Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Cute" Parrots

The small parrots are SO cute! I just love this first one, his name is Flaco.

Nap time!
OOPS! my camera woke him up with all the flashing.

Tiny but VERY colorful.

These are Conures. They definitely qualify as Cute! Every time I see them they are billing and cooing and loving on each other.

Conures can be found in most of South and Central America. Some species of conures are also well represented in the West Indies and Mexico. In the wild conures are friendly, peaceful birds and seldom fight with each other. They live together in groups of twenty or more birds. Conures feed on various seeds, fruits, and insects.

OK, I think he is cute as a button, you have heard the expression "So Ugly he is Cute", this little guy fits the bill.....

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Snapper II said...

Sandra, the third and fourth pics are so colorful, they look a touch of sunset and sunrise. Thanks for sharing.