Sunday, December 4, 2022

My UTTERMOST Senior Moment


Friday night, I found the CMA Awards 2022, on Demand, because I FORGOT to DVR them. For those of you who don't know that Country Music Awards here in USA!

Bob got up and went to the bathroom and as the singing began, I quickly put it on hold because I saw something I wanted Bob to SEE, not hear, SEE!

Our kitchen is in the living room, one big room, and since it was close to  bedtime, I put the tea kettle on to heat water for my peppermint tea that sits by the bed during the night.  Each night I stand patietnly watching the kettle boil because if I leave the room, I forget it is boiling.

Bob came down the hall, saying as he walked, what do you want me to see?

I stepped to the remote and brought up this photo....,3 famous Country Music Stars singing song in tribute to Loretta Lynn who passed away this year.

 I said LOOK! he said WHOA!!! I said Exactly!

My payback for talking about someone behind their back or make that almost to her face was instant. I was so busy talking to Bob and he to me, I sat down to pick apart Blakes ex wife outfit. 

SHORTLY I smelled something HOT.

OMG! I jumped and ran for the kitchen.

The kettle is/was stainless steel, it was glowing, the lid had blown off the black knob, pot was melting, the stove was red hot.
 I turned off the burner and grabbing a hot mitt ran for the door, leaving the sliding glass door open
and turned  the hose on the kettle after sitting it on a piece of slate. Bob came out and said WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
I said I forgot the kettle and it was GLOWING
He replied, how did you get it out here?
I said, Hot Mitt! He said Why didn't you tell me?
REALLY? you saw me jump and run, the kitchen was full of smoke
the smell was horrible, and you could not guess?

It cannot be salvaged and will be in the trash bin at the curb.

The knob is gone, the inside is black, water pours out the seams in the bottom


I will use a microwave glass measuring cup to heat water and pour into my insulated cup for the night

I HAD a horrid time going to sleep that night because I kept playing the house burning down scenario while I was gossiping about how someone clothing choice.
this was my
The Firey Pot above was created in Lunapic, I did NOT stop to take photos
Below is the pot in a prior post when I bought it 3 years ago.

You might remember that the beloved glass coffee cup was dropped by a Senior and Smashed to pieces in 2019.
RIP Dear Tea Kettle and I am thankful you were not the death of us and our house.


Cathy said...

They were televised here in Australia recently- there were a lot of ‘weird and wonderful’ outfits worn during that performance. ! Reba’s wasn’t that marvellous- the green stripes didn’t do much for her legs…..and as you said…..what on earth was Miranda wearing!!

I’ve had a few blackened pots when potatoes have boiled dry but haven’t demolished a kettle yet…..that’s why we have electric ones that turn off automatically.

Ginny Hartzler said...

What a close call!! I am glad that all is well,and all you lost was a tea kettle. This could have happened to ANYONE! But best not to buy another.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I have no idea who any of those women are - but all of those outfits are less than attractive to these eyes... and as for danger on the stove; with me it's eggs. If I don't stay - or put on the noisy timer- I'm almost guaranteed to lose another pan... YAM xx

DeniseinVA said...

I put a just cleaned old cast iron frying pan on the stove top and pushed it to the back so I could start cooking first thing the following day. I always had a hard time picking it up and can’t now. What I didn’t notice was that I accidentally moved the hot plate switches as the pan brushed up against them and turned one on high. A couple of hours later I came down to get a glass of water and saw the glow. It had done a number on the frying pan but if it had been one of the other regular pans I hate to think what could have happened. I do my tour each night now to check on locks, is the garage door down, and kitchen equipment. That near catastrophe did a number on me too. We have also gone to bed with the garage door up. I have also left water running and had floods to clean up. I look at gowns and outfits on the TV and say nope, nope, nope, imagining myself in them and not many I would wear even if I had the figure. Must be fun for them to pick their outfits though.

Ann said...

Oh wow, I'm glad you were able to get it outside safely. That would have been scary.

DawnTreader said...

I recommend an electric kettle that turns itself off as soon as the water starts boiling. It's faster, too.

eileeninmd said...

I watched the CMA awards, it was a good show. I have a whistling tea kettle, it does not let me forget I have it turned on. It gets so noisy I can hear back in the bedroom. I have also turn on the timer on the stove or on my phone to remind me to turn the burners off. Take care, have a great day!

Rose said...

This is scary...

My Mind's Eye said...

YIKES Sandra...thank goodness you had not left the house. WOW that was scary.
Of the three women in the picture Reba is a classic
Hugs and YEP the microwave is the way to go the annoying beep 'your food' is ready won't let you forget it.

Mevely317 said...

My mother had a tea kettle like that! I've taken to using my phone as a timer/reminder, on account the alarm feature is the most annoying 'cuckoo' imaginable. But ya, like you, I've an over-active fear of fire. (Probably from having smoked for years.)

Not sure how we missed the CMA's this year! I like Miranda, but whoever chose her outfit needs shot.

Tigger said...

Shame about your kettle (it was a lovely shape). We use an auto cutout electric kettle one these days. F is always turning stuff on and walking away to do something else...and forgetting.... xxx Mr T

Chatty Crone said...

Hey we all do things like that but you were sure blessed. I am glad you did not get burned.

Unknown said...

That's something I would do. That's why I mostly use the microwave. ❤️

The Happy Whisk said...

That was quite the excitement. My gosh, it turned so red. Interesting. Sorry about the rough sleep. Hope today is better.

Grandma C said...

I have an Odette electric kettle I purchased on Amazon. I can see the water level through a window on the side, while on and working it lights up blue as it bring the water to boiling, it then turns off automatically and the light goes out.
It probably has kept me from burning my house down a few times on my busy distracted days.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have to say I am thankful that you caught it in time. That would have been terrible if you had a fire. I think your new way will definitely be safer. It is so easy to get sidetracked.

Betty Manousos said...

Glad you didn’t get burned, sorry about your kettle, Sandra. I’m with DawnTreader on the kettle. an electric kettle can be faster and safer. I use an electric one for some years now.