Monday, July 6, 2009

Foto Fodder Foolishness!

OK, so I KNOW that is not how we spell photo, but it looks good on the title. I wanted to use some of the THINGS I have taken pictures of, and searching for a title I came up with this one. I looked up Fodder in and one of the meanings is Raw Material: as in fodder for comedians. Kid you not, it is there. So below is Raw material: fodder for my camera and addiction.

Yes, those are my own fingers, holding a match, and a candle on the counter. Anything goes in fodder category.

On the counter at home
On the Curb
In a parking spot on Riverview Blvd
In the street on Anna Maria Island
My old broom leaning against the fence.
I am following a blog written by a lady named Peggy, Paddle Tales. CLICK on Paddle tales, you will LOVE IT.
the thing is, Peggy is a wonderful photographer, and she goes to all these wonderful places, rivers full of critters that I love. My problem is I never go more than 15 miles away from home and this means I can't keep up with her exotic photos. I have to take what I can find for my fodder. I hope you all enjoy her blog, add her to your favorites and don't forget to look at her side bar.

Did you guess where the above photo's were taken? If not, it is Checkers at 5 AM in the morning. I see it every time we go to Wal-Mart, glowing in the dark, so one morning I took my camera with me and embarrassed my husband while he sat in the car and I took over 50 photo's of it.

Fish Fodder For Foto Foolishness!!!

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Snapper II said...

What a title for a blog. You are so creative. I love the "fotos".