Thursday, June 25, 2009

Defining Moments cont.....

Baby was the first defining moment, for 2 years I took pictures of bugs on the mail box, and candles on the shelf, leaves, flowers, dogs and husband. nothing was safe from my lens, I was Partially Addicted. Along Came The 2nd Defining moment sometime in 2005, I think. Her name is Diane.

Diane sat in another team at Gevity. I did not know her, but on the defining day, I stopped at her desk to admire her calendar. She said I took all of those Pictures. I said Get Out, you did not. Well, I thought that anyway. I don't remember what I said, but she brought her camera the next day and that was The First Step towards my addiction. She said hold it, take a few pictures. The next thing I knew I had purchased a 700 dollar camera, it came with a short lens. Then she went on vacation and Insisted, she almost twisted my arm insisted that I borrow her long lens until she came back. I was so afraid I would break it. When she came home I wanted to buy it, She said no.

The next thing I knew I had purchased a 200.00 lens like hers. NOT like this long one you see here, that one is 1700.00 and I want one, if anyone wants to buy it for me.

This started a realationship between Diane and I and our 2 cameras, that has spanned 3 plus years. We have stood on bridges

Walked in Parks, where Diane stood for many moments wating on the squirrel to take the peanut.

Ridden On Trains! and YES she did hang out the window on a moving train UNDER the sign that said do not stand here when train in motion. I was the mother hen, saying you are Not Standing there, she just smiled.

Diane loves birds, I did not, but now I do. She will sit for minute after minute taking bird pictures. This time she took 200 (no lie) pictures of a bird on a rope between boats.
We have stood on docks on Christmas morning seeking sunsets. Did I mention this defining moment has an addiction of her own? Because of Diane and Baby, I now have my own addiction and I LOVE IT! Also, we could both be in the Guiness Book of Records for most photos taken on one outing. We have THOUSANDS, I would say TENS of Thousands!


Beverly said...

The link is better. That way one can leave a comment.

Another way to be sure to know when someone has posted and not clicking every day to find out is to put them in Google Reader. I have a Google homepage that has Reader on it. When I go there, it shows me when there is a new post...a real timesaver.

Peggy said...

Hi Sandra! I popped over here following your comment link on my Paddle Tales blog. I love what you've written, and I love the photos!

As Beverly mentioned in the comment here above mine, Google Reader is a great way to know when someone has added a post to blogs you follow. AND I plan to add your blog to my subscriptions! I look forward to reading more.


Sandra said...

I checked out google reader and it is great, thanks Bev and Peggy