Saturday, October 8, 2016

Walking the Walk....@ YMCA gym

Shadows on the wall, as I walk, as I walk.
As I walk the walk..
there is no one with whom I can talk.
I have my phone but it's 5:30 AM
So Madsnapper Snaps Pics of the gym

Miles to go in this big basket ball gym,
19 times around is a  mile and a big Win.
19 times around  this big gym,
I am so lonely I would even talk to a him.

I can't swim in the pool
if I tell you why,
you will think I am a fool
I swore I would never mention  cataract surgery again.
I should have closed my lips with a pin.

I have to walk because the eye doctor said so
and now you all know
I have to walk because I can't get in the pool,
if I tell you why you will think I am a fool.

2 more weeks before I can get in the public pool, carefully.
Lucky me! I step through the door and this is what I see
Coffee just for ME


Ginny Hartzler said...

You were in a ghost YMCA! Everything new and just for you. I was so interested in what you are saying that I did not realize that it is all a poem! So then I went back and read it like one. SUPERB! Love everything about it. It is so interesting even if it didn't rhyme! And LOVE your deserted pics. Something not many would see except the maids.

Ginny Hartzler said...

LOVE your poetry. You should do more.

Mildred said...

I would like having the gym to myself, I think. I know you miss being able to get in the pool. Hope you are feeling better today. Take care of yourself.

Ann said...

I never knew you were such a poet. I think I would have gotten bored too with all those laps around the gym.

Jo said...

Hi Sandra, you are such a poet! Beautifully put. Did Bob swim while you walked the walk and took photos? Here's hoping you're improving every day. (((Hugs))) Jo

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, Sandra! Cute poem! A ghost in the YMCA walking and drinking coffee. Two weeks will go by quickly and then you can start your swimming. Take care, I hope you and your eye are feeling well. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

TexWisGirl said...

yay for continuing to exercise while you eye-mend!

Madi and Mom said...

MS not only are you a mad snapper you are a poet and know it!!
Great post you always delight us with original fun
Hugs madi and mom

Gail said...

Musically relayed hidden non-talk...great job.

SweetMarie said...

your talents are never ending! my favorite picture is of the coffee...yum! love the sign and Baileys...pretty colors and so tasty. :)

Mevely317 said...

Wow, I love your gift for noticing - and capturing - the ordinary.
Personally, I'd be a bit creeped out, alone in the gym .... presuming a lurker was standing in the shadows!
... rather, that would be to be my excuse not to exercise!

Linda said...

You continue to amaze us all with your cleverness and sense of humor! Good for you in maintaining your exercise. I'm looking forward to when I can go back to walking. Today I will do some Tai Chi.
Love your poem! Hope you will write more!

DawnTreader said...

Who would have thought walking around a gym like that would inspire a poem! (Not I!) Hope the two weeks will pass by quickly for you.

Inger said...

Why did the eye doctor say you had to walk? I was thinking of you and Matthew. But by now I know where you live so I wasn't too concerned. I wonder how my other FL blogger friends are doing though. I have to check and see. I don't know where any of them live.

LC said...

Loved the poem. Glad your surgeries are completed. Hope today's Matthew news is all good from you.

Breathtaking said...

Good for you Sandra! Although walking around an empty gym was boring, you made it into a fun experience by writing this cute poem. All the best, keep on following doctors orders, and you will soon be in the pool.:)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I wondered about that! Glad your still getting your exercise in. Enjoyed your poem.

jandi said...

I love this rhyme! soon you will be swimming again!