Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Traffic Signal Phobiaignalphobic

My husband suffers from Traffic Signal Phobia.... this means he will drive 2 miles out of the way to miss any and all of the traffic signals. He has stated over and over while we are sitting at a red light, There Must be something wrong with this light, it can't last this long. These lights should be synchronized then we would not have to wait so long.

These pictures prove their is entertainment available at all lights. I took all of these at one traffic signal, through my windshield. The time went so fast I forgot to move when it turned green, but I had fun. Of course the cars behind me were not having fun!

The Point of This Post....carry your camera at all times, feed your addiction and you will not mind the traffic stops.

If you click on any of the photo's you can see the detail the camera picks up even through a windshield. Amazing, don't you think?

The most amazing thing is that I had the nerve to do a post on traffic signal photography.

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