Monday, August 7, 2017

By the light of the nighty, night, "night ligh"t.

Bob and I both love the color cranberry/burgundy. Each room in our home has a little of this color.

For 16 years the sheets on the left above have been on our bed, we have been through 4 sets.

I needed a new set.... this color is NOT "IN" fashion... and very hard to find. I ordered 1600 thread count Microfiber sheets and we LOVE them, but I bought Black and Amazon had them on half price of the marked down, Clearance is the word.... Pastels, white and navy and brown... I can't go with a light color because Bob bleeds a lot since he is on blood thinners. TMI???

Saturday I put the black sheets on and Sunday AM when I went to make up the bed, I could NOT SEE the sheets, I could not tell where the pillows were, or where the top of the sheet was.

I had to turn on the bedside lamp to 'find the black pillows on the black sheets' and to find the top of the top sheet to grab and pull up. Black is like a black hole.

This problem was caused by the fact  I make up the bed by the light of the nighty night 'night light' in my bathroom.

Can you say "afraid of the dark?" Yes, I fear the dark, inside and out. Or what is in that dark. NOTE: as a child my dad allowed no night lights, our house was as dark as these sheets. Street lights had no yet been invented, neither had lights on the outside of the house..... I now have a night light in every room in the house. So There!

I took my tablet and tapper into my bathroom and took a photo of what I thought was a pretty light when I bought it.

You may already know with a tablet in my hand I MUST go into Bob's bathroom and take one of the blue light....  or 3 or 4.. Just because!

You also might think... I bet she GOOGLED night lights. YES! I did... and now my night lights are Boring.. Click here to see all the choices....

I can't choose between the ones that look like glowing eggs or the little man hanging on to the plug.. can you find them? which do you want? do you have a night light?

And yes, I  did tap on Super Photo App on tablet and make mine prettier. Bob can deal with his ugly one.


Ginny Hartzler said...

So will you get new ones, meaning new sheets and lights? Now you will have to turn on the lights to make the bed! I can see how nothing would show up. I adore this magenta/fushcia color!! But not so much black. LOVE this light edit! Makes it look like mono colored stained glass. Wish I could buy one just like it. I cannot have sheets with a small print on them, like little flowers. In the dim and dark, I think it is spiders and bugs because I am zoned out from sleep. We use the light from our clock radio alarm. It is digital and the numbers glow. But in the last few years since I have been falling, we now have to turn on the bathroom light down the hall. That makes it brighter when I get up to go to the bathroom.

photowannabe said...

You crack me up Sandra. The saga of your black sheets is funny.
I guess you will have to be creative and mix the colors.
forest green is also not in vogue now and that's the color I want for my towels in the guest bathroom. Very hard to find without spending a gazillion dollars.

Mildred said...

Too funny about everything disappearing on the black sheets. If my black cat, Magic slept on your sheets, you could not see him!!!
I have a pair of WM stripe sheets that I love because I know which way to fit the fitted sheet on to the mattress!
I love a night light - have one in most every room.

Pam Jackson said...

I love the dark colors....with luck Dakota is white with black spots, can't lose him on black sheets...Lily being a dark gray makes it hard to see her in places and black sheets might make it hard to see her.

Mersad said...

I once bought a black blanket and It was like a black hole in my house :D Since then I only go for light colors. :)

Mersad Donko Photography

Ann said...

I have black sheets but they are for tablecloths on our craft tables. I do have one night light in the house that's in the bathroom. That way if we go in the bathroom in the middle of the night we don't have to turn on the big light. It's a snowman one that stays up all year long because I've never bought one that is aproopriate for other

LindyLou Mac said...

I also love this colour combination.

Mama and da DB Boyz said...

What cool night lights MS! I use them in three or four rooms in the house too and am amazed at the variety of lights out there!

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, Sandra! The black sheet and dark room story had me giggling.
I would prefer the burgundy color. Sheets are so expensive, it is good to buy the clearance items. We just have cheap night lights from Walmart, nothing fancy. Hubby has to have some kind of light during his many trip to the bathroom at night. Happy Monday, enjoy your day! said...

Mine on bed are the burgundy. I have gone through sets.
And then I have the lighter blue too. I am not a fan of black.

I have a night light in bathroom.

I was thinking of you this morning Sandra.
I seen an advert on T.V this morning.

Do you have a shoe store called. Just Fab.
They have a shoe sale on 2 pair of shoes for the one price. I think it was $39.00 dollars and of course tax on top. Shoes look nice.

Or anyone of your friends here know that store. I do not recall that store even near my daughters town.

Have a nice day Sandra.

Madi and Mom said...

Ohhhh mom loves burgundy/cranberry colors too. We had a chuckle at the black sheets and she knows how to get them warm and white all at once.
Let me romp on the a bit they will be full of white Madi tummy furs
Hugs madi and mom

Linda said...

Who knew black sheets would be hard to see? 1600 count? I imagine they feel luxuries!
I never dreamed there could be so many night lights. Beautiful ones and funny ones and every other kind too. It is never totally dark in any room of our house. I keep some lights on all the time and strings of fairy lights make good night lights!

Rose said...

I would never have dreamed there were so many night lights...yes, we have night lights...more later if I remember.

Breathtaking said...

Hello Sandra!:) Your black sheets made me smile, I'm more partial to burgundy, and have one set, that has served us well for 10 years.

I'm scared of the dark too, so we leave one of our bathroom lights on with the door slightly ajar, for night time trips to the loo, and I have a torch on my bedside table in case of a power cut.

Karen said...

I can't stand a night light. I must sleep with my eyes half open or something! I saw a toilet bowl light that is motion sensitive. That's what I need when I get up at night! LOL

Blogoratti said...

Turning on the lights to make the bed sounds more like it, if you can't stand the dark. I can sleep just fine with lights off, I am the opposite and cannot sleep with light on. Greetings!

Ruth Hiebert said...

I do have a night light, but it is a very simple and boring one.Maybe I'll have to think about getting something fancier sometime.

Mevely317 said...

Burgundy is practically my favorite color! (3-way tie with forest green and yellow.) No, not TMI ... Tom does the same thing. Only we're not smart enough to buy dark sheets; and I'm too scotch to buy another set right now.

That little guy 'hanging on' is hysterical. But if I had to choose, I'd probably go for the cup of coffee or the elephant.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

I have to say, Sandra, that black would not be my favorite sheet color. We have blue flannels for winter (we live in New England) and a set of aqua and tan sheets for spring and fall. Glad the nightlights halped you find the sheets.

DawnTreader said...

I like that shade of red too. I don't think I'd choose black for bedsheets, well at least I never did yet. I usually have white bottom sheets and duvet covers with some pattern.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have nightlights throughout the house, I like it that way. Enjoy your new sheets if you can find them :)