Friday, September 25, 2009

PS Filter Fun

Yesterday I talked about Photoshop becoming my enemy. Today I want to say there is lots of fun to be had playing with filters. I love Pelicans and have thousands of pictures of them going about their daily lives. Photoshop has many filters that will change the picture. All of these have been changed from the orginal.

These photographs were taken at Jungle Gardens, Sarasota FL. The first one above, is the first Filter I used under my teacher, Rich. I completed it on his computer and drove right home and did a few more.

Photographs are wonderful, but I love to change them and make them different.

Pelicans are my favorite birds, Parrots are second. I think the colors of the parrots is the reason I love them, but I KNOW the reason I love pelicans.

They are awkward and not very pretty, almost ugly, I have always chosen the plain Jane dogs, and have a real heart for the ugly and unwanted. Pelicans fit the profile for all of this. I LOVE PELICANS.


Sunny said...

Great photos and fun. I like the parrot the best :)

Marcie G said...

These are great, Sandra! Would love to know what filters and other edits you used on each one of them. So glad you are venturing into the Photoshop realm. The possibilities are endless.