Saturday, April 9, 2016

Funny story from 2012 archives

Sunshine on the bed in below story

Bob never makes the bed, I mean never. I came home way back in 2012
 and he said come look in the bedroom. 
You made the bed, Wow..Thanks she said

 He pointed at the ceiling fan that used to have FIVE blades and now had FOUR?

How did you do that? she said
The tale is.... He was in the garage and the dryer cut off and he decided to put the sheets back on the bed. We will never know why because it is the one and only time he ever did that.
The fan was on, he flapped the blanket  HARD and then when he went to smooth it out, he could not get the lump out of the middle of the bed, he took the blanket off and there laid the fan blade, he did not even know the blanket snatched it off. 
The fan was still turning with one blade missing.

We laughed until we cried…. and still do every time we think or talk about it.... still to this day, that fan has 4 gold sockets and one white socket, the blades match but the sockets do not. He found a blade  on the trash pile at a neighbors house.... Yes, I know, we should have put ours on the trash pile and bought another.
I DID NOT take a photo because I don't want you to see the dust
        But  I found one online and took it for a visit to PicMonkey Just So You can SEE what it looks like now. Minus the Dust Bunnies.

I just showed the post to Bob and I said, those fans are 27 years old, and his comment was..
and we are 27 years Older to..


Mildred said...

Oh how funny! John does such a terrible job making the bed that I don't want him doing it!!! lol

Laughing about your ceiling fan.....Our late cat Ditto was a real jumper. When he was young, he jumped from the TOP of the china cabinet to the chandelier over the dining table in the middle of the night. His weight pulled the nails out of the sheetrock and when we heard the noise and got in there, only the wires were holding up the light fixture!!!!!

Ann said...

It's kind of surprising that the fan didn't grab a hold of the sheet and yank it away from him. I'm assuming it must have been on low. That is a funny story and I guess it's probably for the best that Bob doesn't make the bed any
That fan is just like the one in my living room except all the sockets on mine are gold

Ann said...

oh wait, it's not the living room, it's my computer craft room. I just looked up and there it is

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, Bob is lucky the blade did not hit him when it came off the fan. I think I have the same fan as you do.

I like the shot of the sunlight and shadows on the bed.
Have a happy weekend!

SweetMarie said...

Hi Sandra! I've missed you and your blog dearly! We have the same fan except it has four lights. I'm looking at it right now. :) Years ago back Kyle's balloon made a blade fall of our ceiling fan. :)
Happy Saturday!

SweetMarie said...

BTW...I just read this to Craig and we both enjoyed a good morning laugh! :) thank you!!

Gail said...

Funny!! Now he has a valid excuse Bob may never make a bed again.

Madi and Mom said...

Ohhhhhhhhh another sheet story...I tell you the linens are hazardous to our health and the well being of the house.
Too funny that is one thing I have never done when changing sheets so far...but now that I say it consider it done
Hugs and happy Saturday

Rose said...

This is too funny....I think it is funny he did it and did not even realize it.

crafty cat corner said...

Just as well he doesn't make the bed. When Tom does it I always have to remake. lol

Mevely317 said...

This is funny, Sandra!

For years (and years) my DH wouldn't make the bed. I don't think his was a conscious thing ... it just didn't occur to him. Conversely, I'm NOT the Martha Stewart type, but the sight of an unmade bed - particularly at the end of my workday - drives me NUTS.
Last year I asked him if he realized just what it meant to me. And you know what? He's begun making it more days than not. (I just have to remember to keep saying, 'thank you,')

Denise inVA said...

Now that made me laugh. Your fan looks identical to the one we have had for 26 years, minus the lights. Do love that red bedspread.

Ruth Hiebert said...

The moral of the story is--- Don't let Bob make the bed.

Linda said...

That made me laugh and it also made me think of Louis Dean! Sounds like something he would do!
I try to keep him from doing the laudry as much as I can! Things disappear when he does it! Once he washed all our bed linens and remade the bed - minus the big white comforter! He couldn't find it so he made it up without it! When I got home, I couldn't find it either! It was the next day before I saw it hanging on top of the picnic table umbrella where he had draped it to dry in the sun! Yesterday, he changed out the laundry for me and then polder and put it all up! I could not find the green pillowcase I had washed! I needed it to put it on a pillow in the guest room. I finally found it in his music room! Men make more work for us when they try to help!

Ida said...

That was quite the funny story.

photowannabe said...

Believe it or not, my hubby makes the bed every day. Its such a help, especially when changing the sheets. The bed is very tall and is a Cal King. Saves me many trips around the bed.
Love the funny story, I'm afraid my sheets could get caught in our fan too.

Such First World Problems!!

Montanagirl said...

Funny story - you are so good at sharing humor with us!

Inger said...

That's sooo funny!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is one crazy story. I guess it is safer when he doesn't do the bed!!!

rebecca haegele said...

Lol. I have a love/hate relationship with ceiling fans. I hate how they look but I like how they feel.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

The sunlight on the bed is fun. That the fan blade came off so easily is a bit scary. Hubby hates making the beds. He loves to cook so I don't mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the neighbor's blade came off the same way? Maybe something going around the neighborhood to cause such odd behavior? I'd like to know how those dust bunnies get up there. Um, maybe not.