Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A Plumber's Apprentice

Photo snipped from FB page of our new Plumber
You may have read Big Boy's story of his new Best Friend the Plumber Guy HERE on FourpawsEtc.

I will state here, he is the best Plumber we have ever used, and there have been 6 in 30 years... This story is not about him, that was told on Fourpawsetc.

This is MY story... I am now officially unofficially  a Plumbers Apprentice.

Mike works alone. I stood and watched every move he made under the kitchen sink. No, it is not that I did not trust him, I might have been TALKING... He loved to talk to... YAY!

The thingy that is a snake, growled and growled and growled and it would NOT break through. Sink would not drain. I say, I am sure it is ROOTS, it was 9 years ago.

He stands up and says Can you show me the vent on the roof? I say sure, I watched the other plumber 9 years ago, I even know which one it is. (Bob is watching TV)

HA HA! little did he know. this is a list of all I did for him in the 2 hours it took to break through the clog.
Pointed out 3 vents on roof
Followed him out to front, watched him back his van under the garage overhang, watched as he took a 100 pound grinder twister thing up on van roof, watched as he lifted it on to roof and stood up on van roof and stepped on to our roof (can you believe he works without a ladder)

Twice I handed him a flashlight.. SEE? told you I helped.

I quickly ran through the  house and into back yard to watch him run it down through the vent.
He assigned me the job of going in the house and filling both sides of the sink to the top, and watch it and let him know when it broke loose and emptied. (do you think my yada yada was on his nerves?)

I watched and waited, it sounded like there was an earthquake in and under the house. IT Did NOT Work. I ran outside and said to the man on the roof in bright sun that was 93 degrees in the shade with heat index of 111, it is not draining.

As the sweat ran off in rivulets, He said I KNOW! it is touching something that will not move... this went on for about 40 minutes, I ran in and out.

I told him once again it is roots. he said I think it is a collapsed pipe, it is harder than roots.
I offered water which he took after I sat in on the bumper of his van and he climbed down to get it.

I am smart but how to get a glass of water up on a roof was beyond me.

He climbs back up, and more earthquake sounds. I hear a WORD! he doesn't know I have the hearing of a dog. I go out and he says the snake is stuck, I can't get it out, and this is a brand new machine. I heard the panic in his voice that I was feeling.

I return inside, we listen to the grinding, he is yanking on it trying to get it out. I prayed over and over for the Lord to loosen that snake as I sat going over the list of what we would do if the hundred pound THING could not break lose.

He told me after it was over that he was thinking the same thoughts. that he never had one get stuck.

Suddenly IT BROKE LOOSE and it was ROOTS lots of roots.. the machine was FREED... the sink drained. I said I told you it was roots, just like last time.  This was not my first rodeo job as plumber assistant. I DID Not say that but thought it.

I came in to change into something cooler because working as an apprentice was really hot out there.
As I changed clothes I heard him shout my name. I panicked, thought he had fallen or had a heat stroke and I ran through the living room saying to TV man, did you hear him shout? HA ON THAT

I went out and he said YOU HEARD ME?  I thought I was going to have to climb down. He needed the hose, I handed it up and WATCHED as he poured root killer that we already had, down the vent and flushed with water. something called copper sulphate that the other plumber told us to use but Bob never did.

He climbed down and I found him sitting on his bumper with head in hands and looking like heat stroke. I said come in the AC and sit down and drink more water, he said I have gator aid and came in and sat at the breakfast bar.
WHOO boy! Bob came over and we had a Real Good Time because he and Bob are from the same place, within 50 miles or each other.
HE COULD NEVER HAVE DONE THE JOB WITHOUT ME... Right?  He did not pay me when I paid him but he did give a 20 dollar discount for Cash... and it was half what we paid the other plumber... he is a keeper... I put FIVE STARS by his name in our address book...


Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow, what a story! I was hanging onto every word. I am so glad it worked out well for everyone!

DeniseinVA said...

I loved reading this post which was next best thing to being there. Good on you Plumber Assistant. What a job!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
...okay, but I have a conundrum... what were roots doing in the roof... and does your sink drain upward? When we had ours rotovated (snaked) they went in via the drain. The one in the ground where roots may be expected to be... Just needing clarification, y'unnerstand?!! But good job plumber's mate. He deffers could not have managed without you!!! YAM xx

Ann said...

That is quite a story. I was wondering how the snake being stuck was going to turn out. I imagine it was rather nerve racking for him having it get stuck. You are an excellent plumbers assistant

A Joyful Chaos said...

What a great plumber's assistant. :)


Hootin' Anni said...

This had a joyful ending! And being an apprentice gives you a seal of approval in my book!!

Rose said...

Sitting here laughing...the thing is, it is worth a lot to have someone to hand you a tool or flashlight...he got by cheap with the $20 discount. Wish you could send him up to me.

eileeninmd said...

Wow, that is some story. I was afraid the snake would not come out at all.
I am glad you found a great plumber and a reasonably priced one at that!
You are a great assistant too! Wishing you a happy day!

My Mind's Eye said...

Holy Moley did you get compensated or a reduced rate.
A good plumber is hard to find. WTG Mike
Hugs Cecilia

The Gang at LLB said...

What a wonderful Plumber's Assistant story Sandra. You definitely are a wonderful Plumber's Assistant!

Chatty Crone said...

Does he travel to Georgia? LOL This was the best story - felt like I did it with you. You are a good story teller. I have to say though now it worries me - we have been in here since 1986 - we are by trees - do we have roots growing into the pipes? When water slows I use draino, but I heard other people have Rooter Roter! Loved this. sandie

Mevely317 said...

Holy Toledo!!! This story rivals any repair story ever told. I was sure you were going to say he had heat stroke. What if he had fainted up there? Now my what-iffer's going a mile a minute. Two of the trees we had taken down were near the house, but they didn't grind the stumps. Something new to fret about. Ugh.

Pam said...

I am SO GLAD that you were there to help him and yes, he could not have done it without you. I am afraid I make them nervous so I go in and tell them to yell if they need me. Wow, he had a lot of work to do to get through those roots and it as hot as it was. So glad I never had a job that required me to be outside, I am a delicate young...I mean older lady and can't handle the heat. By the way, that is the only thing I am delicate about...haha

photowannabe said...

Okay...I can breathe again...My goodness what a drain saga!
You are Plumber's Assistant A+++
I am a bit confused about having to go through the vent on the roof for the drain.
What ever works is magic to me.
Glad you found the perfect person for the job.

LC said...

Definitely a keeper and so are you. Your tale had me laughing one minute and tense the next. Now I can't get out of my head your plumber's apprentice ads you would develop with your techie artistry, maybe
Have snake will travel;
We get to the root of the problem;
Fix the drain without draining the pocketbook. Sorry. I just suffered a severe attack of corniness. It was quite draining. Sigh.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Oh my goodness! Glad that all ended well. Now you also have an option as a retirement career. I do tend to hang around as well when I have a worker in the house.

peppylady (Dora) said...

The untold story of plumber.
Coffee is on

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your tale about your apprenticeship with the plumber. Glad it got fixed. He sounds like a really nice guy and I know he appreciated your help.

Pam said...

Reply to your comment on the furbabes blog~ No Lily is not perfect...BUT CLOSE! SHe has been my saving grace this year...keeps me laughing and she has been great medicine.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Whew that was some BIG root or roots stuck in your drain. And, I'm glad too that the machine was OK and the plumber got it out. Also glad that neither of you collapsed from heat strike.