In Memory Of Max

Feb 1985-Feb 2002
I raised Max from the day he was born, 1 of 5 sets of twins. Five lived, Max was our wonderdog. Can you see any resemblence to Baby Girl on the side bar?

all of the photos were taken many years ago with 35 mm film, and scanned in my computer last year.


Betty Manousos said...

aww, what an adorable pup! and handsome too. enjoyed seeing the photos of max, sandra. thank you.

Dawning Inspiration said...

Beautiful dog!! I bE a couch that looked just like that in my first apartment!!

Breathtaking said...

Hi Sandra!:) A great looking dog, and what wonderful memories you have of him with these lovely captures. I loved seeing all the photos of the bond between your hubby Bob, and Max,... so very special.:)

Anonymous said...

My son is getting a dog like this one of yours end of Month. He is a pup and is yours a Sheppard dog?
Is it a one man dog or they will be fine with the family?

My Grandson who comes home from the army he plans to train the dog for starters. Till he is called back for more training.
So them my son and wife will continue.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know Max has passed on. My other sons dog was name Max also and he has passed on too.