Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photoshop 7-My Enemy

About six months ago, my friend Rich started giving me lessons in Photoshop 7, after 2 or 3 weeks, I said this is to hard, I un-installed it and I am going back to Image 9, which I have used for many years. so many years they don't even make it anymore. I told him it is to stressful to learn, to hard, that I hated it and I was not going to make myself crazy with it.

He nagged me and nagged me to re-install and practice on his computer. I would go sit with him and he would walk me through steps. This is two of the first things I cut from one picture and added to another picture. I had Flamingos standing on a sidewalk, and mud flats with nothing in the picture. Voila A few weeks of fighting with it and I said, Rich I LOVE this, it is so much fun.

I had this truck I found in a parking lot, with other cars beside it, and the old oak tree at Emerson Point, so I parked the truck under the tree.

The next thing was to take my picture of an old train, find a railroad track on the Internet, drag it on the tracks and do a little digital image. These things are not easy.
Click to see details......... I used the same cut out of the 2 flamingos and made them bigger and off the landscape.
with a lot of practice and a few not so nice words and thoughts, and my patience stretched thin, I am getting better but not great. YET
Do any of you out there use Photoshop? Is it as hard as it is for me?


Snapper II said...

I've viewed your blog, glad to hear you're making progress with "Photoshop 7" I know I'm not ready for that.

Ginny said...

Hi Sandra! I am Ginny,Ella's babysitter, and you just commented on my blog about Ella and the cat. I find your blog extremly interesting. My husband's dad was a mennonite preacher, and we love the autoharp!!I recently burned a C.D. of a very famous autoharp player that's just georgous. I can find it and give you the name if you want. Your blog also has a big Christian slant, like mine. Mine is based on ways that I see God in my everyday life, and I am posting once a day so far. I have my own bulletin board at church, and post my blog entries on that. I am going to follow your blog, and would be delighted for you to follow mine. I seems we have some things in common.

Ginny said...

Well, it's me again! The Photo Shop edits you did are amazing. Have you taken all the pictures on your blog? Even the flower ones? They are stunning. I carry a camera everywhere I go. Beverly can tell you that. I have two, and even find things to snap in the grocery store!

Sandra said...

More Photoshop tomorrow and maybe the next day. I am now starting to get back in the groove, I lost my groove and quit playing, now I am playing again

Peggy said...

Sandra! Drop me a quick line at paddlingblog(at)gmail (dot) com--I have a neat place for you to go to practice exactly those tricks with Photoshop and that is so much fun! It would be easier to explain in email than in this little comment box. I don't have your email address, though I think we have emailed before.

I am a HUGE Photoshop fan, couldn't live without it--and yes, you could spend a whole lifetime learning it and still not get it all....


Marcie G said...

These are great! Would you like to pass on the lessons? I haven't had much time to experiment these days! I would also love to know the place that Peggy is recommending to you! Love your blog and your photos!