make you feel better.

I put the carrots in a plastic container, drizzled olive oil and sprinkled garlic salt on them, shook it, broiled it in the toaster oven. I am told sweet potatoes taste good this way to.

the dogs love them to, they also like green beans cooked this way.

A friend gave us a very large loaf of Panera Bread..

I said "have you ever had cinnamon toast? "

Bob says "Cinnamon What? "

I say, "you know, bread, butter, cinnamon and sugar. Cinnamon toast..."
I could not believe he had never had that as a child.

GUESS WHAT? I made the toast for him and FORGOT THE CINNAMON.. we ate it anyway and the next day we had it WITH cinnamon.

NOTE: I am the same person who put the onion in the meat drawer, not the crisper drawer and found my tiny scissors in the eyeglasses case...

YES... I do know the cinnamon toast is not healthy, but we did eat carrot fries the day before.

Rye Thin sliced bread, 2 slices same calories as 1 slice of regular bread, grate the cheese instead of slice, spreads the calories of one slice to two pieces of bread.

Calories for 2 slices of cheese toast is 170 total... for some reason it feels like MORE when I have two slices to eat.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Shades of gray

Each morning I wake up with a song in the loop in my head. Today I woke up  with this song we used to sing in church so many years ago on the loop in my head. I have hummed and whistled all morning so decided to share it with you. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Frogs and the Princess Snapper

Once upon a time the Princess MadSnapper got in the pool at 4 AM and saw a tiny Cricket toad swim past. He was struggling because the water was very cold and the chlorine made it hard to breathe. He looked just like this one on the Prince Hubby's finger. The princess knew she had to save him because she has done this many times....

Cricket Toad and this is as big as they get.
The princess lifted the tiny toad out, and then she saw another one, and another one and then... and then....... she heard HELP ME and felt 4 tiny legs climbing up her tummy, holding on for dear life.

As she lifted the fourth one out she shouted to the Prince..

LOOK! there were FOUR to save... and the Prince went in the house and left the Princess in the pool...after all it was 4 AM....Since there were four, the princess got the
and searched the edge of the pool and there she found EIGHT MORE TINY TOADS... OH...OH... she shrieked I saved TWELVE TOADS from a watery death.
Lucky for the Cricket Toads Jake the Monster Hunter had gone into the house with the Prince....
When the Princess went back to bed with coffee for the Prince and herself, the Prince said... I can remember a time when you would not pick up a toad. The Princess said.... but these are soooooo CUTE...
The 12 frogs, the 2 dogs and the Prince and Princess lived Happily Ever After.

If you love frogs and would cared to see the Prince with a toad Click HERE

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Canine Christmas 2013 Part 2

2013 Festival Fund raiser is my 5th. 2009 through 2013 are in my labels if you need a dog fix.

My friend Renee is part of an exchange program for Chinese Children. She is a Kindergarten teacher and has 2 small, adorable Chinese boys, age 4 and 6 living with her for a month. While they are with her they are not allowed to speak their language but must speak in English only.

Each night she bathes them in the bathtub, which is a new adventure for them. Clyde the 60 pound dog, is also a new adventure, they have never had a dog. Clyde watches the bath process and every night the boys say.. You bathe dog in tub. Renee explains, dogs get baths in the yard, not the tub. Only boys.

One morning she was in the bedroom and heard loud laughter and giggles coming from the kitchen. She found the two boys giving a bath to the dog in the middle of the kitchen tile by using their apple juice.... the boys, the tile and poor Clyde needed a for real bath.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Hibiscus

and a BIG THANK YOU to my Blogger Friend Forever...Ann at SnapEditScrap

I commented how much I liked her hanging tea towel and that I use them on my stove and what to my wondering eyes did appear?

Good Guess but it wasn't 8 tiny reindeer....NOPE: it was THIS.. no one but TWO hanging tea towels and a beautiful hand made card. Thank you, Ann and Duke..

Monday, November 18, 2013

Canine Christmas 2013

Saturday morning I drove the new Kia to the Canine Christmas Festival 2013. Kia baby had to park in grass and dirt.. oh nooooo

MadSnapper was madly snapping this beauty named Mika. She was so beautiful, I showed the photo to her mom. She said, Can I buy a copy? I said No, but if you give me your email, I will send you all the photos of her. The daddy handed me a Five, I said, no charge, my Friend Rich said, take it and donate to one of the rescues. I took the Five. they loved the 7 photos I sent them.

My friend Rich loves Husky's, these are for you Rich.

This little sweetie above was so sweet, and the muzzle is for training him to walk. I heard HI, how is Jakers (her pet name for Jake) and there at the end of his leash was the Vet Assistant that takes care of our pups.. She said her 6 year old daughter is training this pup.

If Jake would allow another dog in the house, the beauty above that says adopt me would now be on our sofa.. He loved babies, kids, small and large dogs and walked like a dream on the leash. he is at the County Animal Control and his time is almost up...

I found the Beagle rescue and this pup named Skipper captured my heart.. he needs a home to... the Five dollars went in the Beagle Rescue Jar.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sweet Salesman and the MadSnapper

 On yesterdays post,  Goldilocks and the 27 Cars... I told you we drove in the Hyundai lot and out popped a sweet young salesman

 SWEET Salesman: Kia only has 35,000 miles on it and the rest of 100,000 mile warranty..LIE #1 blah blah blah... Kia is a great car...blah blah blah.. The Price? lets go inside and talk about that. blah blah blah.

Let me have your keys and the sales manager will look at your car then we can give you the's not the price of the car, it's the OUT THE DOOR price we want... (we heard this at several places)

NOTE: our Dog Jake is home in his crate and has been for 3 hours. Bob is having a fit, face is starting to get red, he wants to go home.

Sweet guy notices the steam coming out of Hubby's ears, and the rocking in his chair... and says here is the price of the Kia, we will give you 2,000 for your Vue, and the cost IS.... I say I told you what I would pay OUT THE DOOR, Cash...
He goes to the sales manager comes back and says sign here, we can do that. this will take about 45 minutes. Bob stands up and says we have to go.

Sweet guy says...Sign this and go home and come back at 2. I will have the papers ready for you to sign,LIE #2 take about half hour LIE #3. I ask if Bob has to come back. No, you can do it by yourself...LIE #4

2 PM I walk in and he says have a seat, be just a few minutes, you have to see the finance manager.. ONE HOUR LATER I am seated in front of the manager and his computer. I hand him the check and he says OH, you filled it out already. (remember this)

Where is your husband? If you want his name on the title he has to be here...I say Bruce said he did not...

He says, that's OK we will just put it in your name only and in a month you can go to the DMV and have his name added... I say that will not happen, he argues. I say Just let me sign the papers, I will get him to sign them, because I left the title to the Vue home...
ONE HOUR LATER...25 signatures on umpteen papers..that he had to type into a computer (remember it was to be done and ready to sign)

HE says.... one more thing and we are done... this is the warranty, the car comes with 90 days as is... WHAT? I say... Bruce said it had the rest of 100,000 mile warranty..

He says.. it is ONLY 1800 for 3 years bumper to bumper... I am standing by now, mad as a wet hen... he says well you can get a year for 1200.00.

I say I am NOT paying one more penny than what is written on the check. He says will you pay 400 for a year? well how about 200 for a year...

I stand, hold out my hand and say

"Give me the check and my keys and I am going home to sleep on this. I have to think about if I want to buy it as is or not at all...

An amazing thing happened... he goes out and comes back and says the Manager will reduce the price of the car to cover one year of warranty, and your out the door price remains the same... DONE!

Sweet Guy lied: about the price out the door, about the warranty, about the come back alone, about the 45 minutes. I got there at 2 and drove the Kia in the garage at 4:45.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Goldilocks and the 27 cars

Goldilocks Madsnapper and the 27 cars

Once Upon a Time, MadSnapper and her Hubby Bob hit the road to find  the perfect truck. MadSnapper likes to drive a truck, it has to fit just right. Hip Height, seat height, see out the rear window height, see when looking over her shoulder heights. It has to be a Perfect Fit to her body style. See Below body type.

First car lot, MS sat in a Honda CRV.. feels great, fits right, UGLY inside and OUT.
MS sat in Nissan Altima.. UGG it is like sitting in a hole, and I can't get OUT.

Next Stop.... we find a lot where no one appears to SELL..PLUS every door on every car is OPEN.

MadSnapper sat in 21 cars, She sat and said To low, She sat and said can't see out, she sat and said NOPE, sat and NOPE 21 times. NADA that fit the above body style. But at least she knew what NOT to look for...

Next Lot she sat in a raggedy 2002 Kia Sorrento... LOVED it fit just right. but old and ragged out.
and thus the story goes through 4 days, 9 car dealers  and 26 cars.

MadSnapper Whines I am going HOME.. just forget this. I am exhausted.
Hubby said the only dealer left is Hyundai, stop there.

Out pops a sweet young man and I tell him price/year range and  my
body type fit the car thingy and he says I have two that fit that description.

MS sat in the 2010 Hyundai Sonata, leather seats, amazing truck and said this is good.. Let me sit in the other one.

MS sits in the 2007 Kia Sorrento, no leather seats, 3 years older and says....

I want to drive it. (note: the only one I drove)

Sweet guy gets in back seat, Bob in passenger, I go around the block and kick it a LITTLE... (later Bob said Sweet Guy was holding on to the door)

I pull in and say this is it... It fits me like a glove. I LOVE IT! I want it. We went inside with Sweet Guy the Sales Person...

We found the Kia at 10 AM and I drove the truck into the garage at 4:45. Bob went out to play with the Kia,

Jake came to meet me
and threw up at my feet a MOUSE!. a WHOLE MOUSE!.

How can a dog swallow a whole mouse? why would he swallow a whole mouse? When did he find it? Where did he find it?

the not so perfect end to a not so perfect day...
The Rest of The Story to be continued with Sweet Guy and the MadSnapper, 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Meet My New Truck

 don't you just love my new Jeep?    NOT.. my mind would love this, my body would not and neither would our purse for paying for the gas it burns.

We traded my Saturn Vue for a Kia Sorrento.... 3 days...9 car lots..and I sat in over 30 cars and trucks before we found the perfect FIT for me

the last view of my Vue sitting by the Kia at the dealer
they are a lot alike but the Kia is so quiet and fast and smooth. I accidentally did a little EEEH EEEH when I kicked the new Kia to get across a busy street.
The story is a crazy one and has a not so perfect end to a not so perfect day.
UPDATE: the Kia is fine, I am to...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time Off for MadSnapper

I love my Saturn Vue, it is a 2003 and only has 65,000 miles on it. Looks like new and in perfect condition but for one thing.
it needs a 4800.00 transmission.
It is so easy to drive and fits me and has this wonder contraption to hold shopping items.
I am taking time off to mourn the fact we have to either fix or buy and I can't make up my mind... See you when I see you
PS, I sat in 21 cars today and did not like any of them..