Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Madeline


Click on picture to SEE those HATS! Madeline and Sandra, 1962, Easter Sunday, the year before we both got married, we each in the others wedding.

Madeline came into my life in January of 1959, in Jr. High and we have been close friends since.

Seems We have HARDLY changed at ALL!

We lost touch for a few years, except for funerals, and in July of 2006, we reconnected at my Dad's funeral. With email and blogs and telephones we are once again very close to each other. Madeline is 65 today, I will be 65 on Sept. 5th. we were born the same year, married the same year and are true sisters under the skin. This photo was taken last year when I visited in Midway.

If you read my blog and the comments, you will see comment from Madeline and Snapper II. Snapper II is Pat as seen in their wedding picture in 1963. They have just celebrated their 46th Anniversary.

Thanks for the memories and have a wonderful day!

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Madeline said...

What a lovely birthday gift. I love it! We have not changed in our hearts and that is what is important. I am proud to call you friend or should I say "sista." I feel humbled to be the subject of todays blog. Thank you so much. And you put my other half on there too. I like that! I love you!