Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Floating Fodder

I snapped 600 photos Longboat Bridge that Saturday morning

Sunrise is the best time for birds and boats AND Fodder.

There were 6 sailboats, anchored for the night. Two Osprey, male and female, sat on two of the boats screaming at each other. They were fishing, and we assumed they were discussing which size they wanted for breakfast, because soon they were diving and rising with fish. I left Diane with the Osprey and searched for Fodder, Fodder was found everywhere I looked. Yes, I got awesome photos of the Osprey eating his fish, but that is for another Post.

This boat was just abandoned on the beach. The other photos are time lapse of a boat launch. I took several boats doing the same thing, but will spare you the rest. FOR NOW.

Tugboat headed in through the Longboat Pass.
This sailboat had turned over and seemed to be abandoned, maybe it ran aground, the water looks deep but is not. The bottom was thick with barnacles.

Fodder Almost Floating. These canoes were not at the beach, but in
Hillsborough State Park in Tampa.

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Madeline said...

Great pictures. Looks like you had a good time. I have been looking at your blog but don't think I have commented lately. Hope it comes through.

Keep snapping.....