Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Shark, A Lizard and a Snake!

I came in the house to find this rubber shark placed on the table by Hubby who said he found it in our driveway... My Madsnapper MIND kicked in,  I used the tablet which was also on the table, to take this pic.. I LOVED IT...

I moved it to the bathroom sink with intentions of filling with water, but when I saw the above photo I liked it as it was..

If you know me at all... you already KNOW I played with it while madly snapping with the tablet.

note, this is not my camera even though it looks real, it is a filter in the app
Since my addiction to PIP camera on the tablet is still going strong, I used two filters to see how that looked...
A thought popped in my head... I want to tell a story... a CARTOON story would be nice. After thinking about it, I thought I remembered  word Cartoonize  in SuperPhoto App (prior addiction)

 and thus was born the story in my prior post There is a Shark in my Sink

Simply Said. I played with my tablet and a rubber shark and two apps on the tablet.. I am not MAD... ...right?????

PLUS we now have a rubber snake, a rubber lizard and a rubber shark in Bob's garage. All found over the past 2 years in our driveway....Bob may have used the rat and the snake to scare me...
guess what???? I happen to have a PRIOR POST on the rubber snake and the Rubber Lizard PRIOR POST................. It just dawned on me.... DID he find them in the driveway??? hummmmm

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

There's A Shark in my SINK

Out of The Blue,  a Shark appeared in the bathroom sink. 

I stuttered out  "So glad to eat you, I mean so glad to meet you".... Every girl loves to see a Shark Dressed Man. In Her Bathroom no less.

FINtastic, you came to the right sink bowl.. Let me grab a shot with my camera
My blog friends will  think shark jokes are JAWSome....

baaa dum baaa dum  baaa dum da dum

Wait let me FINish my story...

I quickly completed a JAW dropping fete
and placed him safely in a bottle.

to be continued  and coming soon on a blog near you, How She Did This

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Memorial day pics using PIP


Note: , I used PIP camera on my tablet to take photos of photos on my desk top monitor. The flag is one I took years ago, pulled it up and took pics using different filters. the wiper is PIP filter and I found old photos on the internet and took photo of the photo.
this is the flag I used. I had made a header from it years ago. It was flying over the Veterans Memorial in downtown Bradenton

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I LOVE Books and Movies

Baldacci and Child are my two most favorite of all authors. If I were stranded on a desert island, I would want all the books these two wrote.
I recently started re-reading all their books. Absolute Power was my first by Baldacci and I just read it again and it still scares me silly...I have read all his books except for The Fix and that I will fix soon. I read Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan and the city of gold until the book was ragged when I was much younger. I may read it again.
I read King Author and the Knights of the round table, and every Western written. I had a Bible story book and read over and over David and Goliath and Daniel in the Lions den. I loved fairy tales to.

Movies, TV shows and  Books,
If they want my LOOKS,
They Must be fiction with fighting or flames
And Things that go boom or bang, that's my thang.
FBI, DEA, CIA all those Names
Jack  Reacher and Jack Ryan,
that is the books I am a buyin...
Harry Bosch and Briggs Tanner, Will Trent,
these are the guys I love and money well spent.
Erica Spindler and Fern Michaels are in the mix
A lot of women authors can give me my fix.
Add Detective Michael Bennett
he is also in it.... 

Documentaries NO! OH NO!
Non-Fiction, you must GO!

Fire and Flames, Booms and Bangs,
Cars that go fast, and helipcoters and Planes.
Lee Child and David Baldacci
John Grisham and John Sandford
Tom Clancy and Michael Connelly
You say Chopin, I say Patsy Cline.
You say Mary Poppins, I say Crocodile Dundee.
We are all different you see
We can only be what we BE...
We don't have to agree,
Because where would all the writers be..
If we were all the same as ME..

Friday, May 26, 2017

Dory's Flower Friday...Blue Plumbago

Our drought survivor, Plumbago auriculata is a medicinal herb plant, the name has a root from the Latin word plumbum, meaning lead, because it has some pharmaceutical effects for lead poisoning and is used in India treating wounds, broken bones, and headache  (Wikipedia)

the day before it bloomed

I am not pollen your leg, ..... pop over to Da DB Boyz thistle cheer you up

Joining Angel Dory for flower Friday.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I am Pip, Pip, Pippin Along...

Some of you have asked what PIP is. It is an app from Google Play called PIP camera. Installed on phone or tablet, you take a photo of the flower below through a filter of your choice above. When satisfied with the photo, Save it and it saves the photo and the one with the filter.

Pip filters can also be used on any old photo you have in your tablet, Like this one below of Jake sleeping in the sun last winter. I just picked a fun look for him.
I also took photos of photos on my monitor.. 1001 ways to use PIP Play Time

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Color Your Life

Come Closer! I have a point to make.
There is  no Point anymore...
You are all pretty sharp, you can figure this out..

I added color to my life with these stylus by Color Your Life, 7 for $7.99 from Amazon and the package came with 3 screen wipes. I have been tapping with my finger for over a year.

Why did I wait?
It was Time to Tap on my devices. Words With Friends is so much easier now.
I put one in the car and one in each room.
Life: Colorful and Easy

Monday, May 22, 2017

For Ginny

For Ginny of LetYourLightShine because she loves these arty lizards...

I was sitting at a traffic signal, shooting through windshield.. This No Trespassing sign is on an Optical Shop. As I waited I pondered, if I can't trespass how do I get in the shop????

Signs Found On Internet... 4 of my Favorites

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Counter ART?

There I sat, playing Word With Friends on my tablet. I noticed a 1 on the PIP app, which means they added something. I tap on it, I tap on Paint, it take a pic of the counter, I continue to tap about 87 times..
what you see on counter
1. dollar bill from my pocket.
2. food journal/pen
3. coupon for kmart
4. receipt kmart
5. smart phone
6. thingy I heat in microwave for aching neck  most likely caused by playing on tablet
7. dog eye drops
8. house phone

Suddenly it dawned on me!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tiny Little Cook Needed

Does anyone know a tiny little cook, to fit in my tiny little kitchen, to cook my tiny little meals?

What in Carnation is this? Romaine Calm! all is well. Just let this sink in.. This post  is not such a big dill!   Lets Just have a little pun here.... repeat this  after me...  Ha Ha, you Kale Me!

While Watching my tiny little TV, while playing with my tiny tablet, I realized there were tiny flowers in a Jug..

Friday, May 19, 2017

Not John Deere

Isnt' this the cutes cart ever? We found this at Home Depot and as I snapped, I was ooohhh and ahhhhhhhing and saying I have never seen anything like this.  It has side pockets and a place to hold things on the back..

And Suddenly, John Deere  Gorilla Bob, plopped on it and gave me a look of disgust, like he did not KNOW I was taking photos.  The name on it says Gorilla Cart

For the ultimate gardener I think, or in this case The Auto Mechanic Gorilla Bob. I wanted to try it out but knew if I sat on it Bob would have to pick me up off of it and embarrassment would be my name