Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fodder Wheels

Did you think I was laying on the ground to take these two pictures? Nope! I was standing 5 feet below it. The camper was pulled up to the edge of a bank, and I thought, what an interesting view, I snapped a few and up popped a head in the camper, the man stepped out and looked daggers at me, like what do you think you are doing?
I smiled and went into Chatty Cathy mode. "Good morning, I love your camper, and you should see the way it looks from down here." With the bumper out over the edge, it makes a really interesting view."
He climbs down the bank, looks at the camper, I show him the shots and he says. "those are great, will you take a few more?" "I will give you my wife's email address and I would love to have the pictures."
later that day I emailed 10 pictures of their new camper, his wife answered and said Thank You so much, now we can show our kids our new home.
Same Day, Same Bank, Another view. We never did find the owners of the bikes.

This motorcycle belongs to a man who is on staff at the nursing home where I volunteer. I just had to get about 20 shots of it, No, they are not all here.

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