Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Bee on Powder Puff flower

Bob and I  are happy bees,
We love what we see.
We can stare for hours
At the bees loving our flowers.
We are happy bees
We love what we see

Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder. A bee's favorite singer is Bee-Yonce .  Bee puns are all about the buzz.  Are you thinking wasp is she talking about?

Did you hear the bees may go on strike? they want more honey and less working flowers.... Remember, bee puns are good for your health. They give you lots of vitamin bee... Bye Now, Have to Buzz Off...

Orange Hibiscus ready to open for the day
Bees don't care for hibiscus but butterflies love them....

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Through The Looking Glass

Only Linda of Linda's Life Journal will understand the joy of seeing our kitchen and living room through the brightly lit Looking Glass in our Nook. She is the only blogger I know who keeps her white lights year round like we do.

Sunday AM as I stood sipping my coffee and staring at the lights in the nook, I realized I could see the kitchen and the living room in the mirror.

Soooooo........YOU CAN TOOOOO... See the kitchen through the looking glass I mean.

As you read this we are waiting for delivery of a new fridge and a washer/dryer. Or if it's late in the day we may already be washing the clothes that have been waiting 7 days since the washer quit.

Are you aware that it is rare to be able to replace an appliance on the day or next day after it quits??? Home Depot had the best buy, so we wait with dirty clothes for 7 days. What if it was the fridge? How could we live without a fridge for 7 days?

Wait 7 days for delivery and then  wait through the  FOUR HOUR Window? THEY say, we will call 30 minutes before we come, then show up unannounced... it's the waiting that drives me crazy. Also the MONEY spent drives me crazy.

Goodbye 20 year old friends. Welcome new Maytag Friends. (bob has no idea in April we will have a new range. the old one is 28 years old. he says we don't need one.) HA! hope he doesn't read this.

Signed by MadSnapper, NOT Alice, through the looking glass.......

Monday, February 26, 2018

Popular Styles in the 1920's

Back in the Good Old Days, every home had a porch. There was nothing to do inside the homes when summer heat came. The porch was a refuge. The best ones were screened in. Bugs Love Florida.

My grandmothers porch looked like the one above. Remove the brick and the white columns and it is just like it. The swing below my grandfather built in the 20's and it hung on the porch until 1969 when my grandmother died. Mother took it to Savannah, GA from here, and it hung on the back porch until she died in 1990, and I bought it back here and it sat on our pool deck for several months until Bob hung it. Sadly, not on a porch it fell apart a few years ago.

I spent hours swinging and reading on my grandmothers porch and hours I did not enjoy sitting on it in Savannah, shelling peas and corn and snapping green beans. Sadly I no longer look like I did 28 years ago. Max died in 2002.

city park across from these homes

Sunday, February 25, 2018

OH NO! Not Raccoons again.

Above is one of three paw prints by the side of the pool found this week. We have not seen sight of one since May of 2014 and had hoped they were gone for good. Jake fights with them, and he is to old to tango fight now.

PRIOR POST Raccoon Mania

our boy is aging, he is 13, 91 in dog years and slowing down causing my heart to ache.

Jakes Photos taken 2/18/2018
to see how much he has changed, see Jake, on his page in the Tabs under the header above.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cherry Blossoms OH YES

Most people will not know what these flowers are. I grew up with my Grandmothers yard full of these cherry shrubs that can grow to 30 and 40 feet wide and tall. The cherries are shapped like tiny punkins and bright and dark red, almost black. When we came to visit I ate my self sick from the hedge that was 100 foot long, hiding the view between her house and the house next door.

I remember eating the cherries but don't remember these gorgeous flowers at all. But then I had no camera and was distracted from by the Mangos, Bananas, Lemons, Kumquats that grew in her yard. And her sisters house had groves of fruits. Paradise.

For the first time our Cherry Tree is blooming. Bob got a cutting from a friend about 5 years ago, we thought it might never have cherries.  We are so excited.

Click Here to see what the cherries will look like.  My grandmother called them Cherry Shrubs, the world calls them Surinam Cherries. thank you for the info Yamimi. They are used in home gardens, and if not trimmed will become immense.  THEY TASTE DEVINE

Friday, February 23, 2018

Well, PHOOEY! I missed it

Photo Wikipedia
Above is the Eastern Screech Owl, for several weeks I have listened to them in early AM and at bedtime. Bob can't hear them because of his hearing. Click here to see  a video and here them and here to see images of the different types. Ours look like this one..

 As we drove home from the YMCA it was breaking daylight and I kept slowing, staring at the sky changing colors and the trees black against the colors. I raced in the house, grabbed the camera and headed for the street to capture the scene. A few clicks and back in the house and Bob says WHERE WERE YOU? you missed the owl, he was sitting on our SWING, staring at me 4 feet from my face, he just sat there and I could not find you.

We hang our bathing suits and towels on the swing to dry for the day. There he sat and I MISSED him/her.
the video says they have 14 bones in their necks and can go 270 degrees around. They love street lights, because it draws bugs and moths. We have a street light in our yard, which explains why they sit in our trees. I have seen both of them a few times but always way up in the tree.
I MISSED this guy to get these...

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sunshine Helps

Tiny, cute homes are always enhanced by bright Sunshine and Shadows. my drive by continues.

Peoples in sleeping bags, are the tacos of the bear world... heh heh heh

Color me Happy Camper, This is how we ROLL

I could live in the tiny home above, could you? Even parked in a park, I could live in this home on wheels. RV having fun yet?
and when on the road I would be the one saying RV there yet?

Happy 51st Birthday to my son Daniel.... Yes, I had him when I was TEN....

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

For Sale..

My drive by home collection continues... these two are for sale. Notice they both have pretty painted doors.
Which one would you pick?
Either one or neither one?
What is your favorite style Home?
My favorite style is log cabin HERE or Cracker Style HERE  the style my grandmother lived in, actually both grandmothers. I like OLD and Rustic.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Orange you glad to be here?

California Mandarin Oranges OH MY
 The sun comes in and points out what ever is in the fruit bowl. These bags of Oranges, peel like a tangerine and are even better than cake! I can not lie, they are better than cake. Repeat after me, Oranges taste better than Cake.... 
Did you hear what happened when the orange met a boxer?
He was beaten to a pulp.
Orange you glad you know me?
Orange you glad I shared this?
Sorry! you all know I just can't concentrate!

For dinner most nights, I have hummus on Wasa bread with cucumber slices or I dip radishes, carrots and cucumbers in the hummus. A small bit of air popped pop corn and that is my dinner. We eat our main meal at lunch time.
The sun also points out the back of the chair. Orange you glad you came here to see it?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Things you don't need to KNOW

Grand dog Bella riding to Home Depot with Daddy, my son Dan
I AM IN CHARGE, here we go. A lot of stuff NOT on your need to know list or even your want to know list.

I wash as many DOG linens as I do PEOPLE linens. Jake has his own 4 towels, his own 5 blankets, his own 2 sheep skin bedding, his own 2 sheets that cover the two chairs he alternately sleeps in each night. Jakes linens include  pillows with cases that live on the sofas.

As an after thought, we can count Bob's t-shirts he wears around the house because everytime bob sits on the sofa, Jake jumps up and rubs his head all over the front of said t'shirts, making them have to go in the laundry.
Do you have PET LAUNDRY?

If so, what kind, Tell Me I am Not the ONLY one.

This is the Visa Rewards card, with my rebate from Heartworm meds and flea/tick meds. Cost of  $190.00 for 6 months.

The rebate card is  $40.00
Why not charge me $150.00 to begin with and stop the madness of rebates?

 WHY does it cost so much for two boxes of 6 pills each. $12.50 per pill.
For several years we had 3 dogs  and in Florida you must have them because of our year round seasons of bugs.

Good NEWS! Rebates come on Visa cards now... woo hoo... not trip to the bank to deposit/cash.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Apples N Strawberries OH MY!

We live in Florida, local strawberries are IN season. OH YUM! Since I gave up processed sugar a year ago, my go to sweet desires are from fresh fruit. Each week, I peel a five pound bag of apples, slice, sprinkle with lots of cinnamon, sprinkle 1 pkg. sweet n low, a dash of water and microwave in a covered dish for 5 minute, stir, 4 minutes and stir.
We keep it in the fridge for eating cold or reheat and eat for dessert.
Last week I bought fresh strawberries and sliced and put in a container for the week.
Half way through the week I needed more fridge space and dumped the two together, stirred the cinnamon juice on the strawberries and OH MY!
This week I just added them together to start with.
PS. do not cook the strawberries! 
This is America and all warnings have to be posted.

You are Berry special, and Berry Nice to read all this. I thank you Berry Much for stopping by.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Stop! Snap! Drive!

Twas A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood that I drive to get to the gas station where I paid $2.65 per gallon for gas (fuel, Petrol)
The sun was so bright it hurt my eyes. 
I did not let the price ruin my day. I Stopped and Snapped EIGHTY ONE photos of old houses. Through My Windshield
Edits done in Windows 10 Photo Viewer and removed the bright sun, which washed out the pics because I was facing the sun. But all 81 of my photos of old houses show how beautiful the neighborhood is. Coming Soon a few at a time.

I took a photo at every stop sign. I Stopped not to smell the roses, but to fill my camera with OPPS.

Bob doesn't go with me, Stop Signs make him LOCO..

Bob told me a new story, one I have not heard 87 million times. When he lived in the country in PA, with his family, back in the 60's, he came out and the battery was dead on their only car.
He took and old washing machine motor, a block of wood and removed the belt from the generator, hooked it to the washer motor, stretched tight with wood, plugged it in the wall and
VOILA! instant battery charger... He is so clever.

Last stop before my home, look to bottom left for tiny palm, that is where our driveway is

Friday, February 16, 2018

Turn Your Radio ON

A few of you may remember what a RADIO is... As I drove home from Wal-Mart the two guys that were supposed to be playing country music, were chatting and joking. I laughed all the way home.

They were discussing Valentine Day and one said

#1 .... "How long have you been married?"

#2..... "17 years! for 12 of those I've been LOCKED in, we have 3 kids under 12. OH NO, Sorry baby, I love you"

#1  said"What did you get your wife for Valentines Day?"

#2 said "I built her a rocking chair, solid steel with cushions, and now she wants a front porch"

#1 said " Just one rocker? what about one for you?"

# 2... "I have no idea, but she keeps giving me gifts like Sky Diving Lessons and a Chance to drive on Nascar"
#1 "well if the next gift is a dive with the sharks trip, we will know"

There is more but you get the gist of it. They talked and laughed and I listened and laughed until I had tears in my eyes. 
I like a lot of NPR, we have 2 stations. Depends on what they are.

When was the last time you listened to the radio?
Car or Home?

What did you listen to?

Do you prefer Talk Show or Music while driving?.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thankful Thursday..Suvivors

Today is Thankful Thursday
I am thankful for our home of 28 years and I am thankful that Bob is a Survivor and that we all 3 survived his heath issues and a few other crazy things last year that involved our truck held hostage by a broken spring on the garage door.

The year 2017 started when our water heater died and had to be replaced at a cost of $897

As I played with the mono setting on my camera, my two Men just walked around me and into the photo

Then Bob's health went berserk.
 June 9th melanoma cancer removal 
June 19th stroke
June 25th 4 hour cardiovascular surgery 
Sept 10th Hurricane Irma 
Oct Bob's Cataracts removed
He is now back to 100% from all of it.
I am thankful to have Bob and Jake to walk into my photography efforts.
Let the PHUN begin...
We made it to Feb 11, before the OUT OF POCKET started.
$490.00 for a POOL Filter, we ordered it from Amazon and it came yesterday.
VERY Thankful Bob can install it... 
I am thankful that Jake has watched Bob cook breakfast for 13 years and that Bob has cooked his own breakfast for 20 years.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine Post card

I had heard from Rosie at LLB that the blogville gang was going to Paris for Valentines day and LLB is hosting Post Card day. I lay sleeping while mom made me into a post card, and she was

dreaming of resturants

Towers and museums

and I said all I want in Paris is lots of green grass to chase balls and uhhhh, you know what other things go on in grass....

We were arguing about where we would go, when suddenly she said. Doesn't matter Jake, Mommy doesn't fly or float and there is a great big ocean between Florida and Paris, France.

Sooooooo.. we dreamed up a valentine post card just for you. 

Mom found Six Reasons to Visit Paris in Jan/Feb HERE and the photos are from that article.