Sunday, April 30, 2017

Drought 2

Can you find the BEE above? not so good photo but I almost got him/her. The bees are gone because the flowers are gone.

Above are avodcado leaves that should be on the tree, we are in drought and the leaves and flowers are falling off. The flowers are blooming because I water them from the rain barrel which is now empty.
The only color on the red hibiscus bush

All the red flowers are gone, these have been in drafts for about 10 days 

Saturday, April 29, 2017


The Cane palm got out of control, as tall as the light pole. It needed to come down. Drought has helped with the problem, it is dying.  Can you believe the photo above was taken at the same time as they one below? it is all about what I focus the camera on... Today I will show you what I don't like to show.

 We have no grass, no weeds, no water in the rain barrel, the leaves on the ground should not be there, the avocado is dropping them, the blooms fell off the tree, there will be no avocados this year. the bush at top right is a red hibiscus, no leaves but hanging in there.. the bottom right corner should be bright yellow bush. the dirt is blowing in the pool, the water levels are down, we add just enough to keep able to circulate. the banana tree is gone.  We watch as drought destroys our Jungle.

Thus cometh the chainsaw man...  a little each day, while I stand with phone in hand ready to dial 911.  Half the tree is on the curb for pick up.

on this day, in all the brown,  there was one hibiscus flower blooming and God's sunshine pointed it out to my camera....

Can believe the first photo and the last photo are in the same yard, on the same day as the other photos?

There is always hope when things are the darkest, always beauty hidden in with the ugly.

It is all about what we focus on. Focus on the Good..

Friday, April 28, 2017


Reb and Suzy
More Joy found on Riverwalk... Beautiful and Friendly Great Danes, be glad I only showed you 8 of the 25 pics I took of these big pups.

PicMonkey has added 2 more types of collage, this is in Jigsaw

I found this at click on link for more funny Dane Jokes..

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Art In The Park

YES I did climb to the top and back down. with NO Help..

Do you want geology puns? Give me a minute and I will dig some up?

Sherlock, what kind of rocks are these?  Sedmientary my dear Watson....

Can you name the three types of rock?   I can  Classic, Punk and Hard..... just so you know (sedimentary, metamorphic and ignenous are the real rocks)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Locomotive in Extra Small

I wanted to ride this adorable train, but alas, I am way to big. Aren't those Palms to cool?

I am sure they had a reason for having a train in the park, you know, like a loco motive..
I think having the train at the park was an engineious move..
Did you know steam locomotives have a tender behind?

Wake up people, the light at the end of the tunnel is a TRAIN...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sounds and Sights of JOY

Yesterday I told you  this
Saturday AM, Madsnapper said to Bob, "it's a beautiful day for a walk on River walk and the ____ is having a _____ and I think it would be fun to see it." ..It was our YMCA Healthy Kids event.

Hundreds of kids got ready to “Charge into Summer” at the YMCA of Manatee County’s annual Healthy Kids event Saturday on the Bradenton Riverwalk.

  Excerpt from Bradenton Herald article by Jessica DeLeon  HERE for details.

Swinging and water splash park, bungee jumping,  dancing and a fishing clinic and much more. Can you see the JOY!!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood

Saturday AM, Madsnapper said to Bob, "it's a beautiful day for a walk on River walk and the ____ is having a _____ and I think it would be fun to see it."

Bob said YES and I headed off down the walkway with my best friend.
(he had no idea I was Madly Snapping, Heh Heh Heh)

Can you see the excitement? Can you guess what we were there for? OH MY, you will never guess, but you will find out on Tuesday Post... I took 182 photos and that is all I am sayin

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cane Palm Mono

Cane Palms taken with extreme Monochrome setting.
I typed Monochrome black and white Puns in Google Search.
click  if you want to see what it gave me HERE HE HE HE 
Thus a punless post ...
I thought is punless a word... Yes, it is.
Merriam Webster gave me the chuckle for today, they want to know where I heard the word.
In My Head is the answer.

Orange Hisbicus and Palmetto Palm

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Inside and Outside..Love IT

I love sunshine and shadows inside my kitchen and outside my kitchen

Photos taken on morning laps around the pool.  No rain, no grass, no water in the rain barrel.

This Gulf Fritillary  is looking for the purple passion vine  to lay eggs on, sadly the drought has killed it. Their story told in a few prior post.. HERE

I totally forgot to do a post on earthday, so here is my up date for Earth Day

Face It! you are stuck here, Treat Earth Good... please......The only planet named after its on dirt....

things we can do for our earth.. HERE about         22 Facts About Plastic Pollution (And 10 Things We Can Do About It)    

Friday, April 21, 2017

In Memory of Dory on Flower Friday

In Memory of Dory, forever in our hearts, most beautiful girl, you are sadly missed.....Dory's Back Yard 
Jake has flowers for Dory on his Post today click on FourpawsEtc.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Just Sayin...

New recipe, Sauté in Olive Oil Peppers, Chicken, Garlic with black beans on a bed of riced Cauliflower.
We topped it with our favorite Salsa and the recipe said Greek Yogurt which we skipped. Recipe said use onions, we prefer garlic.
I am down 24 pounds now, by just eating healthy foods.

Bob struggles with cracked heals, I  grabbed everything in sight... the Miracle that worked is the O'Keefe's Healthy feet, I now own one for me. No grease, no wearing socks, no slipping on tile floor and can go to bed right away... nothing on sheets and it Works.

Stop bleed will be another post coming soon.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

By the light of my Moony Moon Moon

What do you call a moon that is out of orbit?  a lunatic...
Did you know a moon rock taste better than an earth rock because it is meteor....
What did the earth say to the other planets?  you have NO life

I tried one more time. I just can't get a good photo of the moon, this is the supposed Pink Moon, the thing is it kept falling out of the center of my photo. Make do Moon by the light of my moony moon moon... these photos are out of the camera... no edits except to place in collage and add fonts.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cane Palm

See the power pole in the bottom photo, this is a case of Cane Palm gone wild..No one told us to keep them cut back until it was to late...

You see these in homes and offices and malls, Ours is what happens when you plant one in the Florida Tropics.

Backyard Drama/Animal Kingdom

I had an adventure on April 10th  while walking my laps around the pool. Mrs. Cardinal almost hit my face when she flew into the bush 3 feet in front of my face, and sat at eye level in a half dead bush. I stopped and we had a stare down. As long as I stood and stared her in the eye, she looked at me. I had no camera in my hand. By the time I had my camera she was  way up in the tree..

cropped/lightened  for detail
Fast forward with me to April 15th. At 3 pm, Jake eats dinner, we go out by the pool and do exercise's.  Bob is in the pool, I am doing my kicks , (think Chuck Norris, heh heh heh..) and the mother cardinal starts to chitter and falls on the ground, the daddy cardinal is on the fence screaming, I start screaming at Bob, the baby is on the ground, there a SNAKE after him, the black snake is about 4 foot long, the mother is flopping around trying to get him away, I run over while screaming to Bob get out and help me.... I have a broom to frighten the snake which I do (we never harm our black snakes)... he hides in the bush, the Cardinals are going wild and shrieking at me, the baby is fluttering on the ground. The parents land by the baby.... I continue to poke at the snake, Bob finally gets out of the pool and is trying to pick up the snake to move it... I am yelling he will bite you, the parents are yelling kill that snake.... the story ended well... the snake left for the neighbors yard under the fence, the parents and baby disappeared, who knows how they got it back in the nest. The thing is they built the nest in our bush and that is why she landed in front of me, protecting the nest. they are really quite stupid to build a nest in a bush and not a tree... Did you know snakes climb bushes and trees? we have watched the black snake climb in a hibiscus in the past. And climb the fence...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Cable Line DOWN!!!

Funny thing happened on the way to a tree trimming....See that blurry thing in the middle of the above photos? See the cable laying in the palmettos? that is ONE end of the CABLE that brings our INTERNET, TV and PHONE into our house. The OTHER end is attached to the roof.

Yes, we have no cable was my cry as the Spectrum support guy answered my call, nothing, we have NOTHING because My husband was trimming a limb with his new chain saw on an extension pole and the buzzing saw went through the limb and the recoil of the saw back over his head SAWED the cable in half.

23 hours with no Wireless, 4 of my five devices were dead... I did have books on my Kindle E reader, but it was hard to read because TV man had nothing to DO... we could not go to bed earlier because we already go to bed early...

Kudos to Spectrum for having us back on line in under 24 hours.. The Cable guy was scheduled from 12 to 2 and he showed up at 11:15 and at 11:30 he was DONE and everything was Back. No Charge for destroying their property on our property.

NOTE: The Man was not injured in the slaying of the cable line... The saw on the pole is in custody of the wife until further notice.