Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Defining Moments!

This is Baby Girl. We saved her from her abusive master in Feb 2002. She was a defining moment and I had no idea this picture of her then would be the defining moment that lead to my love of photography and this blog. AND 2 other dogs. But that is another story.

this picture is one of hundreds of Baby Girl and how she looks currently at 8 years old. She is the first defining moment of many that lead me here.

Years ago I heard a sermon titled Defining Moments. I have never forgotten it. The gist of it was this. If you look at events in your life after the fact, you will find that there was a defining moment when you made a choice, good or bad, that led you to the moment in your life now. Each choice we make is a defining moment that has an effect on what follows.
When we saved Baby, she had no idea we were the defining moment that would change her life and that she would never again sleep without her own pillow.
MY ADDICTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY STARTED WHEN I CHOSE TO BORROW JO'S CAMERA. I fell in love with digital photography while snapping our Baby Pictures and here we are. to be continued in my next Post.

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Beverly said...

You do love your dogs, don't you. "Lucky dog" fits him well.