Friday, July 10, 2009

NOT Wierd Fodder

I received and email from my very close friend in Savannah, GA and she stated she is enjoying my blog each day, but the Fodder is a LITTLE Weird!
Just So You Know, Loretta, I have fodder that is PRETTY and this is dedicated to YOU.

this is the under side of a Purple Passion Plant, I think it is prettier than the topside.

Side View of Passion Flower

Top Side of Passion Flower. They are named Passion flowers because they GROW with a passion, which means they take over your yard, grow up in strange places, show up in other bushes and trees, the vine sneaks along under the ground and pops up where you least expect it.
Now that I look at what I just wrote, this plant may come under Weird.

Seed Pod on Dwarf Poinciana, each beautiful red and yellow blooms at the end of 7 days, turns into a seed pod. One pod has 8 or 10 seeds, and each will make a plant that can be a bush or a tree, it is our choice.

This orchid lives at Selby Gardens, Sarasota FL and is here for the enjoyment of my friend in Midway, GA, Madeline.

Madeline is my best friend from Jenkins High School in Savannah (EEK! class of 62). We had lost touch with each other 25 years ago when I moved to Florida. When my Dad died in July of 2006, we met for lunch before the funeral and exchanged email addresses after keeping Perkins Restaurant busy for 3 hours. Through email and telephone we are now in touch every day and I have made friends with her husband through photography. His for real name is Pat, but we know each other by Snapper I (me) Snapper II (Pat). We exchange photo's almost every day, and both have blogs. He takes weird things TOO. Also Pretty things and Grand Children.

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Snapper II said...

The passion plant is amazing. There are so many species of flowers, we'll never see. Great blog.