Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hiding In Plain Sight

Can you find the Gulf Fritterary  Butterfly in these photos? He is Hiding In Plain Sight, with perfect camouflage.  I took these Sunday AM 7/3/2016... These are the butterflies that lay eggs on our passion plant. and Yes... I did take a dozen photos..

He focused on the big pod, then the little pod and back to the big pod, for about 5 minutes. sticking his little nose way down deep to get to the pollen. Fantastic Pollinators and so pretty.

July 3rd night, the idiots that live in our neighborhood set off fire crackers from 8 pm until 1 am, several times an hour. each time I got to sleep they would do it again.... This reminded me of a party story from when we lived in St Petersburg many moons ago.

2 women  lived next door, our lots were 50 feet wide so if someone sneezed in their bedroom we could hear it. Coughing could be heard from one house to the other..

One night they partied with loud music until 4 am which was our get up time.

At 6 am, Bob went out in the garage and turned the boom box on as loud as it would go, put it in the window of the garage that from that window was about spitting distance to their bedroom.
Our other neighbor who had suffered came over with his Harley and he and Bob got out in the driveway to WORK on it.... can you hear the RAP RAP RAP and the ROAR ROAR ROAR...Robin sat on it and revved it until I was ready to go out and bop both of them...
Inside I giggled out loud when at 7 am one of the girls staggered out in her driveway in a robe with her hair in a towel, holding her head to get her newspaper...  they never did that again..


Weekend-Windup said...

Beautiful pics. Butterfly is difficult to see since the flower and the butterfly comes under sane color...

Ginny Hartzler said...

Stunned by the beauty! Overwhelming beauty in the fantastic collage, and up close beauty in the other pictures. My favorites are one, four, and the collage. I would have snapped TWO hundred! Great noise story, but the stars here are your amazing pictures!!! In the collage, middle right and middle bottom are my favorites. Gosh, this is amazing.

TexWisGirl said...


lovely photos.

Ann said...

Only a dozen pictures? Are you not feeling well? (hee-hee-hee) That is really pretty and it is camouflaged on that plant.Just love those colors.
Your story made me laugh. I would have enjoyed the pay back part.

Madi and Mom said...

MOL MOL MOL MOL what a great party story. I love it!!!!!
the butter fly is gorgeous absolutely gorgeous
Hugs madi and mom

carolann said...

Oh your pictures are bautiful!

I can recall that about neighbours at my sons place.

They my son were away and we were back then looking after their dogas they were in Florida.

The neighbours started like oyur neighbours did.

Only these never stopped.

The neighbors complained in the morning on the street but not one complained to the officials.

I found out two days later they did many years ago. But nothing was done.

An our window was direct across to the peoples back yards. They were Jamaicans so they had a yard full of people. And talk about loud and the music. They are known for that.

We were so worn out of not getting any sleep.

In meantime my son has moved from the neighbor hood.
Between them and a nice pussy Mommy Skunk that loved their premises. To wander in yard


eileeninmd said...

Hello, Sandra! I found the butterfly right away. It is a beauty, the flowers are gorgeous too. We have neighbors that are renting a house nearby. They like to shoot off their guns and ride their ATV's up and down the driveway and street. It was peaceful until they moved in. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

Felicia said...

love your story and the butterfly images. wish i could get one to sit still that long with my macro lens 1 inch from his nose.


Reminds me of a teenaged boy we had as a neighbor once, and when he'd get home from school [parents still working] he would play HIS music very loud. I did the same thing, from a bedroom window wide open with the music where the walls were rattling. He got the point.

LOVELY butterflies! And of course the beautiful flowering bush [I love the fern like leaves]

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Pretty butterfly- I love the colors. That is too funny about the neighbors...I am so glad I do not have any...well, except for my kids, and I'm not allowed to gripe at them. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your butterfly photos are gorgeous!
Some people are so dumb and inconsiderate. The worst part is that they don't even know it and never will.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The butterfly wasn't too hard to find, Sandra, but you provided a good teaser. We used to have quite a few fritillaries visit our wildflowers at the VA house and I miss seeing them. It seems the only way to deal with inconsiderate folks is to give them back what they are giving you, as sad as that seems.

photowannabe said...

The butterfly is magnificient. the camo is perfect.
Love your story about the sweet neighbors.

Mevely317 said...

LOVE your tale of the noisy neighbors! Who needs the police when you've got homegrown ingenuity. :)

Gorgeous pictures!

Dory and the Mama said...

What a gorgeous butterfly..all those reds and oranges are beautiful!!

...and I just LOVE the lesson Bob taught the neighbors!!

Linda said...

I saw the butterfly!!! There was a beautiful and unusual moth on a chair up on the deck. I hurried as fast as I could to the gazebo to get my camera but he was gone when I got back. How you catch so many critters is amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your colorful flowers and butterfly. They make me smile. :D There was a lot of booming going on around here, and yes, very late, too. Too bad we don't have a Harley, or a boombox any more.