Thursday, April 15, 2021

Conversation Where I can Find it

Leaving for our walk, we discussed in depth the house of 7 cars, now 4, had hung 7 throw rugs out on the porch railing. the point was trying to decide if they were people rugs or dog rugs, and why they were on the rail not on the line in the backyard.

Next we discussed where the 2 rabbits that lived in the 2 trucks and 1 car house. were they eaten? given away or are they locked in cages.

Bob ranted about the SAME thing he Rants about every single day we walk, which is 365 days a year.

 The fact the man has 2 trucks, 1 van and a huge boat in his front yard. he then discusses that 20 years ago, the woman who is dead now, reported Bob for having a small boat in the driveway and he had to sell it.

 I KID YOU NOT, every day is groundhog day.

I came home and gave him this report from my ALONE walk with no one talk to.

I step in the door and the first thing out of my mouth is.......

"The 20 somethings that live in the brown house and never speak, came up behind me with their dog, and did not move over or warn me they were there."

"I turned to look at the house that burned because 2 dogs barked from there and when I looked over my shoulder to make sure I was safe from the crazy drivers, I  was right in the faces of the couple that NEVER speaks."

"Maybe they hate old people."

"You know, the house that burned?  there are 2 cars and 2 young people that look to be barely out of their teens, have moved in the house that is not finished yet. I forgot to tell you that about 2 weeks ago

the first time I saw the green jeep there, I saw a Boy come  outside in his PJ's shorts, wet a wash cloth at the outside faucet and go back in the house.  I think they might be grandkids, maybe house sitting or maybe they are camped out in there. No electric, the commones are sitting in the garage. How can they live there like that?

Guess what Bob said????   


 I said Well?? 

He said  WHAT!!!! 

I said NEVERMIND..... 

He said What did you say???   I said REALLY????


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my gosh, I would have had plenty to say. The couple who never speaks, what words did you exchange when you turned around and they almost ran over you? WHY were they so close behind you? Maybe those other people aren't actually living in the burned house, just there a lot trying to fix it up. You have some strange neighbors!!!

easyweimaraner said...

I love your hood news!!! but what happened with the rabbits? ....let me know please what you found out... ;O)))

crafty cat corner said...

Is he deaf Sandra? I have the same trouble here, I'm sure he just says yes and no in what he thinks is the right place. Sometimes he gets away with it but most times I know he wasn't listening. so frustrating.

Ann said...

Wade was famous for repeating the same stories over and over again. I would say "I know, you've told me this before" and he would just keep on telling the story.
So you told that whole story and he never heard a word of it?

eileeninmd said...

That is weird, people are living in a house without electric and the water is outside?
My hubby wears a hearing aide and it does not always work. I have to repeat things.
I get spooked when people walk up behind me, I wish they give you a warning. Take care, have a happy day!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
...squatters... ??? YAM xx

Chatty Crone said...

You sure do find interesting things on your walk - even tho you walk everyday! lol Bob and Rick are IDENTICAL!

Martha said...

Your neighbor stories are always so interesting! I swear I think our husbands may be brothers - both heard of hearing and repeating the same stories over and over again.

I made the Italian stuffed artichokes last night and yell to my husband that they're ready. He comes in the kitchen and says which one is mine, I say take your pick. He says did you just call me a d*ck? LOL! :D

jp@A Green Ridge said...

LOL! I must admit that I enjoy being alone more than

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I live in an over 55 community....your conversations sound normal to me! heehee hahahaha!

Rose said...

Oh, gosh. Got tickled at Marths husbands comment. But even though we know our hubs have had strokes, it gets hard sometimes.

But that being said, we all love to hear your our neighborhood there is not near the interesting things to watch.

Cynthia said...

I realize when I hear the same story about some ancestor of his again and again that I never really listened that closely the first time I heard it. I hope he doesn't give me a pop quiz.

Mevely317 said...

How come we never hear stories of wives hearing loss? Can't decide if that's a blessing -- or punishment. And repeating stories? Ooooooh, don't get me started!
At least Macie and Grace look at me when I'm talking to them. They probably have no idea what I'm saying, but more often than not will give me an adorable head tilt.

That young couple walking up so close behind you and not saying anything sound obnoxious. Not even an 'excuse us'?
I can't wait to hear more about the house-that's-not-a-house squatters!

My Mind's Eye said...

OH my word I might have had to throw some wet noodles at Bob for asking what did you say?! Nevermind is the perfect answer
Hugs Cecilia

photowannabe said...

And the world just keeps on turning and turning and turning!!!
Our neighborhood is so dull and uninteresting compared to yours.
Occupational Therapist just left from her almost hour exercise program. This is the last time with her as the surgeon wants Dave to do Outpatient Therapy at the hospital.
So we plow onward.
Waiting for the Physical Therapist to arrive any minute for her final "whatever" too. At least we can now transfer from wheelchair to the car...I feel really okay with that.
It all has to do with insurance coverage and so...again...
We PLOW onward !
It sort of feels like "Groundhog" day here too.

CheerfulMonk said...

Thank goodness for blogging! Your readers listen. 😊

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I hear you, I'm always listening too!
I get the groundhog day thing.

Linda said...

You and Louis Dean would get along like peas and carrots!! He LOVES to talk. And he uses lots of extra in he actually SAYS "for lack of a better word...." He really NEVER 'lacks' for as many words as he can say.
It may or may not surprise you but I don't like to talk all the time. And I like to just 'spit it out' instead of 'going 'round the mulberry bush!'
I've been doing bills and computer work for a couple of hours.....getting up to tend to Louis Dean from time to time. Now I think I will take a nap.....even though he just said, "I would love your company while I take a tea break." Well.....maybe for just a few words.....I mean a few minutes....

Catalyst said...

You're either too curious or you need to move. 😁

Olde Dame Holly said...

Well, why ARE the throw rugs on the railing? I bet they don't have good clothespins. For shame! Lordy, I'm getting caught up with these weird neighbors as if I don't have enough of my own!

DeniseinVA said...

You see interesting things on your walk. I think you ought to write a book.