Sunday, April 21, 2024

Brain Dead? Memory Desertion?


This post is dedicated to the memory of MY MEMORY... the one I used for 78 years, it is either dead or has deserted me. I had to look up desert/dessert to see which one to use here.
I found this
To Desert (someone or something) for (someone or something else): This idiom means to leave or abandon someone or something in favor of someone or something else. It implies a sense of betrayal or abandonment.
Simply Said, My Memory has simply abandoned me this past week.

#1.  I had THREE pots going at one time and since I am not good at cooking, the green beans were ready first and I left it on warm. 
We ate lunch at 12 noon. At 3 pm, I heard Bob pour dog food in Beau's bowl and then loud cursing. I sprang (ha ha) from the bed I was reclining on with a kindle in hand and headed for the kitchen. The smell was horrid. I had left the burner on warm for 3 hours, Bob took frozen loaf of bread out to thaw and for some reason his brain deserted him and HE LAID the bread ON THE BURNER, sat down in front of the TV and loudly cursed when he smelled plastic burning. 

The house did not burn down, the bread was salvaged except for two bottoms of 2 slices, and we did the What ifs, the thankful prayers of thanks for the what ifs that did not happen and we spent TWO days getting the plastic off the coils to the burner.

#2.  My quick trip to Publix to grab RX and 4 things Walmart did not have, went well and when I got home, I only had 2 bags, having left the 3rd bag with a 5-dollar bottle of Cranberry Juice hanging on the bag hook at the self-check register. A return trip, found the register watcher girl, had saved it for my return trip.

#3. Fast forward a week, and I am shopping at Walmart, and nearly faint when the price is over 200.00. After we lugged it all in the house, I told Bob, dog food had gone up to double the price, and was 60.00. 
 I forgot to check the price when I zapped it with the handheld gun thingy because I had 10 items that needed the hand scanner thingy. I grabbed the receipt to read the price of dog food to Bob and and much to my embarrassment, I found I HAD

 SCANNED THE DOG FOOD TWICE, the price still 30 as it was the last time.

The good news is, I took the receipt back to Customer Service, they put the 32 dollars back on my debit card.
 I do love Walmart, most of the time.

Memory RECAP : I left a burner on, I left the bag at the store, I double charged MYSELF and had to drive to each store TWICE using twice the gas.

This is eating into my AI playtime, which is supposed to help my cognitive abilities, but I did find time to create crazy brains pics with Bing Designer and I have noticed my cognitive abilities are getting worse not better, I wonder if AI is messing with my mind???




Ginny Hartzler said...

That first photo is frightening! I think Dessert and desert is a common mistake. And as for Alzheimer's, they say you don't really have to worry unless you forget things like how to unlock the door, make tea, make the bed and similar things. But boy, you sure have had a week of it!!

CheerfulMonk said...

I cook only with our microwave and Instant Pot. That means I set the timer and no longer burn things, so I understand the problem. I also know if I try to do too many things or rush, I do all sorts of dumb things. So slowing down and cutting things out helps a lot. I still do dumb things, but not as many as before. You are not alone.

Ann said...

I always have a mental block when it comes to desert/dessert. I can never seem to remember which one has the double s.
I've also had a mental blog when it comes to turning off the oven lately. I've also forgotten to turn a burner off. Mine is a gas stove though so when I went in the kitchen and saw the flame I knew what I had done.
Oh no on the double scanning. Be careful or they may fire you. On second thought, maybe a promotion is in order since you are working on making more profit for the store.

DawnTreader said...

I think all of these could happen to anyone, when feeling a bit stressed and having something else on your mind. And as you remember what you forgot, I don't think you have to worry TOO much about it... Not leaving anything on "warm" on the stove may be a good idea though!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Things happen, Sandra, and the fact that you remembered some of these oops afterwards is a good thing. Of course, they were also annoying and having to scrape plastic of a burner was not fun, but glad thesre was no other damages.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

These things happen, probably more frequently as we get older. No harm done though so relax and carry on!

Rose said...

This is stuff I have done...or things similar. Leaving a bag time it was too far to go back for it. Not worth the effort and time. I forget what was in the bag, but was not much money wise and a 20 mile drive one way.

I sometimes think we are almost too busy and engaged and it does not give our brain a chance to rest. All my life, I have never been one to just sit and watch TV...or not very much. And this from probably all through high school. And still find it very hard to sit and just watch, when it is a show that I NEED to see to not miss anything.

photowannabe said...

Wow, this aging process isn't for the faint of heart..
Forgetting a bit is part of the process. Glad nothing dire happened from the things left on the burner. I sometimes forget to turn the oven on with the food inside.. cold stuff and raw isn't a good thing..haha..
I do like the black and white AI picture.
Maybe you have to wear a hat or a "thinking cap"..(:0)
Glad the dog food was your mistake and not doubled..whew..

My Mind's Eye said...

WOW thank goodness no fires...Once I forgot to turn the oven off when I made toasted our bagels. Now when I turn it on broil I also set the timer for 10. So either I rememeber of the time goes off. My stove has a red light that is visible when a burner is on. It is a glass top though.

When I was in school we were taught to remember difference between desert and dessert by remembering the 2 s's as So Sweet.
Hugs Cecilia

Debby said...

Just this week, I forgot my PIN number for my bank card. The next attempt, they declined my purchase. Thankfully my son was with me and paid for my groceries! Now I have to wait for the credit union to send me a new PIN number. I felt so defeated! I just totally blanked out and wouldn’t you know it, a few hours after I remembered!

Mevely317 said...

I'm sorry this evil 'trifecta' happened ... but doesn't it feel GOOD to be able to share our lives' hiccups in this arena?
I'm trying -- and failing -- to recall some of my own mind cramps but they're there. They had to do with the house or car -- but there's nothing like the overwhelming sense of relief that nothing catastrophic occurred.

PS - Speaking of occurred! Double consonants always trip me up.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Hey, that doesn't sound that unusual to me, it's just like us busy seniors. I used to multi-task but now I just try to single task. Sometimes it even works!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I'm in this club too... YAM xx

Chatty Crone said...

Wow what a week! That had to be frustrating - I think there should be a club for us. I forget words - do you ever do that?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm really glad that the house didn't burn and that they had your juice for you, along with giving you the credit for the dog food. I know that these things must have you very worried. ((Hugs))

Sparky said...

Those are scary brain fade moments! Modern technology does effect (or is it affect!?) our memories. It's not good for us especially children, or so I read, I think. LOL Hope this week is better for y'all.

The Happy Whisk said...

A good friend of mine also had trouble with desert and dessert. I told her the best way to remember is that we'd like two desserts with two s's.

Glad they refunded you the kibble. Great news.

I've left burners on as well. Glad most of the bread was good and that the house didn't burn down.

Here's wishing you a better week ahead.

DeniseinVA said...

Well this must have been scary for you both. I have done this. Once I put an old cast iron frying pan on the burner, and moved it to the back. Only thing is it rubbed up the side of all the on/off knobs and accidentally turned the back plate to high. I didn't catch it until two hours later (after bed) when I came down because I couldn't remember if I had turned the light off in the kitchen! Good job it was cast iron because if it had been one of my other frying pans it would have been a different story. As it was the cast iron was red hot like the stove top. Gives me the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it. Great AI pics.

DeniseinVA said...

That's quite a week but you are not alone. I think I told you my frying pan story.