Saturday, January 27, 2018

New STUFF I just learned..

Are you wondering what this collage is? Is your heart beating with mad expectation?
Is you imagination running wild?
The Answer IS... the collage is a screen print of Google Photos from my Tablet. The FUN thing is... I went for my morning walk in our neighborhood and took my LG cell phone with me and Blindly Shot Photos. I just held up the phone as I walked and said KimChee or Smile or Whiskey or LG which are the 4 words that  make my phone take a photo. (note: I get strange looks when in public places talking to my camera)

I had 72 photos of homes and trees. THE THING IS!!! I mentioned I had blue toothed my cell pic to my Tablet and computer and Ann of SnapEditScrap told me she could see her cell pics in Google Photos without taking them from her phone. I have spent many aggravating minutes transferring photos from cell to computer.

ALL THIS TIME all I had to do was go to, top right corner and click on the color pin wheel and every photo I took on phone and tablet are there and ready to post. I don't have to edit or resize. YAY!  All photos taken on cell or tablet show up in Google Photos. You do have to be logged into Google on cell/tablet while taking photos and to see them. but isn't everybody always logged in?

All photos today were taken Blindly with no idea what I was getting until I got home.


Ginny Hartzler said...

I need to try this!!! It will be amazing if it works!!! What a surprise snapping trip you made. This tree with dozens of skinny trunks is weird and wild!! I have never seen anything like it! It looks like something out of a fantasy movie.

diane b said...

You are a tech whiz. I'm not sure what you mean about google photos but my phone photos automatically go to my processing program as photo stream. You talk to your phone?? How does that work.

Ann said...

Having google photos available does make things nice and easy. Looks like a nice neighborhood you walk through. All the houses and yards look so well taken care of. I'm loving all those trees too. It'll be a while here before I see any trees that look like they are alive

eileeninmd said...

I learned something new today, thanks Sandra. You live in a pretty neighborhood, I love all the trees and plants. The sunshine feels warm and I am not there. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
this much is true for those who do use Google on their phones - not all do and remaining logged in is not necessarily a good security measure. You can take all your photos without being logged in, then go to the image folder later and sync them to the cloud all in one go... G-Photos being a cloud-based application. THAT is the big selling point for 'cloud' operations - it doesn't matter where you are or what hardware you are using, you can access your files. And so can everyone else if you make them public; so be very sure about your G-profile settings! Used with knowledge, it is fantastic and does make life a bit easier.

You got some really fine neighbourhood shots 'going blind', Sandra, and I am always amazed at the quality of images taken with phones. Makes me wonder why I bother lugging around the big heave DSLR - oh yeah I remember - I don't have a 'smart' phone!!! YAM xx

Gayle said...

Great sunny captures.
Trying your hand at 'street photography' I see. That one house looks like it is leaning from the last bad storm :).
And yep, get those privacy settings in line and have a blast.
P.S. I keep my self facing lens covered except when taking a "intentional" selfie.

Madi and Mom said...

MS your ability to pick up all this techie stuff so quickly is amazing. Rich is smiling down. Hugs Madi and mom

Ruth Hiebert said...

Yup,Google Photos is great to have on all your devices.I used to use it a lot, but have switched to other sites, for various reasons.Nothing wrong with Google Photos,and it's free.

Mevely317 said...

YAY ... I tried; I like! Thank you, my friend!
BTW, pretty neighborhood you've got there; lots of pride in ownership.

Linda said...

I did not know this! Does this have something to do with the cloud? Summer transferred a bunch of her photos to my phone and they just sat next to each other. Always something to learn! I’m going to try this!

Breathtaking said...

Sandra, I'm always learning new tech things on your blog. Thanks for the info, and sharing your lovely neighbourhood photos.