Friday, June 26, 2009

God's Timeline

God's Timeline.
  • These 3 pictures, framed, hung on my wall at work, 2003
  • Maggie stops and says, will you take 40.00 for that? I want to give it to my mother in law.
  • Confidence starts to build, every photo I frame and hang, SELLS, to my amazement. (I could not beleive beleive they wanted them)
  • My manager David, hangs a bench photo and a cross photo in his office, my sales increase! this continues through two sales at Gevity, over the next 3 years.
  • My dad has dementia/Parkinson and is placed in a nursing home in Sept 05. Many tears later, he dies July 5, 2006 (this is part of The Plan)
  • Sept 06, I retire and sign up at the nursing home for volunteer work. The director wants me to take pictures at a party, I say I don't do well with people, but I will try.
  • I pray each day for God to show me a way to use my photography for His Good.
  • Many parties and 3 years later, I have taken pictures of people at Proms, Valentine Dance, Big Cat Habitat trips, I have become the Offical Volunteer Photographer for Heritage Park.
  • At last God's plan was revealed, He was directing me to this nursing home, step by step, to use my camera for HIS good. And am loving every moment of it.

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Beverly said...

That is neat to read, how God has led you every step of the way.