Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Foto Fodder Treaded

My friend Diane is a bird photographer extraordinaire CLICK HERE to see her birds.
On a trip to Bray Park looking for wildlife, while Diane was hanging out over a deep, dark ditch, trying for a shot of turtles on a log (she does stand on the edge of things). I was busy snapping shots of the bulldozer I could see through the moss. Yes, I HAD to get closer. My curiosty was killing me, why they were bulldozing in the park. Diane got turtle pictures, I got a bulldozer. Foto Fodder is everywhere.

Yes, I DID talk to the man on the bulldozer, Diane says when she is taking pictures, she looks around to see who I am TALKING to. He was very pleasant, when I said why are you bulldozing all the natural habitat of the bunnies and dragonflies (we saw hundreds of them on our last trip)?
His answer was, they are going to bulldoze the park, and close it. I said WHAT? Diane said WHAT? he started laughing and said Just Kidding. The real answer was he did not know.

To bad I did not get a close up of the driver, he was really cute!

On another bird hunt, while Diane was tracking the Osprey and Egrets with her long lens, this snapping fool was????????? you got it, more treads and dozers and cranes.

Who would think a dozer could make a pretty picture?
Click on above photo and see just how pretty treads can be.

This is my favorite tread picture. I do take bird pictures, but my heart belongs to Strange Things.

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