Friday, July 24, 2009

Shadow Of The Rainbow

I received a forward email of a mother bear and her cubs and the email mentioned a Native American saying

"We have walked together in the shadow of the rainbow".

The google addict that I am, I googled the saying and found this meaning.

When something wondrous was seen or experienced Native Americans called it "Walking in the shadow of the rainbow"

I also stumbled on Elmers Rainbow by artist Susan Afflerbach and her story of MY GIRL TRIBUTE click on my girl to read the story and to find the lyrics of Bless the Beast, please don't miss it. CLICK on the pictures for the details.

My Girls story is the inspiration for today's post and this post is dedicated to the abused Children and Beasties of this world..

My great granddaughters, Nya and Nyima

Jungle Gardens, Tommy and a little girl I don't know.

Click on photo of 3 horses to see the boxer dog running with them

Click on the picture of the cows, to see that baby calf.Twin Calves

The blessing is even for the reptiles, although some would think not!

We all may walk in the shadow of the rainbow if we open our eyes and our hearts.


Philothea Designs said...

nice post! karen carpenter's voice can sooth any beast... what beautiful creatures. how diverse our God is!!!

Beverly said...


starchar10 said...

Thank you so much!! I received the same email about the bear cubs and had to google the saying as well. I found you. Very nice post!!