Saturday, August 8, 2009

Accidental Jungle Part 2

I have found that almost every plant, tree and bush in our jungle has a seed pod at one time or another. You will never guess what this first pod came from. The photos are the many faces of a single pod. It looks completely different in a new position and new light.

At Night

On the pink plastic chair, low light
Dangling from my finger tips in front of the sliding glass door, with pool background
These two shots were from laying it on the green canvas of our swing

Below is the plant I found the pod on. The only one I have ever seen. I am sure you have received a garden planter as a gift, you know the ones with little green plants and maybe a flower here and there. I received a garden planter and when I had no place in the house that got enough light, my husband planted the tiny little thing that looked like a palm in a bucket and now we have a 4 foot tree. he took the rest of the little green plants and stuck them in the ground, they grew and grew and grew and now the fence is covered with this green vine. It covers about 20 feet of fence. WHO KNEW? we sure did not. The vine is about 10 years old, and last year up popped the one and only pod, the subject of all these photos.

I was totally shocked when I saw this pod in below picture. Of course I picked it and took over a hundred pictures.
Guess what this is a seed from......................Bet you can not!
The answer is Bougainvillea. Our bush is a TREE, who knew it would be as big as a bus? We do now.

Above is a seed pod from a palmetto bush. They are so pretty when they are fresh, this is one I brought in and let it dry in the bottle. I found these pods because Baby came out from under the bushes with one in her mouth. they like to pull the nuts off of them,.
Since i know you will never, ever, never guess what the above pod is, I will tell you now. It is from a Schefflera Tree, it is about 40 feet tall and the pods are the beautiful purple flowers that grow at the top. Then they fall off and the dog drags it out and I have to figure out what it is. Detail on this one if you click on it will surprise you.

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Snapper II said...

Love today's blog. I'm so jealous,
Those seed pods are beautiful.