Monday, December 22, 2014

Baby is very sick

As I stepped out of my car at Salem's last week, I took this photo...Just Because!

I also took it for a visit to PicMonkey...Just Because.. SHOCKER
12:40 am UPDATE: Baby is sick again and pooping blood. going to the vet. comments off until further notice.

I had a horrible 24 hours yesterday from Friday night until last night. Baby was so sick and my friend Rich is in hospital with collapsed lower lobes of both lungs. I did not get to visit him because of Baby. Please pray for Rich.
 we thought Baby might be dying yesterday. she was so sick, pooping and throwing up from 5 pm Friday night all through the night and until 5 yesterday. she wanted to be outside and did not want to be in the house or to be bothers. it was horrible.. she would dig a hole and throw up in it and move on and dig one to lay in... I called the vet and he said to let her take care of herself and get it out of her system and if she was still sick today to bring her in for a shot.

Baby Girl age 13 years 8 months
Baby is better this am, at 5 last night after 5 hours in the yard, she would not come in the house and I put her leash on and walked her to the closet that she hides in when it thunders. at 6 she came walking into the living room and stood there swaying like she was going to fall. would not lay down or walk. we just ignored her, she staggered over to the water bowl and drank half the bowl, staggered back to the middle of the living room floor and laid down, she would not lay on her side so I put her pillow there and she collapsed on it and did not move and stayed there all night. she would not get in her bed or on the sofa.. I put pillows behind and in front and her blanket and laid her head down . she woke me up with a yelp at 11 pm and at 2 am but slept all night right in the middle of the floor.
at 4 when Jake went out, I made her go out and she peed a long time, came in and got in the chair that is her night time place to sleep in our bedroom and has not moved since. it is almost after  7 now... no throw up no diarrhea since about 4 yesterday... she is so weak she has a hard time walking... we are just letting her sleep until she gets up. bob is eating sausage and eggs and the smell always has her sitting under his chair, she is not there.. and at 8 AM today she is still sleeping. 

But she is on the mend... and I am so thankful we had a summer day yesterday so she could revert to what wolves do when they are sick. today it is raining all day... perfect timing